~ Chapter 83: The Laws of Creation (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

Opening my eyes, I saw the endless blue sky above me. Then I felt the dirt in my mouth and my whole body aching in pain. It was such a 'lovely' wake up call.

With a loud groan and some bones creaking, I managed to get back up on my feet.

This isn't working... I thought as I felt the pain surging through my whole body.

Breathing hard, I decided to do that one thing I was supposed to do the very moment I woke up. I fueled my body with Magic Energy and activated my regeneration ability. In the blink of an eye, my pain subsided, and I could final breath normally.

“Mhm... Much better.” I said with a smile.

Before moving from my spot, I did a quick check to see if I wasn't missing any limbs or had grown any extra ones while I was out cold. Besides the cracks in my crystals, which were recovering, and my aching muscles, there were no abnormalities.

With a sigh of relief and an uneasy step, I began to search for Zoreya in this wasteland created as a result of her confrontation with The Darkness. The best way to describe this place would be to think of a battlefield on which two godlike beings faced each other. Craters, ditches, upturned trees, lakes of molten lava, and scorched earth could be seen as far as the eyes could carry. And in one point, far from where I was, the remains of a once bustling city could be found. How many lives were taken by The Darkness in that brief moment, I had no idea, and I probably would never come to find out, but right now I had other priorities.

From my point of view, the time that passed between the moment when I last saw Zoreya and right now could be measured in weeks or months. Either way, it was very long, so some of the shock and panic I would normally be experiencing wasn't there. As such, I could focus all of my senses into finding the dying crusader.

The first thing I did was to expand my Dungeon Territory to envelop an area around me with a radius of about 3 km, then I began to search for any life signs, but I ignored the bugs, small critters, and anything else that managed to survive and wasn't bigger than a dog in size. Thanks to me merging with The Darkness, I came to realize that my Dungeon Territory could detect quite a number of life forms. Previously most of this data was skillfully ignored by the previous settings, leaving only the big monsters and sapient species.

I found the crusader laying in the ground at about 648 meters away from me. The moment I detected her, I rushed to her side as fast as I could, but I underestimated my leg strength and almost flew past her.

Luckily for me, I was a quick thinker, so I raised a stone wall in front of me...

Nobody said I had to be a brilliant thinker... I went splat into the wall and broke through it, but at the very least I brought myself to a stop. Then, at a much slower and careful pace, while spitting out pebbles, I approached the injured woman.

“Zoreya!” I called out to her as I knelt by her side.

Her armor was pierced and blood was everywhere. Without a second thought, I tried to active my magic to heal her. Since she was inside my Dungeon Territory, I should have technically been able to knead the Magic Energy into her flesh and use it to restore her cells, but the moment I tried to do so, I got zapped.

“What the?!” I blinked surprised as I shook my hands.

It was just like being shocked by a loose electric wire, but how could something like that happen? Last I checked, she was a human, not an android or robot from an 80's Sci-Fi movie.

Once more, I tried to knead the Magic Energy into her flesh, but I got shocked again.

“The hell?!” I cursed as I rubbed my fingers.

“Status Check!” I called out.

The Dungeon Territory's most basic function was that of collecting information from everything and everyone located within it. The amount of data I received was simple, but enough to give me a good understanding of their strength, however, what I got from Zoreya was a bunch of nonsense.

[N$m#] : Yzaro[ Alt40'';

[LAERvel]: 404; 404//404<404#404$404%^

[Shgiesp]: Apostle of Melkuth


“What in the name of all that's holy is this?!” I shouted at the window.

But it was clear now that something was interfering with my attempt at healing her. From what I could tell, it had to do with her god, Melkuth. Maybe some of that Divine Energy was interfering with my Magic Energy?

My [Bond of Trust II] also mentioned something along the lines of changing one type of energy into another in order to grant my wives and slave their boost in stats. Maybe Melkuth did something similar? Seeing how I am Dungeon, by definition his enemy, he has taken caution on not to anyone of my kind to knead or interfere in a magical way with his Apostles? I wondered as I tried to understand the reason why I wasn't allowed to heal this woman.

“Damn it!” I cursed and clenched my fists.

I was angry that I couldn't do anything. Removing the damaged armor was out of the question as well. Pieces of the metal were bent inwards and shards were probably embedded in her wound. There were also several pieces which were fused together, making it impossible to remove without ripping them apart or forcefully bending the metal.

She's going to die like this... I thought as I looked at her face.

With her life fading away, the energy that kept her youth was also slowly dispersing, causing her to age... Now she looked like a 40 years old woman, but she was still beautiful in my eyes.

There's only one way... If she can talk with them... then maybe... I thought and closed my eyes.

“Melkuth, God of War! I know you are there! Answer me!” I demanded and glared up at the sky.

There was no reply.

I clenched my fists.

“Answer me you overworshipped bastard! Do you really want to see your Apostle die?! Do you want her to die in vain just because you don't want me to heal her?! MELKUTH!” I shouted.

No reply.

“Very well...” I closed my eyes and tried to think.

What can I do? Maybe if I build him a temple? Maybe that building acts as a intermediary or something? I wondered and decided to give it a try.

