~ Chapter 83: The Laws of Creation (Part 2) ~

[Somewhere up in the sky]

“Are you sure you don't want to take this call?” the perverted old man asked as he looked through the window that displayed the world of the mortals.

“NO!” I retorted.

As a God of War, I was in a very shameful position. Hugging my knees and grumbling in a corner in my own office, I was trying not to think of what happened in the aftermath against The Darkness, but at the same time, I was angry and upset by the fact that Zoreya wasn't going to join me here in the heavens.

Despite what she said, the Apostle pact was clear in this matter. As long as she loved someone else besides me, she wasn't allowed to join me... As such, my Divine Energy was slipping out of her body and letting her die like any other mortal out there.

It was pathetic, but even I couldn't do anything about it.

Does this mean I lied to her? I wondered.

Even if I was a GOD, I wasn't allowed by the OTHER Gods to go back on my own words of creation. The laws which both determined and offered an Apostle their power and authority came with very strict conditions. Obeying the said God was a given, but every one of us required certain things from that said Apostle. In my case, I wanted them to be Female and love only me.

In the case of Kleopatra, the Goddess of Love, she didn't care about the gender of her Apostles, she only wished them to remain a virgin till the age of 25, be able to remain sane after a night of love with her and then find for themselves several other lovers, while still answering her call to her bed whenever she felt in the mood.

Sertan as the God of Harvest wanted his Apostles to love nature and agriculture to an almost abnormal level. His condition for one to remain an Apostle was that each year, they had to bring a bountiful harvest to a different field, with no two fields being the same for a period of 5 years. He didn't stop them from having a family, but in case they did, his condition was that they would be very fertile... Those families of Apostles multiplied worse than Merions.

The Holy God of Big Boobs was an exception to all of us because he didn't have even a temple, let alone an Apostle. His only legitimate follower so far was a Dungeon of all things. None of the other gods took him seriously, most of the times, especially the Goddess of the Hunt and the Goddess of the Anvil.

Even so, without a doubt, he was the MOST powerful out all of us.

As such, thanks to the conditions I placed on my Apostles, I ended up losing the best one I had. There was no way I could just calmly watch as she died and was taken away by the God of Death... I would rather eat my own sword and run naked in the middle of a battlefield than to seen that idiot's big grin... Besides, how could I even look at Zoreya when she will be told by THAT God that she failed and was now dragged to the Underworld. It would be too painful... therefore, like a coward, I hid in a corner and cursed my own days.

“Illsyore is the one who's calling you, you know?” the old senile pervert told me.

“Tell him he got the wrong God of War! Pretend I'm Ares or something!” I growled at him.

“Well... how am I supposed to do that?” he retorted.

I ignored him.

Illsyore would just give up once Zoreya died... That was going to be it. Just a bit longer and then I could grovel back to my chair and look for a new Apostle for the shield, or watch an alien rom-com on the Galactic Web to settle my nerves. The yourtzians had some rather good ones...

“Ah! He's insulting you now.” said the senile old fool.

“Tell him to go jump off a bridge!” I retorted.

Now where was I? Ah yes, romantic comedy series... yes... perfect. I will watch a few. Yup, nothing bad will happen if the God of War goes missing for a few years. I have feelings too, you know! I cried in my mind.

“Erm, are you sure about this?” the idiotic god was being persistent.


“He just built you temple...” he said.

“What sort of idiotic Dungeon would think something like that could appease me?” I scoffed.

“Well... don't ask me, I'm usually happy with just sneaking a peak at the ladies bathhouse.” he grinned foolishly while imagining something perverted without a doubt.

“I don't care...” I growled and looked away from him.

“Oh? He built you a town... I hope he's not going to fill it with that new breed of boot-humping imps. Their numbers are growing at a frightening rate.” he told me.

True, those were a pest, but only summoners and Dungeons could call them out.

Then again, how did they multiply so fast in the first place? Didn't Illsyore kill the only specimen? Is it some sort of new religion I have to watch out for in the future? I thought, but I quickly abandoned that dangerous train.

Whatever that dungeon was trying to do to appease me, it wouldn't work! Even if he built me a thousand temple or made me the number one God among all, I still wouldn't do it! I didn't want to answer. I didn't want to face Zoreya's death...

“Hm. Are you really really sure about ignoring Illsy? He's sort of... now he's actually threatening to reduce ALL of your temples to a pile of ruble if you don't reply. He does have that sort of power, you know?” the god told me.

“He what now?” I blinked surprised.

He's kidding right? Doing something like that could bring a devastating blow to my believers! Why would he do that?! Just because I didn't answer?! I panicked.

This was no joke, unlike the pervert over there, I couldn't hold on to my position if all of sudden my temples were suddenly erased from the face of the planet!

