~ Chapter 31: The impossible promise (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]

We returned to the surface without any trouble. Both Iolaus and Kleo were safe, although, I found out that the big paladin ended up fainting somewhere along the way. My guess was that he probably saw a spider, screamed like a little girl, then slammed into a wall and it was lights out for him!

While I traveled through those dark and damp corridors, the monsters here allowed us to pass without any problems, while none of the traps activated. The dungeon was apparently keeping its word, but once we were out of this place, I was 100% sure we would return to being enemies. Dungeons in this world weren't living beings, they were magic constructs designed to help adventurers grow in power or simply crush them without mercy. As such, they held only basic cognitive functions if any at all.

What worried me wasn't the dungeon, but the human who was able to teleport into this place. Whatever happened to him turned him into a monster even by my standards. The unreasonable hate towards the dragon kind was probably explained if he landed in a battlefield somewhere, but it didn't explain why he was here, on the Dragon Continent. If he wanted to fight against dragons, then it would have been better for him to join other human crusaders and storm their fortresses and castles, taking their land piece by piece.

The way he was doing things was akin to a child who wanted to annoy people. Unfortunately, he was a very powerful child with the ability to teleport instantly whenever and whereever he wished. As far as I could tell, he had no limits, or rather none I could identify as of yet.

“This is going to be troublesome...” I groaned as I stepped out of the dungeon.

Outside, the sky was really cloudy, foretelling a storm. As for what time it was, I had no idea, maybe morning? Inside the dungeon, I lost track of how many hours I spent lurking through those dark, damp corridors.

Alas, it was time for us to return to our friends and bring home the good news.

“We're finally out... I thought I was going to die in there!” Kleo was relieved to see the sky one more time.

“If you did, your sister would have made me dug you out of there with a pickaxe. Considering the chances, I would have found you... eventually.” I showed her a wry smile, and she laughed.

“Yes, that would be quite true! Hahaha!”

“Well, let's go back to them... They must be resting after the long battle.” I smiled.

Carrying the unconscious Paladin on his shield, we made our way back to the village. The signs of a great battle were everywhere. The ground was charred, scarred, and turned over. It was like a rampaging monster was set loose here, or dragonesses for that matter.

We didn't see any undead on our way to the village. With the black-hooded fellow gone, the dungeon probably resumed normal activities and called back all of its forces. We did pass by quite a number of them on our way out, but none of them attacked us.

Upon arriving at the village, we were greeted by a very worried redheaded dragoness. She rushed out the moment she spotted us.

“Alkelios! Kleo!” she called out.

“We're back!” I replied waving my hand.

Stopping in front of us, Seryanna smiled and said “I'm glad to see both of you alright. What happened?” she looked behind us at the knocked out paladin and then back at me “Is he alright?”

“Erm, a lot... As for this fellow, well... I don't know.” I shrugged and looked back at Kleo “Apparently he saved her...” I added, and the dragoness confirmed with a small nod.

“This guy?” Seryanna didn't believe it.

“Well, it's fine for now. Let's get back to the village and grab something to eat... I'm starving!” I said placing a hand over my stomach to stop it from growling.

“We are a bit hungry and tired...” Kleo smiled weakly.

“I understand.” Seryanna nodded and then embraced me. “I'm glad you are alright, both of you.” she said.

After we dropped off the 'extra luggage' with the nearest paladins, we were guided to one of the homes provided to us as a temporary shelter. Apparently, the locals were very happy by the fact that we saved their scaly behinds from the threat of an undead invasion.

Once we ate a healthy meal, both me and Kleo told our individual parts of the story. I spared no details and explained in detail what I came to find out about the black-hooded fellow, including that he was human from my original world.

“If all humans that came from there are just as powerful, then... we might be faced with a crisis.” Kataryna said as she was rubbing her chin.

Both her and Seryanna had been listening with a serious expression on their faces, but this was the first time either of them said anything.

“We don't know for certain. I for one know I had an unusual growth both due to my extreme Luck and the [Dragon Tamer] skill.” I nodded.

“Why do you think so?” Seryanna furrowed her brow as she looked at me.

“These skills were said to be rather unique. Given how ridiculous their names are most of the times, someone with a cool and rational head on their shoulders would try to find a pattern or something in order to get the best skills possible. To be honest, most of my skills were attained only and only thanks to Luck!” I let out a long sigh as I remembered how confusing the first time was for me.

“Why do you think so?” Kataryna asked.

“I have a skill called [Lightning Chicken!] which allows me to summon a Phoenix of level 999 or higher.” I replied while squinting my eyes at her.

“Point taken... I would have thought you could summon a delicacy or prank pet with it...” said Kataryna.

“Ah! Speaking of pets, I wonder what happened to your squirrel? I never got the chance to see it.” I accidentally changed the subject.

“It dropped by when you were experimenting in your laboratory. It stayed at the mansion a few days. Grandfather is taking care of it, but considering the season, it's probably out there looking for a mate.” she shrugged.

“I see... too bad. I was curious to see how it looked like.” I said.

“When we get to the capital, we can drop by a pet shop, and I'll show you one.” she smiled.

“Haaa... I never had a pet.” Kataryna shook her head.

“Not enough time for one?” I asked her.

“No... Never found one that I liked. I don't want to get a pet that's... well... doesn't feel right for me.” she shrugged since she had a hard time explaining the reason.

“I see. What about Kleo?” I looked over at her.

“I made a contract with a denizen of the Underworld. Cute fellow, long scythes, lurks in the shadows, listens to my orders as long as I supply him with Magic Energy.” she described something very terrifying.

