~ Chapter 81: Illsyore unchained (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

What was this that I heard?

What was this that I saw?

Before my eyes, I saw the stubborn Zoreya smiling, crying, speaking those words which touched my heart. It was a confession, but then... she fell back, and I saw the blood.

The red stain spread on the ground, while The Darkness laughed in joy.

The weapon that killed her... was in my hand...

“I'm holding it?” I said and saw it.

This wasn't a window I was looking through. I was actually back in my body. I was looking at Zoreya though my own eyes... or eye.

“You... How?!” The Darkness asked, but I ignored it.

Did I have the power to do this? Since when?

I didn't know... I just leaned over Zoreya's body and gently touched her cheek.

“She's not dead...” I said surprised when I felt her weak breath.

“Does it matter? She'll be gone in but a few moments!” The Darkness laughed as it slapped my hand away from her.

Indeed, I controlled now only a small part of my body, it controlled the rest.

With this, I could kill myself and end it, but then... what would have happened to Zoreya? What would have happened to Nanya, Shanteya, Ayuseya, and Tamara who were still trapped inside my Inner Mind? They would remain there... until the Magic Energy that kept them alive vanished or another Dungeon took over my 'possessions'.

Why am I like this? I asked myself, but I couldn't remember what happened during the small moment between when I saw Zoreya's tears and now when I was outside. It was a blur, and when I tried to clear it, a crippling pain surged through me.

“Ugh!” I groaned and grabbed my head with my left hand.

It hurt.

I realized only now that I wasn't alone. The Darkness was here and didn't stop attacking me for even one second as it constantly tried to take over. The pain was what made me remember.

“Give it up, you human! You don't deserve this body! Just give it to me and be off to your next world!” it cussed.

Strange enough, but it spoke with the same mouth I used to speak with, only its tone of voice was far more aggressive than mine.

At this point, when its prize was right within his reach, The Darkness couldn't afford to lose to me. For a moment, I did wonder if it would be best for me to simply... give up and let it have my body, yet when I looked at Zoreya barely hanging on that last thin thread of life... I just couldn't...

It hurt her... It killed her... Just like it will do to all of them... I thought.

Tears kept flowing from my left eye, but the strength I needed to fight against it wasn't there... yet at the same time it was. No, it was sealed... deep inside me... hidden and masked by countless layers of illusions cast upon my weak mind.

What was I? A human... a weak, pathetic... human, but...

“GET BACK YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE!” I shouted and struggled to fight against it.

Did it hurt?


Terribly so...

The pain was at the level where I felt like I was being ripped apart limb from limb. Every fiber in my body screamed in agony as I pushed against it. It hurt...

But against this thing... this waste beneath me who was just a weak human, I simply couldn't afford to lose no matter how much it hurt! This THING was nothing more than a gathering of long lost memories of the former owners of this body.

Yes, I was a weak, pathetic human... In a way, a loser for giving up the fight so easily, for running away from my wives, from this pain, but at the very least, I still had a soul I could call my own. I still had a will to fight against it.

So what would have happened if I were to give up?

To put it simply...

I would regret it...

I would deeply and terribly regret it to the point where in my future lives, I would never wish or desire to meet with my wives ever again!


Because I was afraid to look in their eyes and hear that I was wrong... I feared my own mistakes, and I feared moving forward. I feared even the fear of fearing... which in itself was bloody ridiculous.

This very thing was what made me nothing more than a foolish, weak human, yet one who dared to say that he once loved and maybe still loved the women he met in this life.

By human standards, I should be nothing more than a toddler, but by my own, I was over thirty years old.

This pain I suffered as I pushed myself against this monster was nothing... I felt worse before... when I thought that my wives hated me and regretted ever meeting me.

Thus, clenching my teeth, I forced myself to stay to recover my body.

So what if it hurt?!

So what if I were to die?!

Didn't the same thing happen to my wives and now... Zoreya? They fought their own battles. They felt their share of pain, be it more or less than others, but eventually, they stood tall and won...

Why couldn't I?

“GET BACK!” I shouted and my tensed palms aimed to my far left and right.

Powerful beams of laser collided with the barrier, but I kept firing until my arms started to heat up and the crystals to crack.

