~ Chapter 67: The start of a new day ~

[Tamara’s point of view]

I woke up in the morning and let out a big yawn. It was around the time the sun started to rise up at the edge of the world. Getting out of bed, I jumped on all fours and sniffed the air. Only Ayuseya and the metal lady were here.

Sneaking up between their beds, I peeked at the dragon lady and saw her sleeping peacefully. Her chest going up and down each time she took a breath. On the other bed was the metal lady. She slept wearing her armor and used her own shield as a blanket. It looked very uncomfortable, but she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she was used to it?

I poked her cheek.

“Unyaaa…” she let out a strange sound.

“Metal lady is weird.” I said tilting my head.

Going out of the room, I sniffed the air and felt the scent of mating. Master was busy last night with demon lady and el’doraw lady. As I made my way to their room, I saw the three of them sleeping peacefully. They were all naked and cuddled up together. Looking at them stirred up something inside of me.

I quickly shook my head and moved away.

Tamara is a pet… a slave. I reminded myself.

Lately, I have gotten a bit too used to using my own name to address myself, and it accidentally slipped out from time to time.

I left the house Master made and took a deep breath of fresh air. The place around us was charred, and there didn’t seem to be anything I could eat. Tilting my head to the left, I thought about what I should do.

First of all, I should get a better viewpoint. I told myself and then made my way to the top of Master’s house.

Once up there, I looked around and saw the line of the forest spreading far and wide. There were no mountains in the far, only a desert and a few hills here and there. What I was looking for was river or a lake, something with fish.

Last night, after metal lady joined our group, dragon lady returned and told us of a nearby village.

If I remember right it’s in that direction. Usually, humans put their village next to a river. Nekatars always put their village next to a river. It’s easier to fish that way! I thought and then jumped off.

When I was back on the ground, I perked my ears up and looked around for some food, a bunny or anything small I could catch. Hunting monsters was a possibility too, but dragging those things back was a bit too much for me.

Well, it didn’t matter, I made up my mind to hunt something and dashed towards the forest. Master’s boost allowed me to be quite fast and strong. Even without it, I was pretty confident in my own skills.

“Nya~!” I said happily as I entered the forest.

[Ayuseya’s point of view]

“Ah! Good morning, Ayuseya!” said Illsy when I entered the room.

I was alone, Zoreya was awake, but she remained in her room to offer a prayer to her god. I told her to stay there until one of us came after her, unless she wanted to see Illsy naked. I warned her that we wouldn’t appreciate something that.

“How was it?” I asked blushing.

They were all naked.

“You missed out on something great, draconian princess!” Nanya giggled and got out of bed.

“I didn’t expect Nanya to be such a good kisser.” Shanteya said with a giggle.

“I’m technically older than you, so I should have a bit of a know how!” the demoness said pushing her chest forward.

“Yes, but I am the more experienced one.”

While they were fighting over who was the better kisser, I was blushing like an idiot, not knowing even how I should react to such a thing. They weren’t going to force me, I knew this, but somehow it seemed to be inevitable that one day I would also join them for such an experience together with Illsy. Still, as I was at that moment, I simply couldn’t do it. Such a thing was too much for me!

“Let’s go take a bath for now.” proposed Nanya in the end as she stretched her arms.

“I’m going to join you.” Shanteya said and got out of bed after her.

Neither bothered to grab any clothes.

I was left alone with my husband.

“Ayuseya?” Illsy said, and I looked up at him.

“Yes?” I replied.

“If you want, I can be all yours this morning?” he suggested with a kind smile.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard him. Even after spending the night with Shanteya and Nanya, he still didn’t forget about me. How could I deny such a tempting offer?

“If I can still please you…” I said and then nodded shyly.

“You always pleased me, Ayuseya. What I’m worried about is if I am good enough to please a cute woman like you?” he asked me with a seductive smile.

My heart skipped another beat, and I slowly began to undress.

“Then… please take care of me, my love.” I replied with a smile.

[Shanteya’s point of view]

The night with Illsy and Nanya was quite unexpectedly pleasurable. The demoness certainly knew how to use her tail, but at the same time, I felt like the bond between us deepened even further.

After our bath, we wanted to return to Illsy, but we heard Ayuseya’s moaning and decided not to disturb the two. The draconian woman deserved a bit of pleasure time as well, seeing as how she wasn’t embraced by Illsy for almost a week now. I began to feel sorry for her, but it was also partially my fault for becoming a bit… addicted to him.

