~ Chapter 74: The el'doraw's true fate (Part 1) ~

[Tamara's point of view]

Master scared me that day... I tried to avoid him, to stay away from him because I was afraid of Master who wasn't Master will come out and harm me again. There were two Masters in Master's body, but one was evil, and I didn't like him, while the other was the Master I knew.

Zoreya explained this to me, so did Nanya, Shanteya, and Ayuseya, but I was still afraid of the evil Master. My fur would stand at its end whenever I was around Master.

What if he came out? What if he hurt me? What if I was attacked by him? What if he killed me?

These were the questions that made me fear him, and I didn't know what to do about it.

Then, when Master took Nanya out on a date, she was pretty... The dress was something I knew I would never get to wear. She was charming, but later that day, she returned crying. She wasn't even hiding her demonic self. The people at the inn ogled their eyes in surprise when they saw her. Zoreya calmed them down with a glare.

At that time, I was being petted by Zoreya. The crusader lady was kind, she didn't hate nekatars or non-humans as others did.

“I wonder if evil Master came out... nya.” I said as I looked down at the cup of warm milk in front of me.

“Maybe, but Illsyore isn't evil, The Darkness is... Unfortunately, we can't separate the two.” she let out a sad sigh.

The breath of air tickled the fur on the back of my neck.

About half an hour later, Master arrived. He looked sad.

Seeing him, I let out a mew and instinctively clung to Zoreya. He showed me a sad smile and then sat down at our table. I looked away.

“I'm sorry, Tamara... back then... I...” he began to say, but I flattened my ears and moved closer to Zoreya.

“It's alright, little one.” she told me as she gently petted my head.

My ears twitched from her touch and then I slowly lifted them up.

“Tamara... The Darkness is the one you are afraid... most likely.” Master said.

I lifted my eyes up and let out a soft mew.

Zoreya nodded, and Master petted my head instead of her.

His hand... was gentle. His scent was the same. He was warm...

Tears gathered in my eyes, and I sniffled.

“Tamara doesn't like The Darkness... Uhu! Tamara is scared of The Darkness!” I cried.

“I know, little one... and I'm sorry.” he showed me a soft smile as he continued to pet me.

Seeing him like this reminded me of the kind Master, the one I liked, the one who treated me well...

“In a few days, you won't need to worry about him... he'll be gone.” he told me.

“Really?” I asked innocently as I perked my ears up.

“Yes.” he nodded.

My ears twitched.

“Good... I don't like him. It's better if he will be gone!” I spoke harshly.

“I see...” he spoke softly, but his smile was sad.

Zoreya looked sad as well, but I didn't understand why.

“Don't worry, I'll... I'll make sure you'll never see that side of Illsyore ever again...” she told me.

I blinked surprised and looked up at her.

“If you can, then please take care of that monster! I don't like him!” I said.

She smiled softly and patted my head.

“Well... I'll go over there and rest for a bit. Take care, little one.” Master said as he petted me one last time and walked away.

I was confused by his words, but I was happy to know that Zoreya was going to eliminate The Darkness... Unfortunately, I had no idea that my kind Master was going with him as well...

[Illsyore's point of view]

Seeing Tamara's reaction made me realize just how terrifying the thing inside of me was. Indeed, it was a monster, but unlike those we found scattered throughout this world, this one couldn't be killed without killing me as well. Even with the power of the gods, it was useless.

I was destined to die in a few days by Zoreya's sword. This way, Tamara wouldn't have to be afraid of me anymore... or rather of the thing inside of me.

The alternative was letting loose a monster capable of destroying the whole world without showing a single drop of remorse. The Darkness... was the enemy of everything and everyone in this world, but also the other part of myself, the one I couldn't cut off.

I slept that night on the chair, or rather... I just dozed on and off. My sleep deprivation was catching up, but if I fell asleep, The Darkness could take over me and run away with my body, then by the time I returned to my wives, its control over me would be completed. Or that was what I presumed.

There was no way I could determine just how much time I had left before it had me completely under its control.

[Ayuseya's point of view]

With Nanya returning in that state, I was a bit afraid of how my own date was going to be. It was clear that Illsy was the one who said something to her and not The Darkness. There were very few things that could make the powerful demoness cry, but if I were to guess, I would say he revealed something about his current condition, something even I didn't know about.

