~ Chapter 85: Colly Tos for the win! (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

For a man, Heaven and Hell could easily be compared with the Love and Wrath of the woman or women he married.

Such was the case of a certain Dungeon Lord who stirred both of them in his wives. The anger coupled with the lust, love, and desire sent me on an upward spiral towards the ninth cloud. It was paved with kisses, moans, scratches, bites, and bone-breaking hugs offered in no peculiar order.

Thankfully, there was no need for me to build another house, I had plenty to spare in the town. We used the closest one we could find, and my wives didn't even bother to ask where and how we got here. It was enough to tell them that I built it after my battle with The Darkness. Meanwhile, I left Tamara to do as she pleased in the town. Like a curious kitten, she went around exploring. The spirit of adventure was strong in this one!

When the fun and joy of the foursome ended, I pretended to be exhausted, otherwise, I feared it would last till the end of the week, and I had another wife waiting for me.

My life can't get any more complicated than this... I thought while keeping my eyes shut and withholding from scratching that infernal itch on the tip of my nose.

Normally, I would have been overjoyed with this and even encouraged them to continue for a while, but I couldn't forget about Zoreya.

“Illsy's asleep?” Shanteya asked as she moved.

The feeling of those beautiful mounds of hers moving on top of me was... divine.

“Yes...” Ayuseya replied while offering me a similar sensation on my back.

“This stupid husband of ours... Who do you think you are fooling?” asked Nanya.

Oh please no! Please no! Please no! Please no! I prayed in my mind.

She bit my neck.

“Yeouch!” I screamed.

“Ara~ He was faking it.” Shanteya said and showed me a smile so cold I could feel it sinking into my bones.

“Erm...” I gulped.

“Idiot!” Nanya pushed me down and straddled me, Ayuseya held my arms while I laid with my back on top of her.

I was sandwiched between two beauties... or more like I was held captive by them.

“Erm... Can we talk about this?” I asked.

“Denied!” Shanteya retorted right before she stole my lips.

Thus, another eight hours went by... and thanks to the stupid [Bond of Trust II] there was plenty of energy left to spare.

Thankfully, there were only three of them to please... for now.

[Ayuseya's point of view]

A normal human would have been completely exhausted after a few hours. The same for an el'doraw and maybe a demon as well, but a draconian would have lasted for at least 12 hours. Still, this was if they were all normal individuals and not a Godlike Dungeon Lord. Because of this, I could say that I was fully satisfied by the end of our... little game. The same could be said about my friends, Nanya and Shanteya.

It was a surprisingly interesting adventure, which I would have normally declined because I wished to keep Illsy to myself, but in the light of recent events, I went with the flow.

After two days of constant love-making and several broken beds, our moment of passion finally came to an end, and we all laid exhausted in Illsy's arms.

“I'm happy you won...” Nanya whispered.

“Me too... The alternative wasn't pleasant.” he replied.

“I see... What happened to Zoreya?” she asked.

“Of this, I'm also curious. How did you make her into your fourth wife?” I asked him and wiggled closer to him.

My chest pushed against his arm, and I softly licked his nape. It was an instinctual play, a way to mark him as mine.

“That tickles!” he laughed and replied with a squeeze of my bottom.

“Ahn~!” I let out a soft moan and drew closer to him.

“Enough you two.” Nanya glared at me.

I stuck out my tongue at her and laid my head down on Illsy's shoulder.

“Ahem! Well, Zoreya was dying... and I couldn't use magic to heal her because of a certain god's stupid Divine Energy interfering. I struck a deal with him, and I was able to eventully heal Zoreya by making her my wife.” he explained briefly.

“What sort of deal?” Shanteya asked.

She was laying on top of him, with her chin resting on his chest.

“He gave me a name. I'm now called Illsyore Deus. Yeah, the pun was intended.” he let out a sigh.

Pun? What pun? I don't get it... I thought.

The name was a rather strange one, but it didn't ring any bells for me.

“I let him become my god or something like that, then I had to accept Zoreya as my wife while knowing she was going to serve her god. It's... complicated, but that's probably the gist of it.” he shrugged.