[Illsyore's point of view]

“Melkuth! For the last time! If you don't answer me this instant, I'm going to obliterate ALL of your temples! And to make things clear, ONLY AND ONLY yours! The other ones, I'm going to clean and offer them praises! I'm going to make you into a forgotten god even if it takes an eternity to do it! I'll erase you from their religious books! I'll destroy your reputation! I'll spread rumors the like that would make children cry and veteran adventurers cringe! I will make perverted and mentl torturing dungeons with your name on them and tell everyone that you ordered me to make them! I will make sure they will experience the most hateful of traps ever!” I shouted at the sky.

“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” the god finally answered.

I smirked.

“Oh! So there you are! How are you doing? Nice weather up there, isn't it?” I asked with a nonchalant smile.

“...” the god didn't answer.

“I know you are there. No use hiding now!” I smirked.

A bolt of lightning shot right in front of me. In that place, a majestic-looking man made his appearance. Actually, scratch that, it was an armored fellow with black hair and black eyes kissing the ground.

“Are you alright?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“You'll thank me later, Melkuth!” I heard the voice of another fellow, but this one seemed older and quite familiar too.

It can't be... can it? I wondered.

“Ugh... that idiotic god...” Melkuth groaned as he pulled himself together and took a more dignified stance in front of me.

“Hello! You must be the God of War, nice to meet you, now do something about Zoreya! Chop chop!” I said and pointed at the dying woman next to me.

“Hmph!” he scoffed and looked at me as though he was looking at a bug.

I squinted my eyes at him.

“How many temples do you think I'll pulverize if I drop nukes on them?” I asked.

“You wouldn't.” he said.

“Oh, I would!” I nodded and smirked.

“Tch! I heard you have the heart of a human, so you wouldn't senselessly kill millions!” he rebuked.

“I was indeed human, but now I am a Dungeon with the memories of a former human. As such, I'm not that affected by killing a few millions. You know, I'm not feeling all that bad about the city The Darkness destroyed. What's a few more kills on the list?” I smirked.

It was a partial truth, but to be more precise, I understood that there was nothing else I could do at this point about this tragedy, so worrying senselessly about it or blaming myself wouldn't have solved a thing. What I could do was make sure something like that never happened again, thus, yes... I was unable to drop nukes randomly like that. Then again, I would probably have a hard time making nukes in the first place. I knew this, but this god didn't.

“Hmph! I won't let you! Me and the other gods will...”

“You will what? Stop me? I am not The Darkness, you know? I won't mindlessly destroy their temples... just yours. ONLY yours.” I smirked.

“You dare make such a dangerous threat to a God like me?” he questioned.

“Sure, why not?” I shrugged as if it was nothing. “But just to make things clear,” I lifted my right pointing finger up “I don't hate you or antagonize you in any way in general, but right now, if you were on fire, and I had water. I would drink it.” I showed him a calm smile.

His eye twitched.

Oh! I'm getting to him! I smirked.

“Fine! Tell me what you want, Dungeon!” he said, finally caving in.

“I want you to let me heal Zoreya.” I declared.

“I can't let you do that.” he shook is head.

“Why?!” I asked surprised.

“She's still an Apostle until the last drop of my Divine Energy leaves her body, which will be in a minute or so. For a human, I have to say she's quite the resilient one... Sigh, what a pity.” he shook his head.

“Don't let it be! You are a god, aren't you?! Just change the laws for that Apostles thingy! Make an exception! Anything!” I pointed a finger at him and demanded.

“I can't! I'm not all powerful! That's the job of another God!” he declared.

“Then aren't you completely useless?! Melkuth, apologize immediately to that tree out there that's producing oxygen so you can breath!” I retorted.

“Watch your tongue, Dungeon! I'm still a powerful God of War! I can do... stuff.” he lowered his gaze “But not save my own Apostle from certain death...” he let out another sigh.

I can't believe this... I thought.

I felt like ripping this planet apart!

What was with this situation?! This absurd thing in which a God couldn't even do something like heal his own Apostle? Who made this laws? Why?

I felt like screaming and groaning and complaining, but none of that would have helped, so I took a deep breath and calmly asked him.


“When Gods make their Apostles, they use the Laws of Creation to do so. According to them, this relationship is a 'give and take' one. I offer her power, authority, and immortality. She offers me a perfect faith, love only for me, and complete obedience to my commands.” he then looked at me. “When an Apostle fails the implied conditions set by the Laws of Creation, her power is taken away, and she'll be seen as a normal mortal again.”

“But she didn't fail...” I tried to rebuke him.

“SHE DID, you idiot!” he glared at me.

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oh boy! oh boy! and i forget about what… thanks you for the chapter


Now, apologize to the trees that make oxygen so that you can breathe! LoL do gods even need to breathe?


I will make perverted and mentl torturing dungeons with your name on them and tell everyone that you ordered me to make them!
should be ;
I will make perverted and mental torturing dungeons with your name on them and tell everyone that you ordered me to make them!