That or he decided to break off with her... This option, however, seemed highly unlikely even for me, but just like anyone else placed in a similar dilemma, I began to endlessly worry about it.

The following day, I woke up at an early hour and prepared myself for the date. I had but a few hours of sleep. Nothing a few touches of makeup couldn't fix. The problem was the dress. If there was a chance this was going to be my last date with him, I wanted it to be a pleasant one, something I could remember, but at the same time, I was well aware of the fact that a woman's dress spoke volumes about her wealth.

Thankfully, I had three coffers filled with not-so-fancy dresses to choose from. Illsy carried the rest of my things, but I didn't want to get them from him because they mostly contained lavishing, expensive, and noble-fit dress. If I were to walk around the city wearing something like that, the number of stares and glares would end up to be annoying.

The demoness was sitting on the bed and looking at me as I sorted them out. Everyone was here except for Illsy.

“Too many colors. Not enough colors. Not enough frills. Too many frills. Too long. Too short. Why did I ever buy this? Definitely NOT this one! Oh this one looks nice, but the color is too pale.” I spoke as I tossed away one dress after another.

“Nya~! It's raining fluttery clothes!” the nekatar said as she ended up buried underneath the pile.

“They all seem nice to me.” remarked Shanteya as she picked up the 'Definitely not' dress.

I always knew these two had a bad sense of fashion, but only now it was revealed. Well, there was nothing I could expect from a nekatar who loved to play all day despite technically being considered an adult by her kind. As for the el'doraw, she had little to no chance to find out what was best suited for her. Even I had a few dresses which were perfect for her complexion. They only required a few modifications around the chest area, the sleeves, and the hem, which were too big for her.

“Sigh... I feel like I didn't bring enough dresses... I can't find the right one.” I let out another sigh as I looked back at them.

Nanya and Shanteya furrowed their brows, while Tamara merely tilted her head to the left. Zoreya didn't say a single word as usual. The crusader was calmly sitting on a chair while looking at me.

“What?” I blinked confused at their strange reaction.

“Nothing, it's just that ever since I met you, this is the first time I heard you complaining about not having something to wear.” Nanya was the one to speak.

I let out a sigh and pushed a strand of stray hair out of my face.

“I could have done so at any given time, but with great effort, I abstained.” I nodded.

“Ah~ the perils of high society. When one needs not to worry about war, fashion is the only alternative.” Shanteya said and then giggled.

“Fashion is just a hobby for me. Besides, as a woman, it's a given that I should be aware of what I am wearing and how I look in front of others. The right dress and hairstyle can pull gazes of wonder or the chatter of mockery!” I declared, speaking from bitter experience.

Nanya and Shanteya looked at each other a bit confused. They didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. I could understand Nanya, but Shanteya was a bit odd. She was supposed to be a skilled assassin. Just how was she supposed to infiltrate a noble's party if she had no idea what to wear?

Leaving my stray thoughts aside, I turned around and continued to search for the right dress, but none of them felt right. I was at my wit's end until Zoreya said something unexpected.

“How about this one and use a red silk shoulder scarf or maybe a shawl?”

The dress the crusader was pointing at was one of the few I wore leisurely back at the Fellyore Academy. With a light teal bottom part and a jade colored top, the long sleeves and daring cut of the chest made it go perfectly with my red hair, golden scales, and red slit eyes. By itself, the dress wasn't much, but if I were to add a red scarf...

Walking over, I picked up the dress and looked at it carefully. I threw Zoreya a gaze and then looked over at Shanteya and Nanya, the two were pondering about it as well. Tamara had no reaction, as expected.

“This might be the right combination... but I feel like its lacking something.” I said and then squinted my eyes at Zoreya.

Scratching the top of her head, the woman covered in full-plate armor cast a gaze at my other dresses. After a moment, she pointed at one of them.

“What if you take those five roses from the red dress and sew them on the green one?” she asked.

With eyes wide-open, I quickly ran the combination in my head. It worked. It was elegant enough to call it a noble's dress and simple enough not to catch unwanted attention.

“Perfect!” with an high-pitched squeal, I gave Zoreya a hug.

“I have no idea what just happened...” said Nanya.

The demoness was slightly confused, but it mattered not. I had my dress now, so I was ready to go to 'war'!

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