~ Chapter 65: The battle in the forest (Part 2) ~

[Illsyore’s point of view]

“Is she gone yet?” I asked and peeked my head out of a bush.

“Nya… I don’t know?” Tamara replied.

“Why are we hiding?” asked Nanya who glared at me while holding up two broken branches above her head.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling she’s bad mojo for us.” I replied and squinted my eyes to see if I could spot the mysterious walking tank.

“You know, Illsy, for a Dungeon Lord, your skills at hiding are terrible, but not as much as hers…” Shanteya told me from above.

She was a natural, a genius at hiding. None of us could see her, and as a result, I was deprived of peeking under her skirt.

“Why did I have to climb a tree?!” Ayuseya complained while hanging for dear life on top of a nearby tree.

The branches were hiding her well, but barely keeping her up there. Of all the trees, she could find, she jumped on the skinniest one of them all. Unfortunately, there was only one big bush around here, and we were using it. As for why I didn’t just build a hole under us… erm… I had brain lag.

“Nyahaha! That’s funny!” Nanya laughed as she pointed a finger at the draconian.

“Mou!” she pouted.

“Keep quiet, all of you! I think I see her!” I said, and the moment I caught glimpse of her shining shield, I ducked for cover.

[Zoreya’s point of view]

Where are they? I definitely saw them entering this forest… Did they spot me and tried to hide from me? I thought as I walked looking around for the Dungeon Lord’s group.

“No, that can’t be…” I shook my head in denial.

I was pretty confident in my hiding skills.

Stopping next to a big bush, I leaned my shield on it and sat down.

“Omph!” a strange sound was heard from behind me.

I blinked surprised and looked back. There was nothing there.

“Hm?” I got up and pulled back my shield.

There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with it, so I let it drop back on the bush.


When it hit the bark, or maybe it was a rock, it made a strange sound. I furrowed my brow and looked back at the shield. Pressing on top, I verified that it was stable and then sat on top of it.

“Ugh…” the bush groaned.

Maybe I’m stressing the bush a bit too much? But I’m not that FAT! Well, I hope it doesn’t break… I thought as I looked down at the shield.

Letting out a sigh, I began to wonder where they could have hidden. I was certain they were around here somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where.

“Did they find a cave or something?” I thought out loud and then let out a sigh. “I shouldn’t have lost track of them! How could I?” I scolded myself.

Picking up a nearby rock. I tossed it at a nearby tree. It bounced back and went flying into the bush behind me.


“Huh?” I was surprised by the sound.

This was one strange bush.

While trying to figure out where they were, I heard a crack in front of and a branch fell on the ground.

Startled by it, I jumped up on my shield and unsheathed my sword.

“Huh?” I said surprised.

Another crack was heard, and another branch fell. Several cracks followed and then I saw the redhead draconian woman sliding down the bark of a tree. When she touched the ground, she was still holding her arms around it. The tree had turned into a pole.

“Hello! Beautiful day, isn’t it?” she said with a forced smile.

“You… You are the Dungeon Lord companion, aren’t you?” I asked squinting my eyes at her.

“I guess our cover is blown. Good job, Ayuseya!” the voice of a woman was heard from my left, and when I turned my head, I saw the blond companion walking out.

“Nya!” the nekatar jumped out from my right, landing next to the draconian.

Huh? They were here the whole time?! I thought and looked at them surprised.

“Don’t put the blame on me! Why did you make me climb a tree in the first place?! Dragons don’t climb trees!” complained the draconian woman as she finally let go of it.

“With your monstrous strength, why couldn’t you hold on to it?” the blond questioned her.

“Erm…” she looked down.

“Where is the Dungeon Lord?” I asked as I lowered my sword.

“You are STANDING ON HIM!” someone shouted from under me.

“KYAAA!” I screamed and jumped off, taking my shield with me.

“Kya? SERIOUSLY?” the Dungeon Lord said as he got out of the bush rubbing his head. “You first drop that shield on top of my head, not once but TWO times! You sit on top of me, then you hit me with a rock, and lastly, you JUMP on top of your shield with me under it, and YOU are the one acting surprised?!” he pointed a finger at me.

He was a tall man wearing weird clothes and a hood that hid his green hair.

“I-I didn’t know you were there! I apologize!” I said and quickly lowered my head. “Wait… Why am I apologizing to a Dungeon Lord?” I said and then lifted my shield and sword up, entering a battle stance.

“Now I see why you said you had a weird feeling about her. She’s nuts!” the blond said raising an eyebrow.