I didn't care if it hurt, I had to push myself to the absolute limit if I wanted to win this battle.

“GIVE ME THIS BODY!” shouted The Darkness.

“NO!” I cringed and jumped back, landing on a pile of boulders.

“ARGH!” I groaned in pain as I squirmed on the ground, beams kept on shooting from my palms, carving ditches all around me, devastating the environment.

If one were to look at me now, I was no different than a demon possessed human, but maybe it wasn't that far off from the truth.

The black skin on my arms, a metal layer The Darkness added at its own convenience, began to melt and burn my flesh found underneath it. The crystal on my chest was cracked in several places while green and red smoke battled against each other.

The pain I felt was beyond words, yet I still fought...

Strange how only a moment ago I had no reason to do so.

Stranger it was that even if I wanted to, because of the pain I felt, I couldn't stop to debate if I really wanted to do this or not. All I knew in that moment of blur and pain was that I had to win. I had to push back The Darkness. I had to take control again... But at the rate things were going, they didn't look too good.

To win, I had to do something else, I had to gain more power... I had to...

Erm... What could I do to win against The Darkness again? What was it again?

It was only for a brief moment, but when those questions popped into my mind, The Darkness pushed me back into the Inner Mind, however, I grabbed hold of it and dragged it down with me.

[Shanteya's point of view]

There was nothing more painful for us, Illsyore's wives, than to see him struggle against an unscrupulous foe and suffer alone as a result of it. Our words of love and hope never reached him. We strained ourselves for nothing, but at one point, something did happen... A change occurred.

“NOOO!” he screamed at the window in front of him, and the chains on his back cracked.

Light spread from his back, piercing the darkness, but it wasn't enough to break them off. It wasn't enough to cleanse this place.

“You can do it, Illsy!”


“We love you, Illsy!”

We all shouted, each whatever we felt was right.

If he heard us, we didn't knew, but then we saw how whips of shadows formed all around him, curling and twisting like some fiends from the underworld. Those things frightened even me.

Looking down, I saw my hands trembling. Looking towards Tamara, I saw mewing and crying with her hair standing at its end. Ayuseya was calling out and crying. Her voice was hoarse from all the screaming. Nanya was struggling as well, fighting the darkness that kept her immobilized, but all of her might couldn't even make it budge.

Why... why do we have to suffer like this? I thought as tears flowed down my cheeks.

I lifted my eyes up at Illsy. He was crying. He was in pain. He was suffering like he never did before, yet what hurt us the most was the simple fact that we were unable to reach out and help the man we loved.

It's true... Being unable to help the one you love hurts the most... I thought as I opened my mouth and only called out to him by his name.

At the same time, Zoreya's voice echoed throughout this entire darkness.


Her voice was soft, yet held a soft trace of sadness in it.

“Illsy... I love you... So don't ever lose hope... Fight!... You can win... Only you can... because, Illsy, the one we love is only you... the human hiding inside this Dungeon's body.”

It irked me a bit, but at the same time, I was happy Zoreya was able to convey those few words to him. At this point, it didn't really matter who it was as long as they could reach our beloved. Neither of us wished to race to be the first. What we desired was for him to recover and show his gentle smile again.

What followed next was a scream of agony and despair from Illsy.

“AAA!!! NOOO!!! AH! AAA!!!”

It was such a powerful cry that it even hurt us physically.

“Ugh!” I groaned as I felt my chest tightened.

Illsy was crying tears of blood... literal tears of blood. The pain was so much that the black chains coming out of his back simply shattered to bits. The light exploded outwards, piercing the darkness, which began to writhe in agony and crack, but even that wasn't enough to make it go away.

Light and darkness mixed up together like lightning cracking through the night, but just like water and oil, they rejected each other. One of them had to win, so they fought for dominance, shifting, changing, twisting, and turning with thundering sounds all around us.

At this point, we all feared how this was going to affect us, who were right in the middle of it all.

Not long after this strange phenomenon began, Illsyore returned to this place.

“I won't let you!” The Darkness spoke as it manifested itself in front of Illsy in the form of a creepy, shadowy being identical in looks with him.