Using my memories and those of the Dungeons as an example, I poured Magic Energy into a very rare and hard to get skill called [Ultimate Creation Kit]. Just like the name said, this thing couldn't be upgraded, couldn't be improved, leveled up, or anything, but it was ridiculously powerful if one had enough Magic Energy for it. As a side note, The Darkness kept it under lock and key and did his best to keep me away from it from the very moment I was born into this world.

You could add with it any number of Floors, Rooms, Corridors, Paths, Traps, Mechanics, you name it. As long as you KNEW EXACTLY what you wanted to build, you could do it. The cost was sky high when compared to building it step by step, but the results were instantaneous. It wouldn't be wrong to claim this Skill as my very own Supreme Ranked one.

Thus, the first thing I decided to build with the [Ultimate Creation Kit] skill was the full sized temple of the God of War. It was a perfect and maybe even improved replica of an those spread around the continent at this moment. I even Enchanted the walls with so much Magic Energy that they could survive a full-on nuclear assault. If The Darkness attacked it with a beam of laser, this thing would still survive. There were even decorations inside and had everything it needed to welcome new believers.

Well, it was in the middle of a scorched battlefield, but that was a minor detail. As for the small mark I added at the bottom: 'Made by the follower of the Holy God of Big Boobs!'. That was an easy to miss detail... probably.

“THERE! Now will you answer me?!” I shouted.

No reply.

“MELKUTH! Don't ignore me, you parabolic mongoose!” I shouted.

No reply.

Maybe I need to fix the terrain or come up with better insults? I still have Magic Energy, and it's regenerating at an amazing speed. So, should I also add a town too? Yes... that must be the fault! I thought, but I was seriously running out of time and ideas.

Even so, focusing over 9000 Magic Energy points into the [Ultimate Creation Kit] skill, I began to change the terrain, build houses, stores, and official buildings, each and every one of them completely furnished and ready to be used. I spared no detail, and for a moment there, I even thought I would run out of Magic Energy!

Well, if I were to have built those buildings one by one, it wouldn't have been that much of a big deal, but I had to do it in one go because I was running out of time.

[Ultimate Creation Kit]!” I shouted without bothering to use the Voice Command.

Those words could be redefined as I desired any way. The default version were the nonsense words everyone in this world used. What mattered was the actual process of kneading the Magic Energy into the form I wanted.

And just like that, an entire town capable of housing at least 1000 souls was raised in the middle of the freaking nowhere! Compliments of the one and only Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore!

“Huff! Huff! There!” I said as I tried to catch my breath.

Expelling so much Magic Energy nearly brought me on my knees and if it was the old me, I would have fainted. Since I had complete control, I knew how to overexert myself past the self-imposed automatic limits. The only catch was that I ended up loosing a lot of strength, speed, and focus power.

“MELKUTH! ANSWER ME, YOU MUSTARD! Huh? I mean bastard!” I was so annoyed I accidentally made a fool of myself.

Even so, if he didn't do something about Zoreya's divine attribute, she was as good as dead.

“MELKUTH! She's dying! You know this! So do something! Let me heal her! Please...” I begged and lowered my head.

What else could I do? Yet even after all of this, I was still unable to make the God of War speak with me.

Does he think so little of us? Of Zoreya and her faith in him? Was she only a disposable pawn? I thought and clenched my fist.

It was possible.

To get rid of The Darkness or cure me of it... Zoreya's sacrifice was probably seen as nothing more than an acceptable loss. After all, what was the life of one Apostle when they could stop a rampaging monster like The Darkness?

What he did to the city was nothing compared to he could have done if fully unleashed upon this world. From his memories, I understood that I was the main reason he couldn't do it. No matter how much he blabbed on about destroying me and locking me up, the cold hard truth was that my soul never allowed him access to all of the unrestricted abilities of this body.

I could simply never agree to the ways he wanted to use them. The ultimate goal of The Darkness was none other than the complete and utter extermination of all organic sapient species on the Three Continents. After it completed this goal, it wanted to build a powerful dungeon capable of covering the entire planet.

Even if Zoreya's true purpose in this life was that of only stopping me in any way or matter she could, I couldn't agree to it. I was a selfish Dungeon Lord who didn't want to let her go... Not after everything that happened. Not when I knew, deep down, there was still a chance to save her.

What am I doing wrong? I asked myself as I looked down at the ground. “What can I do to help her?” I asked out loud. I have so much power, yet again I can't save someone I care about? I shook my head and punch the ground, cracking it.

“NO!” I shouted in anger.

Sometimes, the best way to catch someone's attention isn't to please them but to make them mad... or angry at something... but how? How can I make the God of War angry? How can someone annoy a god like him? I thought and as I looked up.

Before me, I saw the temple I built for him.

“That's it...” I smirked.

Again, I thought up a ridiculous plan. It was my last bet, my last chance.

Glaring up at the sky, I shouted at the top of my lungs “MELKUTH! IF YOU DON'T ANSWER ME, I'M GOING TO...”

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Without a second thought, I tried to active my magic to heal her.
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