“I am quite sane, and my name is Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros! I am Melkuth’s Apostle and top crusader of his Order!” I announced myself.

“I see. I see…” the Dungeon Lord nodded.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

Never underestimate the weight of a fully armored woman who drops a shield the size of a door on top of your head!

I learned this lesson the hard way. Then again, thanks to me lowering my Magic Armor a bit so she didn’t detect me allowed me to feel the full blunt force of her ‘attacks’. Now, I just stood there wondering if I heard right or if she was making a fool out of me.

Not only did she not know I was there, but she was a full-blown idiot when it came to hide and seek!

Even so, the most mind-shattering, insanity-inducing thing she could possibly say had just escaped her pretty lips.

“Pardon me… what did you say your name was?” I asked with a small smile.

“Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros! And I know very well that you are a shameless pervert who tricks women!” she declared again while glaring at me.

I nearly fell down.

“I’m not a pervert who tricks women!” I shouted back at her.

“Ara! But you loved the way we played last night… Such movements, they simply drove me crazy!” Nanya joked and exaggerated beyond needed.

“Illsy never tricked any woman… Although…” Ayuseya was looking at me with worried eyes.

“Master tricks women? I should hide my tail!” Tamara said as she hid behind Ayuseya.

“Don’t worry, we’ll protect you from the pantie-snatcher pervert.” Nanya said petting the cat.

“What’s this? Are you all ganging up on me?!” I shouted.

“See! I knew you were a pervert!” said the mysterious woman as she pointed her sword at me.

“It was a joke! A joke! Wait… who are you, no you already told me your name. WHY are you chasing after me?!” I asked pointing my finger at her.

“Maybe he went behind our backs and secretly impregnated her?” asked Ayuseya as she looked worried at Nanya.

“I pity her then, such a cold-blooded husband we have.” the demoness giggled, and the draconian followed suit.

“Ugh… you two.” I lowered my head.

Looking back at the armored woman, I saw her blushing so hard, the tips of her ears turned completely red.

“I-I-I… I’m an Apostle! No man ever laid his filthy hands on me! Especially a filthy and shameless Dungeon Lord who tricks women to make them his wives!” she shouted at me.

“What? HEY!” I shouted back at her.

This woman was too much, she was speaking all sorts of nonsense. Was she damaged in the head?

“Leaving that idiot husband of mine aside, you said your name is Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros, right? Why are you after us? Speak or else we will make you speak… in… various ways.” Nanya said and licked her lips at the end, looking at the woman with a gaze in her eyes denoting sexual hunger.

Feeling her chastity in danger, the armored woman jumped back and pointed her sword at Nanya.

“Hehe!” the demoness giggled.

“I-I heard Illsyore defeated Dankyun Alttoros. Is that true?” she asked.

“Huh? Who? Ah! The overwhelmingly annoying Supreme idiot who tried to rape and kill Ayuseya, rape Nanya, and kill everyone who stood in his way? Yeah, I gave him a beating to remember until his next life. I don’t know if he’s alive though, but I destroyed his armor, took his weapon, which rightfully belonged to Nanya in the first place, and then mentally terrorized him. What about him?” I asked with a calm smile as I looked back at her.

Given their family names, I could only suspect that she was either his illegitimate wife or maybe some sort of adopted family member. But I didn’t hear of him having any sort of siblings, and last I remembered, he was a draconian Nazi who believed in the purity of his own species. There was no way in Hell that man took a human as his wife.

When she heard my ‘subtle and modest’ description of what happened to him, Zoreya squinted her eyes at me and raised her shield up.

“Dankyun… Dankyun was my brother.” she said.

“Ah! Is that so?” I nodded.

“I suggest you don’t move.” Shanteya said as she appeared from the shadows and pressed the cold blade of her dagger on the woman’s neck.

Her magic armor was partially cut by the enchant on the weapon I made for her, but her ridiculous strength and speed from the boost of my [Bond of Trust] allowed her to slip it through the rest and move it very closely to the woman’s throat.

Zoreya realized she was in danger only when it was already too late for her to do anything, however, what happened next was unexpected. The woman moved to the left and struck Shanteya with her shield. The blade slit her throat, but that shield pulsed with a powerful light and sent my el’doraw wife flying backwards.

“Shanteya!” I shouted.

“I’m alright!” she announced as she got up from the ground.

Meanwhile, Zoreya was bleeding badly, but not for long. She placed her hand over her throat, and a white light flashed over the wound.

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