~ Chapter 63: Giving up on my el’doraw (Part 1) ~

The calm winds gently flowed through the dense crowns of the trees. Their leafs rustled softly, adding a few notes to the song of the forest, while the critters filled out the rest of the score. Surrounded by the darkness of the night, with barely any moonlight rays guiding us through, we made our way into the unknown.

The terrain was treacherous, with slippery steeps, and roots popping out of the ground in an attempt to stumble us. Fallen trees and moss-covered boulders acted as annoying obstacles in our path. Insects and predators lurking in the night had their eyes locked on us, following our movements either out of curiosity or intent to prey upon us.

Behind me, Ayuseya and Nanya walked carefully, watching their every step. The draconian had a few problems with keeping her balance on the slippery terrain, but the demoness was there to offer her a helping hand whenever she needed it. They asked me nothing nor said a single word ever since we left the capital. No, that was wrong, ever since Nanya asked me how I knew how to curse someone.

At one point, I did wonder whether or not Ayuseya was bothered by what I did to the prince or by what I said about the nobility. When I thought about it, I realized that maybe it would be extremely unlikely for a Dungeon of this world to possess such sensitive information about them. In my case, I believed it was something everybody knew because very few countries retained a monarchic rule back on Earth. Noble or not, it didn’t matter in a democratic country.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a democracy in this world, or maybe that was a good thing?

I couldn’t tell… I lacked so much information about this world and even about my former one that I would be a real hypocrite to state that I knew how to make it better. I merely knew ideas, concepts, thoughts… not facts. This world had something my previous one didn’t… other intelligent humanoid species, and with that brought another pile of trouble.

If I stayed like this, making a Magic Academy was only going to be a fool’s dream. That was why I had to learn more about this world and how it worked in general. Or maybe even this was a fool’s thought? I didn’t know anymore.

Letting out a sigh, I stopped and looked back at my wives.

“Is something the matter, Illsy?” asked Ayuseya.

“No… maybe.” I looked down.

“Speak up then!” Nanya said with a smile.

Looking into her eyes, I let out a small sigh and then said “About what happened… What I did…”

“It doesn’t matter, Illsy. Others would have done worse in your place.” said Nanya shaking her head slowly.

“Indeed, although I was a bit surprised about what you said about the nobility. It came out… a bit as a shock. Not even once did it cross my mind that it could be so, but after I thought about it again, I didn’t find it so unlikely. After all, the king has the power to raise a family from peasantry to nobility. Thus, with given time, that family could one day take the throne.” Ayuseya looked down when she said this, meaning that she was still unsure if accepting this idea was a good thing or a bad thing.

“What about the curse?” I asked after a moment of silence.

“You did what you thought was best, Illsy. It doesn’t really matter right now if either of us thinks it was good or bad.” said Nanya, but from her words, I understood one thing, they didn’t agree with it 100%.

“Yeah… true…” I said and lowered my head.

After another moment passed, I released my Dungeon Territory and allowed it to stretch to about 30 meters radius.

“I’ll build a temporary house here. It’s a good place as any”

Clearing up a patch of trees as well as removing all the large boulders around us didn’t take me more than a couple of minutes. There were two options for me now: I could either level the whole area completely or create a platform of some sort on top of it. I chose the latter. It was a one meter thick steel square surface, with support pillars on all corners and one in the middle driven through the ground at one meter or so depth. Once I was done with this part, I spawned my one room house on top of the platform.

“Let’s go inside.” I said.

My two wives nodded and entered. I followed after them, and just to be safe, I lifted the platform by another meter or so, to keep any curious monsters or animals away from the door. I also added an endurance enchantment to the platform because I didn’t wish to underestimate the strength of the creatures around here.

Once inside, Nanya took out some chopped up wood from her Inner Mind and used it to start a small fire. Ayuseya walked up to the bed and took a seat on the edge.

Today… what I did today… I thought and then looked at my hands.

