~ The rose's thorn ~

Thorns of fear and thorns of might

Turn the bloodied petals in delight

The scarlet red slips through the sneers

Grabs hold of your heart and love reveals!

There is no place for you to run,

There is no value to point your gun,

A single thorn is worth all the cries,

Revealing the truth behind all the lies…

A bloodied petal and thorn is all it takes

To reveal the true love among all the fakes!

For only one who can accept the thorn

Can see the beauty with which one is born.

If you love, don’t hide, don’t try to flee!

Embrace the thorn and the petal shall set you free…

Let loose your fears! Let loose your cries!

For nothing is worth holding onto your demise!

Now look at her, she’s high above,

Yet, she’s the soul who fits you like a glove.

Bot how can you reach and grab her love

When you’re like a mortal looking at a god above?

Like a peasant kneeling before his queen?

Like a knight bowing before his king?

How untrue, you’re just kneeling before her with a ring…


[The rose’s thorn] is written by Dragomir Cristian Mădălin

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this poem. I hope you enjoyed it! If you wish, you can let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! 🙂

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