~ Chapter 61: Madness and destruction (Part 2) ~

When we arrived at the palace’s gates, we didn’t bother to open them and simply jumped over them. The soldier looked at us surprised, but once we were inside the courtyard, I was able to see in close-up what sort of damage I inflicted upon these people.

The grass was burnt, the flowers were trampled by rocks, the statues destroyed, the whole place looked as if an entire World War 2 battalion dropped it’s artillery strikes right on top of this place. Those who could still stand were trying to help the injured or pile up the dead. Tears could be seen on their faces and cries echoed around the place.

Yet, despite seeing such a tragic scene and knowing full well that I was the one who pulled the trigger, I felt nothing for them. There wasn’t even one gram of regret or fear in my chest. I ignored them completely and moved towards the metal doors of the palace, now cut in half.

“S-Stop!” one royal guard shouted at me.

Those who could still stand rushed up next to him and unsheathed their swords.

I sighed and then told them with a loud voice “If you attack me, I can guarantee your death! Look at this place, and you will know how powerful I am!” I spread my arms towards the devastated courtyard.

“If anyone attacks, kill them.” I told my two wives, who nodded at my request.

Only four were brave enough to do so, but they died smashed by Nanya’s fists and cut by Ayuseya’s sword. The rest stood still the moment they realized that I wasn’t joking around.

“Illsy, this Dungeon is level 258.” said Nanya.

Can I shatter its Dungeon Territory, I wonder? I thought as I walked up to the metal doors.

I kicked them open and entered the destroyed castle. Inside was just as big of a mess as it was outside. The ceiling was falling apart, the walls were crumbling down, soldiers and servants were injured left and right. It was pure chaos.

“STOP!” shouted someone the moment they saw us enter.

In front of us stood a group of 20 men wearing enchanted armors and swords, all of them were of a different design as if to show the fact that they were created by Godlike adventurers. If I were to guess, these guys were probably the so-called elites of this place.

“Hm, cannon fodder.” I said and then looked at Nanya.

I gave her a nod, and she walked up in front of us, hitting her fists together and showing them a smirk.

“You send a woman to fight us? Have you no shame?” asked the one who ordered me to stop.

He looked like a tough guy, gray beard, a scar on his right cheek, strong muscles, and imposing looking armor. All useless if he wasn’t around Nanya’s stats.

“Why should I?” I asked and shrugged.

“Women are weak! Men should fight men!” he declared.

I raised an eyebrow and looked over at Ayuseya, then back at him.

“Yeah… No.” I shook my head.

“Kill this ruffian at once! That’s an order!” he shouted in annoyance.

In that exact moment, Nanya dashed past him and punched the guy next to him into the floor. Only a bloody mess was left of him. The next one received a kick in the jaw, sending him spiraling through the air and crushing into the thrones.

“I’m a woman, so I’ll be gentle with you men because I’m… weak.” Nanya told them, showing them a small grin.

“Don’t falter men! You are knights of the…” the one who spoke was quickly shut up by having his jaw broken by my wife’s fist.

The man was sent flying backwards and crushing into the wall. He lost most of his teeth, and I doubted he was going to be eating solid food for a while.

So they are knights, not just some elite guards. I thought while I kept my eyes peeled for traps and attacks from the unknown Dungeon.

Of course, I didn’t forget to pour Magic Energy into my Magic Armor either, I didn’t want to end up injured because of something as ridiculous as that. Without it, we were basically glass cannons. As long as we didn’t get hit, we could destroy anyone, but losing defense for Damage Per Second in real life wasn’t a very smart choice unless you used certain tactics or had a buffed up tank. Even so, I already knew the consequences of neglecting my own Magic Armor.

Although the knights tried to attack or cast a spell at Nanya, the demoness was far too agile and powerful for them. Their weapons simply shattered when meeting her fists, while their armors cracked under her might. It was as if their Magic Armor and enchants didn’t even matter when facing her.

By the time the battle was over, only the one who gave the order and spoke rudely remained. He was huffing and pointing his sword at her, but all that time, he didn’t manage to land even a single hit on her.

All around them laid the unconscious or dead knights of his group. Nanya showed them no mercy when she broke their limbs, shattered their armors, and destroyed their swords. They never stood a chance from the very beginning.

“Wh-what are y-you? H-how…” the knight mumbled while looking at Nanya with fearful eyes.

“If you want to live, will you be kind enough to show us to the dungeons? Your idiotic prince thought it would be a good idea to piss me off.” I said as I walked over to him.

“How dare you insult the… the…” the man tried to shout, but then he heard Nanya cracking her knuckles, and he shut up.

“Your prince is to blame for all the destruction and death that happened today. He injured my loved ones out of greed and amusement, so I’m going to destroy his entire kingdom as a result.” I said as I stood in front of him.

“My prince may not be perfect, but the royal blood of the former king still flows through his veins!” he declared.

I squinted my eyes at him and asked “So? Does it look like I care? His heart can pump liquid gold or a god’s tears for all I care, but if he dares to harm my friends and family, I’ll rip him apart!” I grabbed his sword and shattered it with a single strong grip.

