~ Chapter 33: Marook (Part 2) ~

As for mine, they around as follows:

[Name]: Alkelios Yatagai

[Species]: Human

[Level]: 180

[Strength]: 16+516+803+216+1957.8+120.2

[Speed]: 14+363.9+576.5+243.6+2541+246

[Dexterity]: 20+331.5+ 745+120.3+2142+220.7

[Magic]: 16+283.8+410+1086+731.4+160

[Luck]: 100

[Magic Excellence]: 1%+9%+9%+13.8%+9%+3%

[Skills]: Show? Y/N

[Skill Points]: 40

[Stat Points]: 1790

In the end, my values were 3629 points in [Strength], 3985 points in [Speed], 3579.5 points in [Dexterity], 2687.2 points in [Magic], and 44.8% [Magic Excellence]. I was off on the road towards overpowered potential. As for the 10% buff I offered them, it easily increased all of their stats with over 300 points each category except for those in regard to magic.

Looking at my stats, I could tell that the last batch belonged to a certain dragon Paladin. According to them... he was WEAK!

Seriously though, if he was among the best or even average, then Seryanna was more than enough to beat all of them into the ground. As for Kataryna, she could do it with only 30% of her full power.

Letting out a sigh, I closed the windows.

“Well?” the silver-scaled asked.

“You are Power Level 1301. I am 180. Seryanna is 341, and Kleo is 232.”

The three of them blinked surprised when they heard the numbers.

“Sister, you've grown...” said Kleo.

“You too... but why?” she furrowed her brow.

“My skill, I suppose?” I shrugged.

“I am surprised by my growth as well. In such a short time, I went up a few levels. Normally, such a feat shouldn't have been possible.” said the dragoness surprised.

“Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? I'm still the weakest... although if I were to go by points alone, second strongest in our group.” I squinted my eyes at the silver-scaled dragoness.

Her stats were two times bigger than mine, buffs and all. I would require at least several friends who reached Breakthrough Awakening to reach that sort of performance. For some reason, being overpowered still looked like a far away dream for me.

“Even so, that is quite a feat... When I met you, you couldn't even be compared to a Dayuk cub, but now you could fight one on one with several sheep.” Seryanna nodded.

“Huh?” I frowned my brow for a moment, then I remembered “Oh yeah! Over here, the sheep hunt the wolves, not the other way around.”

“Shall we turn in these forms?” asked Kataryna.

“Yup!” I nodded and smiled.

We called over the receptionist and then handed in the two pieces of paper. She looked at them once, then she gazed at me. She looked back at the paper, then she gazed at Kataryna. This process was repeated several times before she showed us a wry smile and dashed into the room behind counter.

“What just happened?” I asked surprised.

“I don't know.” Seryanna furrowed her brow.

Several moments later, the receptionist came back and asked us with a timid smile “Is the information you wrote down true?”

“Yes.” both me and Kataryna replied with a nod at the same time.

The receptionist gulped.

“Then, please follow me... The Guild Master would like to have a word with the two of you.”

For some reason both me and Kataryna looked back Kleo as if she was to blame for this if something went wrong.

“What?” the necromancer asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing...” I said.

We followed the receptionist in the back room, where we were introduced to the Guild Master, Valkos. He was a brawny brown-scaled dragon with lots of scars on his arms and sturdy-looking plate armor. A big axe with a moving red mist around its blade was sitting next to his chair. In front of him were our two forms.

Not knowing why we were called back here, me and Kataryna took it as thought it was normal and sat down in the chairs in front of him. Seryanna and Kleo waited at the door, next to the receptionist.

“It says here you are a human, correct?” Valkos asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“But you didn't write the kingdom where you come from or the name of your village.” he pointed out.

“Erm... I don't think I can write one. I have no idea.” I shrugged.

“Memory loss heh? Well, you need to write down at least the name of an acquaintance who has a home somewhere in this kingdom.” Valkos offered the form back.

“Ah... alright. I thought me being a human was the problem.” I shrugged and took the piece of paper.

I wrote down Tomeron and as for acquaintance, I wrote old Brekkar's name.

“As for you... you wrote that you have a Power Level of 1301. That's a bit... high. I never heard of you before.” he asked and raised an eyebrow at Kataryna.

“Hm, I could level this city if that would be proof enough.” she replied with a smile.