“Let’s put on some clothes and see if Zoreya is up.” Nanya suggested and pulled out from her Inner Mind a chest in which she stored her casual clothes.

We each took a pair of pants and a shirt. She also took a pair of panties and a bra for herself. Since we were different sizes, she couldn’t share those, but I didn’t mind. Once Illsy was done, he was going to give me all of my clothes, and I could return these to Nanya.

Upon entering the room, we found the human woman praying to her god, Melkuth. Out of courtesy, we decided to keep quiet and patiently wait for her.

It took her another ten minutes to finish.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” she said as she got up.

“Don’t worry about it.” Nanya shook her head.

“Your friend, the draconian named Ayuseya suggested I should wait here until your husband is dressed.” she told us.

“Ah… Erm…” me and Nanya looked at each other then back at her.

“Well, it’s her time to spend some time with Illsy, but if you are hungry, we can go and make a fire. I should still have some food stored up…” Nanya explained.

“I can also share some of my provisions, seeing as how we will be traveling together from now on, but first…” she looked down for a moment, her cheeks reddened “Is it possible for me to use your bath?” she asked shyly.

“Ah! Of course! Let me go prepare it for you!” said Nanya with a smile.

“I’m going to head down and start a fire to cook some lunch.” I told them.

“Thank you, I will be waiting here.” Zoreya said.

[Zoreya’s point of view]

Upon entering the bath, I found it to look very similar to those in a rich noble’s house or even those at the Royal Palace. There was a very large bathtub that could fit at few people, a toilet, and a washbowl.

There were some knobs to the left and right of the pipes from which the water came forth, both marked with a blue and a red color. The toilet had water in it and wasn’t a simple hole dug up into the ground. On top of it was a small bowl with a metal chain attached to it. The words ‘Pull to flush’ were written on it in Kalish.

“What does it mean?” I asked myself curiously, and I pulled.

All of a sudden, the toilet was filled with water and ‘flushed’ down the drain pipes. It was a very curious and interesting mechanism to clean up the waste. Walking to the washbowl, I took off the gauntlet from my right hand and touched the knob marked with blue. I couldn’t press it and I couldn’t pull it either unless I wanted to rip it apart. I decided to turn it, and it worked. Water came out from the pipe.

“If Prince Reginald saw this, he would do anything to get one as well or learn how to make one. Hm, the water is cold.” I said as I dosed my hand under the stream of cold, clean water.

I took a sip and found out it was actually fresh water. Turning the blue knob the other way, cut the water. When I did the same thing with the red knob, I found out it had warm water.

Knock! Knock!

“Zoreya? May I come in?” the one called Nanya asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

Upon entering the room, the demoness looked at me and said “Ah! You aren’t undressed. Anyway, sorry for intruding, but I forgot to show you how things work here.” she told me with a wry smile.

“I sort of figured it out… They are quite marvelous.” I expressed my sincere opinion.

“Indeed! Illsy came up with the idea. He got bored of constantly using spells to heat up and fill the water. Well, gently turn the blue knobs to add cold water. The red ones are for hot water. If you turn them at the same time, you can adjust the temperature of the water directly.” she told me and then demonstrated.

I nodded to let her know that I understood what she said and that there wasn’t a need to repeat herself.

“As for the toilet, after you are done with your needs, pull the metal chain.” she then walked up to a small cupboard in the corner and took out a few essentials for women and a roll of paper.

“Since most of us are women here, this cupboard holds everything you need for that time of the month. Well, I rarely use it because my period doesn’t involve the process of staining my bed with blood. It also happens once every god knows when.” she sighed.

“For humans, it’s monthly, but I have my provisions as well.” I said.

“I know. El’doraws have it every two or three months, while nekatars every half of the year before their mating season, but I let you know just in case.” she said with a smile.

“Are we going to stay here for more than a month?” I asked curiously.

“No.” she shook her head, and I furrowed my brow.

Then why complicate themselves with building all of these things and arranging so many provisions? I thought, but Nanya answered my question as if she had read my mind.

“When we don’t need this house, Illsy simply absorbs it and stores it inside his Inner Mind. Then, when we find ourselves in need of a shelter, he pops it out.”

“I see… What is the roll of paper used for?” I asked curiously.

“This is called toilet paper. Unlike the ones used in Teslov and Shoraya, it’s far softer and better. You basically wipe yourself with it after you’ve done your needs.” she pointed at the toilet.

