~ Chapter 74: The el'doraw's true fate (Part 2) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

We met around four in the evening. Ayuseya was stunningly beautiful as always, giving off the air of a refined woman who knew all there was to know about the high class society. The green of her dress complimented the crimson color of her eyes and hair while pushing forward the generous mountains on her chest.

The way she walked. The way she gazed at those around her. The way she kept her composure and greeted me with a delightful smile. All of those things were signs of her noble background. Well, she was a princess after all.

“You look... beautiful.” I said the moment I saw her.

“Thank you, my dear.” she replied and made a courteous bow before me.

“Shall we?” I asked in a polite tone of voice.

She nodded and just like that, we departed from the inn.

We ate a decent meal at a good restaurant, a different one this time so as to not spread the rumors of me cheating on Nanya. Seeing how she was crying yesterday and how I was going out with a beauty like Ayuseya today, it wouldn't be that wrong to assume that was the case.

For some reason, I felt really tense while walking around the city, and it wasn't because of some suspicious fellows thinking that we were some sort of easy prey they could snatch on their way home. Shanteya was certain to remove them. What made it tense for me was to realize just how much of a difference in maturity and class was between me and the dragoness.

Up until now, I never did bother myself with such things. Even back on Earth, I had no idea what really made a noble woman so fancy. My idea of elegant was a suit and tie for a man and a pretty dress for a woman. Ayuseya proved to me that it was more than that. It was the way they carried themselves, the way they walked, and the way they glanced at those around them. It made me feel a bit more calculated with what I said and did around her.

Overall, Ayuseya felt like a completely different woman when compared to Nanya and Shanteya. If I were to think about her role in my Academy, it would be that of a vice-principal. She simply had that sort of influence and presence about herself.

Unlike Nanya, she was also a woman of few words, but the matters we spoke about were small nothings, memories from our journey so far, advice on how to get stronger, simple and at times a bit naughty compliments. She also stuck quite close to me, never letting go of my hand and more than once showing me a love-struck gaze.

Then came the moment when I was supposed to reveal the truth to her. Just like it happened with Nanya, I led her outside. If I were to get slapped over there, at least she wouldn't have to worry about having destroyed someone's house by accident.

“Ayuseya... about this date...” I began to speak.

“It's your way of saying 'farewell' to us, isn't it?” she asked with a soft smile on her lips, yet tears forming in her eyes.

“Yes...” I looked down ashamed.

“The Darkness...”

“It's winning...”

“The solution?”

“My death...”

A moment of silence was cast down upon us. I looked up and saw those beautiful red eyes of hers filling up with tears. Her fists were clenched, but she refused to break into a cry. Moving my arms around her shoulders I pulled her down into my embrace. Strength left her knees and fell before me.


She began to cry with her face buried in my chest.

“I'm sorry...” I said as I gently patted her head.

What was there left to say?

I allowed the moment to pass by while the tears of my draconian wife soaked my shirt.

What a worthless husband I am... I thought to myself.

Kill her then... whispered The Darkness.

Furrowing my brow, I pushed the thought away. It was useless to reason with this monster.

Some time later, when Ayuseya calmed down, she was resting her head in my lap, while I was brushing her red hair with my hand. Those horns of hers really got into the way of a comfortable position, but I endured it.

“There's really nothing you can do about it?” she asked me.

“No... I tried.”

“Is it that powerful?” she asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“It doesn't seem so to me...”

Just like Nanya, she refused to believe it.

“Maybe, but for me it's an unbeatable enemy...” I said.

With her big red eyes, she looked up at me and gently touched my cheek with her fingers.

“There's no one who can defeat you, my love... No matter what.” she showed me a soft smile and then continued to speak “It wasn't The Darkness who defeat Dankyun, it was all you. It wasn't The Darkness who created your body, it was all you. It wasn't The Darkness who proposed to me that day, it was you...”

“Even if it was a 'not not' joke?” I asked.

“It was fate... and I don't regret even a single moment I spent together with you. I prefer a month of happiness by your side as your wife than an eternity of suffering as Dankyun's. Actually, I can't imagine any other man besides you... and you... you aren't The Darkness. In my eyes, you are the stronger one, my love.” she told me in a soft tone of voice.

“If only it was true...” I teared up.

“All of it is... you just have to believe it as well. Who knows? Maybe the key to defeating The Darkness is far more simple than you are left to believe?” she showed me a smile and then tears gathered in her eyes again, rushing down her cheeks, around the golden scales.

“Ayuseya...” I spoke softly.

“Illsy, I don't want you to leave me... I don't want you to go away from my life... I want you as my husband, as my lover, as you...” she covered her eyes with her hand. “I'm sorry, but... seeing you give up like this... so easily, it hurts. You aren't a man who should give up so easily, Illsy...”

“What do you expect me to do, Ayuseya?” I asked her while I closed my eyes.