“That's a minion not a pet.” I squinted my eyes at her.

“Well, if you are wondering if I have something ALIVE and of THIS world, then the answer is no... I don't. Like Kataryna, I never found a... suitable one.” she showed me a wry smile.

“Did you want a pet?” asked Kataryna.

“Yeah...” I shrugged.

“Well, if you can find a monster hatchling or egg, you could try and tame one as a pet. If it's a combat pet, even better.” Seryanna nodded.

“Is your squirrel a combat pet?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“No. It's a wild pet.” she shook her head.

“Huh?” I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“There are fluffy pets you keep for petting. They tend to spend a lot of time around you, enjoying cuddles and being cute. There are travel pets you can ride like a Khosinni. There are wild or adventurous pets, which you keep for a few weeks, then you release them in the wild. They drop by periodically to check up on you because they see you as part of their family or pack. Then there are the combat pets, which follow you everywhere and instead of petting, they are more used to fighting by your side.” Kleo explained.

“Oh, and the wild pets can also be used to establish hunting grounds to keep off poachers. As part of his family or pack, you are allowed to hunt in his territory, but he will attack or come and warn you the moment he sees a poacher or dangerous predator lurking around.” Seryanna added her bit to the explanation.

“I see... And here I was thought ALL of them were just for hugs and cuddles.” I scratched the back of my head.

“No, those are only the fluffy ones. Innocent fellows and very tasty as emergency food!” pointed out Kataryna.

“Erm...” I squinted my eyes at her.

“What?” she blinked surprised.

“Nothing.” I shook my head.

A moment of silence fell upon us, then both me and Kleo let out big yawns. Looking at each other, we began to laugh.

“We should head off to bed.” Seryanna said.

“Indeed. The past few days had been... tiring.” Kataryna sighed.

With everyone agreeing, we took a quick bath. The dragonesses were first, then I was the last one. To be honest, I did try to peek, but I ended up stopping when I heard the following threat:

“I don't mind if you peek at me, Alkelios, but if you peek at Kataryna or Kleo, you're sleeping in the dungeon.”

And before I got the chance to do so, I pulled back and tip-toed away.

That night, Kleo and Kataryna slept in one room, while Seryanna and I in the other. Although we kissed and hugged as lovers would, we didn't proceed to the next step. I was too tired, and I felt like it was too soon. My teenage instincts were still screaming at me to not be such an idiot, but there was time... It wasn't like Seryanna was going anywhere.

The following morning, I woke up around noon. I was the only one in bed.

With barely opened eyes, I stretched my muscles a bit and walked out of the room. I was greeted by Kataryna.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” she said with a smirk.

“Huh? Morning... What time is it?” I asked.

“One hour past noon. You slept for almost 48 hours.” she giggled.

“Huh? That much?! I didn't feel a thing...” I blinked surprised.

“Neither did Kleo. Fufufu!” she giggled again.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

“The two of you were far more tired than you let on to be. Honestly, we were starting to get worried, until Kleo started snoring, and you mumbled something about Seryanna's breasts in your sleep.” she laughed.

“What? I did what?” I blinked surprised.

“You said they were so bouncy and good to grope... and that you wouldn't mind having her as your woman for the rest of your life, to spoil, love, caress, and do all sort of things together with her.” she smirked.

“Huh?” I was getting confused and a bit scared at the same time.

What sort of things did I say while I was asleep? I wondered.

“You should have seen her blushing! She even slapped you to wake up, but no reaction.” Kataryna laughed.

“Urk...” I was getting embarrassed myself.

“Well, anyway, get changed and meet us in kitchen. We're going to have a light breakfast and then leave.” she told me.

“Is everything safe?” I asked.

She nodded and then replied “Yes. After you returned, no more undead came out, and the dungeon returned to normal. The sky also cleared up, so we can travel at ease.”

“I see... Well, I'll be right there.” I said and returned to my room.

Did I really say all of those things in my sleep? Or is she pulling my leg? I wondered as I got changed.

Once I entered the kitchen, Seryanna blushed like an innocent lady and looked away.

“G-Good morning, Alkelios.” she said.

Oh boy... I thought as her overly honest reaction revealed the truth about this matter.

Kleo was enjoying her steak. I ate quietly. Not even a single word was spoken, but Kataryna was trying hard not to laugh at us.

When it was over, Seryanna approached me. While the other two left the room, she gently pulled the sleeve of my shirt and looked down, blushing cutely.

“Y-You... d-do you really love my chest that m-much?” she asked.

“Erm... I love all of you... chest included...” I smiled.

Except for the fact that she's a dragon. a wild thought appeared.

Ignore was used. Ignore was highly effective. Wild thought vanished.

“I love you, Seryanna.” I said, and my arms were wrapped around her, embracing her lovingly.

Our lips touched, and I offered her a soft kiss. She replied with a cute moan and moved closer to me.

“There you go, five silvers.” said Kataryna from the window.

“Ugh... Here. I was so sure she would keep quiet about it. Guess my sister is bolder than I thought.” Kleo said as she passed the coins over.

Looking over, we saw the two very curious dragonesses grinning their tails off.

“You two...” I muttered.

Meanwhile, Seryanna was trying hard to hide her embarrassed expression.

Cute... I thought.

“W-we should go now...” I said with a forced smile while being very embarrassed about this myself.

“Mhm...” Seryanna nodded in approval.

After that strange moment, we packed out things and made our way over to where we 'parked' our Khosinni.

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