“I see… In Aunnar, the royals and nobles usually use wool or some sort of cloth soaked in water.” I said.

“Use what you like, the bath is already warm and ready, so you can hop right in. I’ll let Illsy know not to accidentally enter while you are in.” she said as she walked out.

“Thank you.” I nodded.

After she left, I took off my armor and leaned the shield on the door. Underneath my armor, I usually wore a linen strap to wrap around my breasts, a simple pair of silk panties, a simple cotton shirt, and a pair of pants. I never wore a dress and never tried to, but I found out over time that my physique would quickly attract the gaze of sleazy men, especially my chest. Thankfully, my role and duty required me to always keep my armor on.

Still, I did get sweaty and had to change from time to time. I was used to cold baths if there was even a chance to have one at all. That was why when I soaked into the bathtub, I let out a soft moan in delight. It felt so good, a smile appeared on my lips.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

After the wild night with Nanya and Shanteya came the wild morning with Ayuseya. Lately, I have been neglecting her, but it wasn’t like I didn’t find her appealing or anything like that. To be honest, I had a very hard time debating between who had the better breasts among the three, but even so, I loved doing it with all of them. The only annoyance was the pop-up message that asked me if I wanted to impregnate them or not. I always had to be careful to select ‘No’. I wasn’t ready to become a father yet.

“That was wonderful! Thank you, Ayuseya.” I said as I snuggled up to her.

Despite being a draconian, she was very warm and always had a pleasant scent about her.

“Indeed, it was wonderful… I missed that.” she said and then kissed me.

“Sorry about that.” I said with a wry smile after our lips parted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to be more demanding next time I want to have my mate all to myself!” she giggled and then kissed me again.

About a quarter of an hour later, Nanya came and told us we could use the bath. Apparently, Zoreya used it earlier, so both me and Ayuseya went in together. I couldn’t abstain and did it again with her, then we got changed and went to meet the others.

The only one who didn’t get a bath was Tamara because at that time, she went hunting for our brunch. Of course, the kitten didn’t escape Shanteya and Nanya’s grasp and as soon as they caught the sneaky feline, she was dragged to the bath while yowling. It wasn’t like she hated taking a bath or had a fear of water, she just sort of instinctively ran away from it. Maybe it was a game for her?

After we ate the few bunnies Tamara had caught, we packed everything, I absorbed the house and then started to walk in the direction of the village Ayuseya discovered.

When we arrived there, we were greeted by two guards, both smiling and looking our way, but they kept themselves vigilant because of our odd combination. The village’s name was Pollian, and it was part of the Tesuar Kingdom located to the north of Aunnar. It was a big country with two ports and a town in the desert. They had a good industry thanks to the mines in the nearby hills, and the low taxes for import and export. All the other cities were merely caravan stops between them. Agriculture and hunting were also part of the economy, but their influence was little in comparison to the mines.

Unlike Aunnar, Tesuar didn’t have any dungeons for the local adventurers, but it did have a couple of dangerous forests filled with monsters of various levels. From what I came to understand, it was relatively weak in power when compared to its neighbors, and it was at a constant threat of being under attack by them. Tesuar wasn’t what it once used to be.

As for how I knew all of this stuff? During the past few weeks, my beloved wives did all they could to help me study about this world’s political, economic, and military structure. I was also taught the general common sense, at which I had yet to receive a passing grade even after bribing the teacher. But the least I understood was that thanks to our ridiculous stats, we were probably some of the most powerful individuals on the entire continent.

We also bought any sort of books I could find along the way. I absorbed them, but I didn’t copy their information with magic as I did when I first reincarnated into this world. I read like any other human out there.

Storing the books like this would also ensure that when I formed my Magic Academy, my library wouldn’t be lacking in guidance material.

That being said, we didn’t spend the night in Pollian village. We continued to make our way North towards one of the mining towns. When it got dark, I summoned our temporary home and installed it on the side of the road.

This was going to be the second night Zoreya spent together with us, but as usual, she refused to come out of her armor unless she took a bath or went to the toilet. Either way, we had a good meal, we told a couple of jokes and then went to bed. That night, Ayuseya was the one who wished to stay together with me, while Shanteya and Nanya retreated to the bedroom with Zoreya and Tamara. To make things less cramped, I had to increase the size of their room and add an extra bed.

The following morning, we continued on our road towards Deforan town.

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