~ Chapter 62: The curse (Part 1) ~

Although I stood in front of this so-called prince surrounded by his so-called knights, all I could see were puppets pulled by the invisible strings of their own greed and lust. His words were meaningless to me, and the Dungeon behind him was a weakling I could shatter any moment I desired.

“Why are you obeying him?” I asked in the language of the Dungeons, the same one I used with Deusur.

No reply came.

“I don’t know with what sort of magic you managed to destroy my palace, but you will reveal all of your secrets to me and bow down immediately! Do so, and I may spare the lives of your friends!” the prince demanded.

He felt safe while surrounded by so many knights and even a Dungeon, but what were they when confronted with me, Nanya, and Ayuseya? Our main targets were Shanteya and Tamara. We had to save them at all cost.

Where are they? I asked myself, but thanks to the idiot knights blocking my way, I couldn’t tell.

“How do I know they are still alive?” I asked the prince in Kalish, hoping that this way, maybe I could see them.

He looked to his right and nodded. I felt the Magic Energy flowing through this place and then my two, precious slaves were lifted off the ground on a stone platform, similar to the one the prince was standing on.

“Tamara… Shanteya…” Ayuseya said when she saw them.

They were unconscious and held in chains. Blood stained their clothes and their missing parts could be seen clearly: an ear on the nekatar’s furry head, and an arm on the el’doraw. Just by seeing them in that state, I could feel a terrible rage building up inside of me.

How many are they? 58? And they even have a Dungeon on their side? Should I? Who cares? I thought and then took a step forward.

I didn’t have a plan or a certain tactic to work with. All I knew was that everyone around me was a weakling, and I had more power than they could possibly dream of. So, I dashed through the knights using my maximum speed, pushing them to the side, avoiding their swords, and stopping only when I reached my two slaves. This happened in the blink of an eye.

In my rush to get to them, I stepped over a few knights and mortally wounded another. A couple of them had their Magic Armors shattered from simply bumping into me, while the rest, including the prince, had no idea what just happened.

A moment ago, I was standing in front of them, but now I was next to my slaves.

“My poor Shanteya…” I said softly as I knelt on that platform.

She looked weak, feverish and barely breathing. Tamara wasn’t doing any better either, even though unconscious, she was still suffering from the wound. I sighed and absorbed the two into my Inner Mind, leaving behind only their shackles. When I left this place, I planned on healing them completely.

“Idiotic prince, what’s your name?” I asked him as I looked over at him.

“Rey-Reynolds D. Lagrange!” he stated proudly.

“Reynolds, huh?” for some reason, I remembered an old strategy game.

“You… Who are you? Why do you wield such power and what happened to those slaves?” he asked me or rather ordered me to reply.

“My name is Illsyore…” then I looked over at the Crystal Core “I am a Godlike Dungeon Lord.” my eyes moved back towards prince Reynolds.

“Godlike? You must be kidding! There are no such things!” he shouted.

I shrugged and jumped over to my wives, the force I applied to the platform was enough to shatter it.

“Nanya, please take out your sword.” I told her.

“Do I have to?” she asked and looked at me a bit displeased.

“Yes.” I showed her a kind smile.

Nanya took out the fearsome two-handed black sword with red runes inscribed on it. Unlike before, I didn’t feel the cold chill coming from it. This was most likely due to the fact that I was her husband, however, the other dungeon wasn’t so lucky. I was hoping this would be enough to keep it out of our battle.

“Now, I’ll give you two choices: give up now, or I’ll kill you all. This I say to all of you, knights, not the prince.” then I smirked and looked at the Dungeon Core and spoke in our language “Dare to defend these mortals or attack me, and I’ll turn you into a chandelier. Got that?”

“Yes…” the dungeon replied with a trembling voice.

“What?” the prince was confused, he didn’t understand what I said in the last part, none of them did.

“Our duty is to protect our prince! Our lives were offered through an oath to him!” shouted one of the knights.

They were a noble and loyal bunch, I could respect that.

Showing them a smirk, I then said softly “Nanya, Ayuseya, you may attack anyone but the prince. Kill if you must, but I would prefer if you only break their armors, weapons, and limbs. I want them to see what I’m going to do to their precious… royal.”

“I can’t wait.” the demoness said with a smirk and then rushed towards the knights.

“As you wish, my love.” Ayuseya said and ran after Nanya.

While the two forces clashed in the middle, I walked calmly towards the prince. He was screaming at the Dungeon Core now.

“What did he tell you?! Answer you! I order you, you lousy Dungeon! If it wasn’t for my family you would be dead!” the prince kept pointing his finger at the crystal core, but the Dungeon wasn’t willing to give him a reply.

From this one-sided conversation, my guess was that this unfortunate fellow had the bad luck of being born in a Dungeon Core Room placed here, in this palace. Once the royal family discovered him, they probably began to tame him in order for him to build stuff and act as a defense of sorts. This could explain why this whole palace was made with enchanted walls and even had a barrier around it.

I need to learn how to make barriers too… I thought.

