~ Chapter 65: The battle in the forest (Part 3) ~

“She healed herself?” Ayuseya remarked and furrowed her brow.

“If she is here to take revenge, then we shall fight!” Ayuseya said and pulled out her sword.

Tamara ran off to hide behind a tree. I took a stance and summoned the two Roman swords I created one night out of complete boredom. They were made from super alloys and enchanted with powerful spells. They could cut through Magic Armor and also Paralyze the victim. They were more of a Godlike ranked item than a Supreme one.

Squinting her eyes at us, Zoreya used a spell of sorts, and a bubble of Magic Energy surrounded her like an extra shield. The sword in her hand was coated in a white light, and the symbols carved on her shield began to glow.

“May Melkuth watch over my battle and guide my sword! My shield is yours, and I am yours to command!” she declared to her god.

I gulped as I looked at the shield. It gave me some rather weird vibes, and I knew it was bad business for me, but I had no idea why. Taking a step back, I prepared myself for battle.

“Guess stupidity runs in the family.” Nanya said with a smirk as she took off her ring, revealing her true form as a demoness.

“I am not like Dankyun!” shouted Zoreya and jumped to attack her.

The demoness snickered and threw a punch at her. Knowing her strength, I thought it was going to break the shield, but when she hit it, there was a very loud BANG, and Zoreya was sent sliding back on the ground. The Apostle didn’t fall on her back, she remained standing on her feet and glaring back at Nanya.

“By Melkuth… what strength.” she said.

“And there’s more where that came from!” Ayuseya said and charged at her with her sword.

The blade came crushing down on the crusader, but was blocked by the powerful shield. A crater was formed around her, and a wave of air was sent towards us.

“Melkuth! Grant me strength!” Zoreya shouted and then pushed back.

The force was powerful enough to send Ayuseya flying back, smashing through the trees. She let out a small scream, but when this happened, I charged at the woman.

“HAH!” I shouted, and my swords came crushing down from the sides, but didn’t go past that stupid bubble of hers.

With her sword, she attacked me, and I caught it with my bare hand. It cut through my Magic Armor, but didn’t shatter it. A trace of blood flowed from my palm as we locked eyes and glared at each other.

“Melkuth’s Judgment.” she said, and the shield glowed in a bright white light.

What happened next was rather confusing because I found myself flying back through the trees, smashing through them like Ayuseya did.

What the? I thought after I reached at a stop face first in the trunk of a very old tree.

[Hell’s Flames]!” Nanya shouted from afar, and a powerful explosion was heard next.

The heat wave traveled all the way here, followed by a powerful shockwave. I saw Tamara flying through the air, trying to grab hold onto something, and I jumped up after her.


“Master!” she cried.

I caught her hand and absorbed her to keep her safe.

“Tch! What’s up with that mad woman?” I thought as I fell on the ground and then dashed towards them.

The forest was burning. Monsters and animals alike were fleeing from the scene where we were fighting. Upon arriving there, I saw Ayuseya, Shanteya, and Nanya attacking the Apostle from all sides. The bubble around her held up against their attacks, and so far… none of us managed to injure her, but unlike her, we had our resilience and almost unlimited use of Magic Energy.

Nanya’s punches are the only ones working on her… I thought and then remembered that she could use a boost to increase her strength.

It was sort of her trump card, but in this situation, we could either make this a battle of attrition, which we would inevitably win, or we could go on the offensive.

“Wait… I didn’t try my lasers yet!” I told myself before I called out to Nanya.

With a smirk, I pointed my palms at Zoreya and released the beams of amplified red light. They hit her full-on, and I increased the intensity, pouring more Magic Energy into the crystals in my hands while trying to dissipate the resulted heat as fast as possible. Steam was flowing out of my arms.

“Ugh!” groaned Zoreya as she fell on one knee.

“GIVE UP!” I shouted at her as I kept pounding her shield with the two powerful beams of light.

There was nowhere for her to run. If she stepped back or jumped to the side, she could risk a direct hit from my attack. Although it wouldn’t shatter her armor or kill her instantly, it would be enough to force her defense down and receive a blow or two from my wives.

Attacked from all sides by all four of us, there was no way for her to counter-attack. We also surpassed her in strength, or at least Nanya did. We simply overwhelmed her, and we didn’t even take out the big guns yet, meaning a certain demoness’ punches strengthened through [Boost]. If I actually pulled out my Gatling Laser Turret, it would end up squashed by that insane shield of hers. I had no means yet to protect such a weapon.

Still, she wasn’t going down… She refused to give up. Well, Dankyun was the same until I pounded his face into the ground enough times to make him regret he was born.

[Zoreya’s point of view]

All of this happened too fast. First, they attacked me with embarrassing words and strange gazes and then they put a dagger at my throat. Before I knew it, I was already struggling to keep myself alive. If not for my shield, I would have died already, but these people were insanely strong. If they went full-out against the Aunnar Kingdom, they could have destroyed the entire country in mere days.

If they went against the Melkuth Order of Crusaders, then they could wipe them out without a problem. Illsyore and his wives were powerful, maybe too powerful…

What have I gotten myself into? I thought when I heard the one called Nanya cast a spell at me.

The Shield of Melkuth was a Divine Weapon capable of repelling most Magic and Physical Attacks, so the spell didn’t even touch me when it detonated. The force of the explosion was incredible. It reduced a good part of this forest into nothing but a burning waste, a giant crater. Still, I remained untouched by it.

Then they attacked me again. All of them were very fast, and I had to constantly recharge my [Divine Shield Bubble] to keep their attacks from touching my Magic Armor directly. Without it, I would have received a lot more damage. Unfortunately, I wasn’t capable of doing more than this.

Melkuth was the only one protecting me, yet he didn’t seem to allow me to counterattack. I didn’t even see the opportunity to use a Spell Crystal to recover my strength.

When Illsyore returned to the battle, I was struck by those rumored beams of light of his and pushed down on my knees. The damage, it wasn’t of the Magic type. It felt like I was being struck by burning coals constantly. The weight and heat were terrible, but I was protected by Melkuth. His grace didn’t leave my side, but he didn’t offer me the chance to attack either.

“GIVE UP!” he shouted at me.

Give up? Me? Melkuth’s Apostle? The one who carries the Shield of Melkuth? No… but… I thought and then closed my eyes for a moment.

Melkuth was the God of War. His fury and rage were shown in true battle, but he refused to fight, his defenses were unbreakable. Like a living fortress, nothing could touch him. The way I was right now imitated exactly this scenario. I wasn’t able to attack, no opportunity showed itself, but I was able to survive even their most powerful onslaught. My shield didn’t allow me to falter and fall down.

Like a stubborn mountain, I faced the wrath of the elements and kept my ground, but I had no way of stepping forward or back.

“I give…” I said.

“WHAT?!” Illsyore asked.

“I GIVE!” I shouted.

“Seriously, WHAT?” he asked again.

Could he not hear me?! I started to worry.

“SHE SAID SHE GIVES UP, YOU OAF!” shouted Nanya as she punched him in the face.

The beams of light stopped, and I was saved…

In that moment, I dropped the shield from my hand and fell on top of it. I had run out of Magic Energy.

It was beautiful how Melkuth’s grace protected me. One more moment, and I would have died. With a smile on my lips, I closed my eyes and allowed my body to rest.

Melkuth protects me… I thought.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

Being punched in the face by a raging demoness with over 2000 points in strength wasn’t a fun thing to experience… I was sent flying three kilometers away.

“Ouch… Ugh… It hurts…” I groaned as I laid flattened on the side of a sturdy cliff.

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