“To fight... To fight like you never fought before! To give it your all! To smash and rip apart to pieces all the rules, laws, fates, and gods that dare stand against you! Up to your last breath... up to the last moment... I want you to fight for yourself... and for us, your wives who love you so very much...”

With those words, our conversation ended, and only the sobs of a draconian princess could be heard in that endless desert. I remained with Ayuseya until she calmed down, but for me, it was hard to accept or even find the strength to follow that advise.

What good is there to fight when the outcome has already been decided? was what I thought.

[Somewhere up in the skies]

“HOW DARE YOU!” Melkuth screamed in anger as he tossed a punch at the god who looked like a senile old fool.

“Patience, youngling.” the man stopped the god's punch with only a finger.

“Kuh! To have so much strength... even though you are joke of a god!” he glared.

“A joke? Ohohoho! I am being worshiped by all followers of all the gods without them even knowing it!” he smiled.

“Ridiculous!” he glared, but despite those words, he knew it was the truth.

“Calm down, will you?” the senile old fool flicked the punch and tossed the mighty God of War back a few meters.

“If only I didn't listen to your words! I had the chance to fix this, to send my apostles to kill that thing before it grew too strong! Now all the three continents will be destroyed by that thing YOU created!” Melkuth pointed a finger at the god.

“Oh my! Don't be so hasty with your accusations.” he smiled and rubbed his long beard.

“My most beloved Apostle will die, The Darkness will awaken, and there's absolutely NOTHING we can do about it!” he glared.

“Oh my! Really now? It doesn't look that bad to me.” he smiled and then looked down at the clouds between them.

A massive whirlpool formed and a mirror was revealed. It showed a moment of the future. Illsyore was completely taken over by The Darkness, and a sword was stabbed in Zoreya's chest.

“You were saying?” Melkuth asked raising an eyebrow.

“True, this is... saddening, but her future will also depend on your own choice. A stubborn mule, be it young or old, is still a stubborn mule.” he smiled. “You hold her life in your hands. You will choose what to do when the time is right, after all... only a god's power can deny his.” he then looked back down at the scene. “As for him... there are differences between what's happening now and the future foretold by the Dark Gods.” he pointed out.

“Such as?” Melkuth asked raising an eyebrow.

“First of all... Only the True God of this Universe can foretell the future, they can merely guess it.” he smiled.

“So far it was pin point accurate. Illsyore was born. He defeated a Supreme. He defeated a country, and he is now being taken over by The Darkness.” Melkuth retorted.

“Yes. But... He defeated him, not killed him. He defeated a country's corrupt prince, he didn't destroy its army and royal family. Thus, leaving the country at the mercy of its neighbors.” he smiled.

“I know, but even so... it didn't change anything!” he glared at him.

“It didn't it? Hm, I wonder...” he smiled.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“The Dark Gods spoke of many prophecies. Many of them turned out to be real. Many of them were feared, that's why the Black Mages exist, but in this particular one, which we hid away from the mortals... nowhere... and I mean nowhere.” he squinted his eyes” was it mentioned that Illsyore would have a wife... or more.” he smiled.

“What use is there? All his wives were supposed to have died long before this journey! Only you and your stupid blessing are at fault for this outcome!”

“EXACTLY! THE GLORY OF BIG BOOBS SAVED THE DAY!” he shouted triumphantly as he raised his hands up to the sky.

At this remark, the God of War unsheathed his sword and tossed it at the god, hitting him straight in the forehead with the hilt.

“Ugh!” the senile old fool tumbled back a few times.

“You idiot! Just because you saved the lives of three petty mortals doesn't mean you saved the outcome! IN fact, you made it WORSE! The Darkness wasn't supposed to appear until years from NOW!” Melkuth shouted.

“Ugh... But, this way, he won't be lonely... Besides, it's true that if not for Illsyore having my blessing as the God of Big Boobs, he would have never saved or noticed Shanteya in the first place. He would have killed her without remorse BEFORE checking her. Sigh, such a waste in blissful bounciness that would have been...” the god seemed to regret the wrong thing about this whole situation.

As for Melkuth, he put up with it and listened to the words of a god ignored by almost all other gods... and mostly unknown to mortals. Despite everything, he noticed with his own eyes the changes brought upon by this peculiar god's influence, and those weren't something to ignore.

“This tragedy would have raised a barrier on his heart and further pushed him away from Nanya and Ayuseya. Sparing Shanteya's life influenced the draconian princess' life as well.” he smiled.

“How so?” Melkuth already knew the answer, but still asked out of courtesy.

“Well, Illsyore was able to learn of his incredible ability as a Godlike Dungeon Lord to heal those impossible curses and abnormal solution, thus, prompting him to believe and have confidence that there was a chance to do so for Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades!” he pointed at him “IF not for that, he would have NEVER proposed to help her out! He would have NEVER interfered with her life! Dankyun would have arrived and taken her away without a problem. At most, he would have said: 'How unfortunate...' right before she left with him.” the god smirked.