The prince’s blood was all over me, and out of all of us, I was the only one stained by it. I felt dirty and disgusted by my own self, and it was all my fault in the first place because I allowed it to slip through my Magic Armor.

I don’t like this… I thought.

“I’m going to take a bath. You two want to join me?” I asked.

“I don’t mind, but shouldn’t we first take care of Shanteya and Tamara?” asked Nanya.

“Of course! I meant after I healed them.” I showed them a small smile.

I didn’t just forget about them, did I? I asked myself.

Speaking of which, I also told a small lie back at the palace. Instead of staying at the Tannaor’s Inn, I left the city immediately. Well, that didn’t matter anyway.

I moved to the back of the room and created a door. Afterwards, I stepped through and enlarged the platform as well as added two more rooms. To my left was another bedroom, and to my right was the bath. To keep things simple, the bathtub and toilet had drains in the same hole deep under the ground, but it had another pipe for airing purposes opening outside of the house because the stench would have killed all of us eventually. As for the other room, it had two beds, one for each of them. I made them as comfortable as possible and even enchanted the walls to keep the room at a comfortable temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius. A single window on the other side of the room allowed for outside light to shine in, but sturdy, enchanted metal bars kept the monsters out. For light, I used one of my Power Crystals, which I attached to the ceiling. By fueling it with a bit of Magic Energy, just a few points, no more, it was enough to shine light in this room for days, maybe even weeks to come.

“This should do it…” I said after I double checked everything.

While I took care of the healing and everything else, Nanya and Ayuseya remained in the other room by themselves. There was no need for them to sit around while I did this.

I began with Tamara. After taking her out of my Inner Mind, I carefully placed the kitten on one of the soft beds and looked at her injury. It was nasty, but worst of all, the bastards burnt the wound to stop it from bleeding.

I took out the cut-off ear and began the operation. Cleaning the wound and draining the ear of coagulated blood was the easiest part. Reconnecting and reviving the dead tissue was a bit harder, but not impossible. Technically, I could apply this process to resurrect someone, however, as I came to learn from my own experience, the body was just a shell, and without a soul, it was nothing more than a biological automaton.

Once I reattached her ear and allowed blood to flow through it, I restored her fur, making it look like the injury never occurred. The little kitten could sleep now a bit more peacefully, without feeling pain surging through her scalp, but before I started with Shanteya, I did a quick check to see if she had any other injuries besides that one.

I discovered three broken ribs and a bunch of bruises.

My poor kitten… I thought as I petted her furry head and healed her completely.

With Tamara sleeping peacefully in the bed, I moved on to Shanteya. After taking her out of my Inner Mind, I laid her down on the bed and proceeded to reattach her cut of limb. It was the same process I applied to the nekatar, but unlike her, Shanteya didn’t have any other injuries on her body.

After I was done with the operation, I left them a small note on the wall and walked into the other room, where I found my two wives waiting for me.

“How are they doing?” asked Ayuseya.

“I healed them completely. Now, we just need to let them rest.” I replied with a smile.

“You should change.” Nanya said.

I looked down and noticed my blood-stained clothes. They were a mess. Without giving it much thought, I undressed and dumped everything in a pile in a corner like I did back in my college days. I also took out Ayuseya’s coffer if she wanted to change.

“I’ll wash them after I take a bath…” I said.

“You can go ahead, we’ll join you after we undress.” Nanya said with a smile.

“The bath will be ready by then.” I showed her a smile, but before I walked out, I added “Tonight, I’m not in the mood for…” I looked down.

“It’s alright, Illsy.” Ayuseya told me with a smile.

I nodded and went to fill the tub. When they joined me, although I was excited to see their naked bodies, we didn’t do anything besides washing ourselves. I helped them wash their backs, they helped me, and then we walked out.

After draining the bath, I changed into a pair of cotton pajamas and slipped into bed with them. Ayuseya hugged me from the right, and Nanya from the left. They both gave me a good-night kiss, and that was how the day ended for me.

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