“Even if you defeat us here, this kingdom will become your enemy!” he still tried to defend his master.

It was an admirable act, but a foolish one.

“Who do you think I am, mortal?” I asked him.

“A foolish adventurer.” he replied.

“I’m not an adventurer or a human.” I pulled back my hood, revealing my green-colored hair and then showed him the crystals on my left arm. “I’m a Godlike Dungeon Lord. Not even your country’s Supremes can stop me.”

Only when I told him this did he began to tremble and look with horrified eyes at me.

“If your… prince, didn’t dare to attack me like that, I wouldn’t have bothered with disrupting the peace of your country. I would have acted like any other adventurer, doing some quests here and there, reading a few books in my spare time, and that was going to be it. Eventually, I would have left the capital. That’s why I say that the only one to blame for this disaster is your stupid prince.” I grabbed him by the plate of his armor and pulled him closer “Now lead me to the dungeon, so I can recover my friends, otherwise, I’ll kill you and everyone else still breathing in this place. Did I make myself clear?” I asked glaring at him.

“Yes.” he nodded in fear.

After I let him go, he dropped on his knees, trembling from all of his joints.

“Move it.” I ordered.

“Yes! This way.” he got up and led us to the dungeons.

“Illsy, I’m surprised there are so few knights and soldiers in this place.” said Nanya.

“The barracks and all other buildings capable of housing them were destroyed by me before we ran up here. Besides, we took a slight detour on our way here and avoided many unnecessary battles.” I replied.

“Illsy…” she said and then looked down.

I stopped and turned my eyes towards her.

“Do you think I did wrong?” I asked.

The demoness looked at me for a moment and then shook her head.

“No, I’m just wondering if this is the real you… or just a side of you.” she said.

I closed my eyes and thought about her words. While I did display a rather brutal and vengeful side of me, I was still a human or maybe a dungeon-human acting on emotions rather than logical thought. There were many other ways to get out of this situation without destroying the palace. I could have went all stealth mode on them. I could have attacked the Dungeon in this palace, destroyed its core, and release my Dungeon Territory all over the place. All I had to do then was to call them with my [Summon Ally] spell. I could have negotiated for their release. I could have held the entire city captive in a dungeon. I could have even launched overpowered [Fireball] attacks at this entire city, reducing everything but the palace to ash. There were many things I could have done, some more peaceful than the others, but in the end, it all came down to what I wanted to do, not the Darkness or someone else.

That was why even if my wives wanted me to have acted in a different manner, I would still have probably chosen the one I saw more fit for me.

Is this maybe a part of my selfish human nature? I asked myself.

I could remember that this had been the case even when I was playing MMORPG in my previous world. Some people wanted to use the most efficient and easy way to kill the boss, be it through exploits or group hugs and spamming skills, while I wanted to use the more fun-for-me approach. I loved using the unusually hard or the most basic of tactics for fighting bosses as it was intended by the developers. I loved following the story or the typical path of a dungeon without skipping mobs. Of course, many hated it, but I wasn’t a farmer, I was a gamer who wanted to have fun.

Maybe that part of me stuck to this life as well and manifested itself through some rather unusual situations. If I looked back, I knew I could have handled Dankyun in another way. Killing him faster or even trapping him somehow was quite possible if I applied the right tactic, but I wanted him to stay alive so my wives could have the pleasure of killing him even if through this I risked the lives of others.

Even fighting the Darkness… I can… no… I can’t fight the Darkness, I can’t… I shook my head as I felt a headache.

“Ugh…” I groaned.

“Illsy, are you alright?” Nanya asked a bit worried.

I looked up and saw her standing in front of me. I smiled and then gave her a kiss.

“We all have a bit of darkness in us… It’s the shadow we have to live with…” I said.

“Very well, just… promise me you’ll never become like those typical dungeons, alright?” she told me with a soft smile.

“I promise.” I patted her head and then turned around.

When I said those words, I felt a small throb in my chest.

It hurts to lie… I thought as I followed the knight.

A few minutes later, we arrived at a big hall. It had a surface of about 50 by 50 meters. Both to my left and to my right were solid brick walls decorated with shackles and small wooden beds. The ceiling was at about 6 meters above the floor, with no support columns or any cells of any kind. Magic Energy flowed around the place, showing that it was a heavily enchanted room.

In front of us, at about 20 or so meters away, a group of 58 knights were waiting for us with their swords drawn. Behind them, I saw a big, pale-red Dungeon Core.

“I thought I told you to lead us to the dungeons.” I told the knight in front of us.

“I-I did… I don’t re-remember this bein…”


“It’s a trap!” I shouted.

The knight didn’t react in time and was impaled by steel spears shot from below. It didn’t even scratch me, Nanya, or Ayuseya, but the poor bastard stood no chance. He died instantly.

“Traitors are always met with the death sentence!” someone said as he was raised up from the ground by the Dungeon behind him.

Just by looking at his clothes, I understood that HE was the prince.

I lowered my chin and clenched my fists as an… evil smile formed on my lips.

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