Melkuth squinted his eyes at him, but the outcome of such a tragic event was already clear to him.

”As a result, she would have died two years later after giving birth to her first child. Dankyun would have returned to Fellyore, and while at that time Illsyore and Nanya would have been friends, thanks to the incident with his dungeons and one of the teacher's death in there, she wouldn't have trusted him. Dankyun would have killed Nanya before she had the chance to release her seal, slaughtered the students and ONLY then would have Illsyore reacted!” the Holy God of Big Boobs shouted pointing a hand at Melkuth.

“Kuh, true but... that was all according to their fate. Their souls wouldn't have minded such an outcome...” the God of War backed off, but then looked straight in his eyes. “Although, thanks to that, Dankyun would have been killed by Illsyore WITHOUT any help from The Darkness. Now, although relatively harmless, he is still an unstable psychopath with the ability to destroy a nation!”

“Well, he was an unstable psychopath to begin with, but you are forgetting the fact that he is now located in a specially designed prison guarded by two other Supremes he doesn't stand a chance of winning against. If he takes one step out of there without permission, he is dead.” the senile old fool smirked.

“You are telling me to believe in Illsyore just because his predicted future was changed to an unknown one?” he asked.

“Yes! Besides, neither of us gods approved of that crappy future anyway.” he shook his head.

“Still, using our power like this... interfering with mortals. How do you know this isn't abuse of power and that we aren't acting just like them?”

“Because of the WAY this simple, unexpected influence changed ALL of their fates. After all, the only thing I did was to make Illsyore notice her, and she to think twice before instinctively killing him.” the senile old fool smirked again.

“Actually, both of those are a result of you deciding to put yourself as Illsyore's god...” Melkuth grumbled.

“Yes. But that in itself was enough to allow me to work... my 'magic' without him becoming an Apostle!” he smirked and then made a twirl on the spot “That's why so many souls were saved afterwards! So many lives were changed! Opinions about Dungeons was shifted! New Dungeons emerged! Heck, even your precious Apostle learned to smile!” he pointed at Melkuth “If she were to have taken that boring predetermined path, she would have fought to the death against Illsyore five years after the Fellyore Massacre!” he exclaimed.

“That was her fate... Then she would have joined me in Heaven! What was wrong with that!” Melkuth glared.

“You fearful old geezer! You are the one with a problem! When you see a beautiful woman, you just can't let go of her!” the senile old fool pointed out.

“Because I'm a god! I have that right... partially... well... sort of.” he spoke quite aware of the limitations and laws placed upon their kind.

“Even like this, you are a good fellow at heart, Melkuth... I know you will be able to save that child. Well, even us can't predict what will happen next... At most, we can guess, but so far... it seems that fate may change for Illsyore and the three continents.” the senile old fool spoke with a low voice.

“You are such a powerful god, yet... you are the weirdest among us all. The Holy God of Big Boobs, the one worshiped by many without them even knowing about it.” Melkuth let out a defeat sigh and slumped down on the ground cross-legged.

“Don't be sad, old friend, Zoreya simply isn't the one...”

“I know... but will we really be able to save the three continents with this? Otherwise, we'll need to do that whole Hero Summoning mambo jumbo, mark The Darkness as the Demon Lord, yada yada, you know... that sort of stuff.” he let out an annoyed sigh.

“If it doesn't work, we'll just be doing the summoning a few years earlier than expected. No harm done, and I'll even lend you my power with this one, alright?” the senile old fool said with a smile as he walked over and sat in front of the God of War “Besides, unlike the other gods, you are restraining yourself too much with this non-interference pact. It's not absolute, you know? My advice is to have a drink and relax! Maybe once in a while visit the mortal realm and have some fun! Sake?” he asked as he pulled out a bottle out of thin air.

Melkuth raised an eyebrow “Are you crazy? Give me Vodka!” he grinned.

Another bottle appeared.

“You didn't tell the other Gods what we did, did you?” asked the senile old fool.

“Hm? No, but those who are connected to those mortals should be suspecting something by now.” Melkuth opened the bottle of Vodka and filled up a tankard.

“To big boobs!” one declared raising his cup up.

“For victory in war!” the other replied raising his tankard up.

They clinked and drank it all!

“Puha~! Perfect!” said the Holy God of Big Boobs.

“Haaa~! To think the lives of millions may be saved thanks to one woman...” the God of War shook his head.

“More accurately, thanks to her bountiful bosom and the love she carries for a Dungeon! In short, the love that sparked in that night managed to reshape the whole future... Even I didn't expect it to be to this extent... Illsyore may just be exactly what this planet needs in order for it not to be a dungeon anymore.” the god smiled.

“Hey, that's taking it a bit too far, don't you think?” the god of war raised an eyebrow.

“Who knows? Let's drink my friend! As for the future, let it be written by the free will of mortals and guided by the kindness of us gods!” the senile old fool shouted as he raised his cup to the sky and then drank it all in one gulp.

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