Looking to my left, I saw Nanya battling the knights. The demoness skillfully jumped and moved sideways to avoid the sharp edges of their swords and destructive power of their magic attacks. Whenever she found an opening, she attacked them as well, but despite wielding her powerful black sword, she was reluctant about using it to cut them down. Most of her sword attacks ended up being slaps with the flat side of the blade, but even those were more than what the poor knights could handle.

One hit was enough to shatter their Magic Armor or break their weapons in half. A rather funny moment occurred when a mighty and imposing knight in shining armor was prepared to face her in a one on one combat, but after her first attack, his sword turned into an awkward L shape.

Against this batch of individuals with a power equal or slightly surpassing a Godlike Ranked Adventurer, the demoness could easily hold her ground. For now, she was merely playing with them because if she were to get serious, she would use spell attacks as well as activate her [Boost] skill. I never did get to understand how exactly it worked though.

“Quickly, take them down!” shouted one of the knights as he ignored both Nanya and Ayuseya and dashed towards me.

I showed him a smirk and then he was sent flying into the wall to my right by one of the demoness’ kicks.

Ayuseya didn’t have any trouble either. Her two-handed sword skill wasn’t the best out there, but thanks to her excessive strength, her strikes were deadly. Because of her lack of control, she had a bit more difficult time not killing them. Limbs and body parts were sent flying all over the place. The poor knights tried to stop her attacks, but when that enchanted sword came crushing down at them with more than 1000 strength points, it cut through them like butter.

If Nanya and Ayuseya had similar stats as they did, the battle would have been completely different. Instead of crushing them with one strike, they would have to pile up hit after hit until their opponent’s Magic Armor shattered and then go for a death blow.

The number of knights dwindled from an impressive 58 to barely a handful by the time I reached the prince. Their defeat was imminent.

“What did you do to my Dungeon Core?” he asked while glaring at me.

I smiled and looked up at the pale-red crystal.

“He knows that it’s better not to anger me. I can crush him in a second if I so desire to.” I then looked down at the prince “You are the only one in this room who doesn’t think so.” I said.

“I am Reynolds D. Lagrange! I will never back away from a ruffian like you!” he declared pointing a finger at me.

I tilted my head to the right and then grabbed him before he could pull back his hand. With a single twist, I broke his finger.

“AAA!” he screamed in pain, and I kicked him in the stomach.

The poor prince vomited his last meal and fell on his knees.

“I’m sorry, did you need that?” I asked and then walked up to him and kicked him again, sending him rolling on the floor.

“Your highness!” shouted one of the knights before he was silenced by Nanya.

Between me and them stood two, very powerful women. There was nothing they could do but watch and resign to their fate of having been defeated by me.

“Y-You will not g-get away with this!” shouted the prince.

“Hm, nah! I’m pretty sure I will. If I kill you and all of your soldiers, there won’t be anyone left to hunt me down, right?” I smirked and punched him in the face, breaking one of his teeth.

“Aaa! Ow! Ow!” he whined.

I punched him again, and again, and again.

Of course, I didn’t use my full strength because I didn’t want to instantly kill him.

“You know…” I said as I picked him up by the collar of his clothes.

His face was a mess.

“I think I’m going to heal some of your injuries now.” I said and then I did just that.

His wounds were healed, but his teeth weren’t repaired.

“Time for round two!” I punched him again.

After the fourth round of beating him up, healing him, and beating him up again, I finally took things a step forward and let him experience the same pain Shanteya and Tamara did. I ripped out his arms and cut off his ears. His screams filled the room as I healed him over and over again only to inflict more injuries upon him.

What I did was nothing else but pure, sadistic torture, and yet… I felt nothing while doing so. There was no satisfaction from seeing him hurt, there was no sense of remorse, not even the pleasure of having revenged someone.

At best, I could say that, deep down, inside, I didn’t like this sort of behavior, yet in this world, it was mandatory. Back on Earth, the Medieval Age was one of the most ruthless and unforgiving periods of times, so who said it wasn’t the same here as well? Maybe I was just lucky and didn’t have the chance to delve too deep in the dark side of this world, but sooner or later, I was going to take a dip in it. Life in this world was cruel and people found pleasure from destroying or killing one another, no matter their species.

The question is… what am I going to do about it? this question popped in my mind after I was done rearranging the prince’s face.

Behind me, the battle had stopped. The knights gave up and watched their master as he got pummeled by me.

How will I act? another question popped up.

How should I act?

Is there another choice besides killing him?

Can I force him to repent?

Can I help the people of this kingdom in any way or manner? Why should I?

Who am I to change the order of this world?

Me?… I stopped and looked at the prince as he was begging me to stop hitting him.

“Pweash… no… mowur…” he mumbled.

I looked at him and saw his broken body covered in his own blood. My fist was red from all the punching.

This isn’t me… I thought.

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I think having your arms ripped off followed with your ear being torn off puts people into shock and dying really quickly like. I understand he’s being healed but that prince has some serious cajones to be able to maintain some of his sanity during all that.