We gulped in fear and watched as a berserk Illsy made out of light rushed towards the one made out of the darkness. The first punch was landed from our Illsy, sending a powerful ripple of energy throughout The Darkness. The counter came as a wave of black light that was shot at Illsy, shattering his left hand.

As if it was nothing, he flew at The Darkness, while his hand regenerated and punched him with it right in the face. But this battle didn't stop at a mere brawl. Beams of light, of shadow, and powerful magic spells were unleashed upon each other in rapid succession.

To put it in simple words, it was as if witnessing a battle between two terrifying gods. Never in my life did I witness, heard, or hoped to see such a thing. Only in the tales of creation from the temples would I hear of such things. But weren't those just some exaggerated stories?

Not knowing what to believe or think, I watched with my breath held as the battle went on between these two unstoppable forces.

[Illsyore's point of view]

Pain... It hurt...

I saw nothing but darkness...

Darkness which I had to fight against, which I had to destroy... Yes... Destroy...

But pain was there... Loneliness too... Despair... Anger... Frustration... Sadness...

All of these emotions raged inside me, shredding me to bits.

“AAARGH!” I screamed and shouted as I punched the foe before me.

My fists shattered upon impact and then were restored by the light inside of me... time and time again. Yet, each time I did this, waves upon waves of crippling pain coursed through me... I couldn't even tell left from right, up from down. All I knew was that I had to defeat that thing before me.

It was just me, a soul, and the monster made out of the memories of past Dungeons.

[Infernal Glacier Hurricane]!” shouted The Darkness.

A powerful wind began to blow towards me, and with it, countless spears of ice covered in liquid fire. They exploded upon touch and sent the hellish liquid towards me. I didn't flinch or moved out of the way.

It hurt, but I was still there... alive...

But if it could summon a spell, so could I. Thus, without hesitation, I sent a myriad of similar spears towards him. They exploded upon touch.

Unlike me, it could not withstand the pain and howled in agony.

When I was a human, I might have felt a bit of sadness or maybe flinched at the idea of hurting another sapient being in such a terrible way, but right now... there was not even a single spec of regret inside my heart.

With a terrible howl, The Darkness rushed at me and punched me in the chest. I tried to block it, but my arms shattered like glass, sending specs of darkness all around me.


I remembered... The moment when I first saw Shanteya. Inside the fire, among her dead comrades, injured by my spell, weakened from her journey... A single moment, a single gaze into her beautiful black eyes was all it took for me to save her.

Then, she became my friend, my ally, and finally my wife.

The memory stopped as I got pushed back.

My hand recovered, and I punched The Darkness in the face, shattering half of its head.

Another memory appeared.

Surrounded by soldiers of an unknown kingdom, I was afraid... alone... without friends or family. They grinned and smiled like vile monsters. They attacked my defenseless Crystal Body, shattering it to a billion pieces.

I ignored this memory and quickly blocked its attack.

My left side cracked.

The memory of when I first met Nanya appeared before me. In my eyes, she was nothing but a cute teenage girl, but the ensuing conversation turned her into a 'teenage-looking teacher'. Mischievous like a demoness, yet filled with passion, emotion, and hope.

She was different from Alina, who held a certain grace and 'normal' feel to her.

I never would have thought that Nanya's first time would be with me, but we both enjoyed it. That night was one of passion and love we both would come to remember.

The memories stopped as I took a stance and fired white beams of light out of my palms. I was imagining shooting my AGLMC Lasers, so maybe my spiritual body made something similar appear. Cracks appeared in The Darkness. If that thing could do it, why couldn't I?

Now, I remembered something else.

Alone, afraid, cold... I walked through the woods in search for food and shelter. My body looked like that of a child, but inside I was a Dungeon. An adventurer found me, but because I looked cute, he thought I would make a good slave. Furious, I killed him and everyone else around him. Hungry, I feasted on their corpses...

The memory ended.

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too!

I published this right after I recovered from a panic attack (not cool at all... depression sucks when it kicks in)... I hope I didn't mess up anything during the editing process @_@... That being said, this is supposed to be a tad bit confusing. Hope I managed to write Illsy's current mental state well enough as some actions take place without him even realizing he did them...

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