A moment of silence fell in the room.

“Oi! Don't joke like that!” I scolded her.

“Eh? But how am I to prove something like that without showing off my power?” the dragoness was at a bit of a loss.

“Ahem! Well... you could use a tool?” Valkos asked, then added in a barely audiable voice “Destroying the city is a bit... extreme.”

“Very well! What sort of tool? If it's a perverted one, I'll break you in half!” she smiled.

The man stared at her as if he would a weirdo. I felt sorry for Kataryna, but Kleo seemed to have been a bad influence on her.

“It's a Magic Tool with the only purpose of increasing its weight. Infuse it with Magic Energy and if you make the number go past 1000, I'll believe you.” the Guild Master nodded and looked at the receptionist.

The woman bowed once and left the room.

“That's it?” Kataryna asked.

“Yes.” the dragon nodded.

A moment later, the receptionist returned with a black box. Inside was a metal hexagonal bar with counter at one end. It was a curious tool, but I wondered how exactly it worked. The individuals of this world seemed to be familiar with the concept of enchanting items.

I wonder if I can learn that skill? Hm... I'll just wish for it. God-like, I wish to gain the best enchanting skill from your system. I thought.

“Hm. It's light. I just need to infuse it with my Magic Energy, right?” she asked.

“Indeed.” the Guild Master nodded.

“Here I go!” she announced and poured her energy into it.

Suddenly the numbers went from 1 to 100, then 500, went past 1000 and stopped around 1500.

“I can go further, but I don't see the use. This thing did gain a bit of weight.” Kataryna pointed out.

“Really?” I asked curiously.

“Yes. Here.” she gave it to me. “Indeed, it is heavy.”

“See! See! I told you!” she showed me a smile.

Meanwhile the receptionist and the Guild Master were both looking at us with big eyes, while Seryanna let out a sigh.

“Hm? Is something wrong?” I asked surprised.

“No... erm... right now, you two might be considered some of our most powerful adventurers. The average dragon can only reach around 700 points. To get over 1500 and consider it as light... well...” he was scratching his cheek.

“It can't be help, can it? We both are terrible powerful! Hihi!” the silver-scaled dragoness giggled.

“Yes... sort of...” I was reluctant about my own answer because I was aware of the fact that most of my strength was actually a buff from my [Dragon Tamer] skill.

If there was a chance where my friends stopped being friends with me, all of that strength would vanish almost immediately. To be honest, I was a bit horrified of the situation where we would end up either as enemies or just simple acquaintances.

Well, there was no point in worrying about that for now. It was a waste of energy.

“There's nothing else I would like to ask you a this point, but if anything will come up, I will let you know... or the Guild Master in the respective town or city you are in.” the dragon nodded.

“Thank you. Does this mean we can take quests right away?” I asked a bit excited.

“Despite your incredible strength, you will still need to grow in ranks. They represent both the trust of the guild and your competence in successfully completing the offered requests. It matters not if you can raze the country the ground if you can't even walk a noble's pet down the street.” Valkos explained.

“So we're starting from Beginner Rank?” I asked.

“Indeed. As a matter of fact, I do believe we have a couple of them you can use to try it out. Given your current strength, they shouldn't be a problem.” he smiled.

“I understand. We'll go and have a look at them, then we'll think whether we will take one or not.” Kataryna declared while trying not to appear too bored.

“Of course! Once you will receive your Guild Cards tomorrow, you'll be able to accept any request available for your current rank.” the Guild Master nodded.

“What do we need to advance in rank?” I asked.

“Completing quests of your current rank, earning the trust of high ranked guild members, and participating in group events organized by the Adventurers Guild.” he explained.

“I understand...” I replied.

“If there's nothing else that we need to be informed about, we will take our leave now.” Kataryna declared.

“That would be all.” he nodded. “May you prosper in your endeavors and bring great fame and fortune to our guild as well!” he said with big smile.

“Likewise. Have a good day, Guild Master Valkos.” said Kataryna.

After we all gave our farewells, we departed from the Adventurers Guild and went back to our inn. We relaxed for a bit and then went outside of the city to train vigorously. In other words, I was pummeled into the ground by a silver-scaled dragoness while running away from curses cast by the black-scaled one...

At least, at the end of the day, I was still alive... sort of...

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