“I see... a contract of sorts.” said Nanya.

“So where is she now?” I asked him.

“Inside my Inner Mind. Something must have happened when I healed her because when she wakes up, she turns red and then faints... That's why I came over to ask for your help. Maybe one of you has an idea?” he explained.

“I see...” said Shanteya as she looked up at him.

“What?!” Nanya got up and looked at him with a furrowed brow.

“Erm...” Illsy looked at her with a wry smile.

“Why didn't you tell us sooner?!” she retorted.

“I tried! Seven times already, but between kiss-stealing and moans, I barely had a chance to finish the idea even ONCE!” he retorted.

“No excuses! Let's go! Now!” Nanya ordered.

She wasn't being mean, she was just worried about the crusader. After her little moment of lust madness went away, and she reaffirmed her position as a woman and part of this harem, she was able to think clear.

“I agree. Let us go.” I nodded and got up.

It was a bit sad to part with the warmth of his body, but from now on, I was thinking of requesting to sleep by his side every night.

“Alright.” Illsy nodded.

We quickly got dressed, although, our mixed scent still lingered around us. We didn't mind it though, it was the proof that Illsy belonged to us. He was our mate... our husband.

A moment later, we were absorbed by Illsy.

[Nanya's point of view]

Just thinking about the past two days with Illsy made me go all 'funya~ funya~' and feel weak in my knees. Well, I was probably exaggerating just 'little' because it had been so long since I last made love to Illsy. To be completely honest, this time around felt like it was the best of them all. As for the reason behind this... well... I think it was because of The Darkness. With that nasty part of him gone, Illsy felt different in a good way.

It was one of those things only a wife could tell about her husband; like when he was feeling down or when something good happened to him. It was a subtle thing... a very subtle thing.

When our fairly long moment of passion came to an end, we returned to his Inner Mind to check up on Zoreya. He apparently made her his wife in order to save her life, or so we were told, but my intuition was telling me that wasn't everything. It may have just began, but there was certainly a spark of love for that woman inside Illsy's heart. It was just enough to rile up my desire to keep a good hold on my idiotic lover.

“Here we are... As I said. When she wakes up, she faints again.” Illsy told us.

This... Is he serious? I asked myself as I looked with big eyes at the poor naked woman floating in this vast empty space.

“She's been asleep all this time?” Shanteya asked.

“I left her in a suspended animation state. She's safe.” he shrugged.

This idiotic husband of ours couldn't see what was wrong with this picture. Or maybe he didn't want to see it? Either way, this was wrong. This was definitely wrong.

“Strange... I wonder why?” Ayuseya asked.

I slowly looked back at her with a blank expression on my face.

“Really?” I asked.

“What's wrong, Nanya?” she asked looking back at me.

“Really?” I repeated myself.

“Pardon me, but I don't understand.” she furrowed her brow.

“Sigh...” I shook my head and rubbed my temples.

Idiots. All of them are idiots! I told myself.

“If you know something about this, you should tell us.” Shanteya spoke.

I looked at her and squinted my eyes.

“Nanya? Please. This is important.” said Illsy.

The idiots were all looking at me as if I was holding the secret of the entire Universe and didn't wish to share it with them. I could only stare back at them and wonder just how much did they bothered with actually taking a closer look at this whole situation.

“You really want to know?” I asked them while curving my lips up into a smile.

“Yes! Please!” Illsy replied nodding.

“You really REALLY want to know?” I asked again.

“Yes!” he nodded fast.

“Sigh... All right. Come over here. Closer.” I urged him until he was just a palm away from me.

All of them were waiting anxiously.

“Alright... Here it is.” I took deep breath and then shouted at the top of my lung right in his ear “SHE'S NAKED!”

“Yeaouch!” he yelped and jumped back, rubbing his ear.

Even Shanteya and Ayuseya flinched.

Well, it was to be expected. The answer was so obvious it was literally in plain sight, and I literally had no idea why none of them was able to figure it out. It was the same as putting the answer to the riddle in the question of the riddle itself. Something like: What animal barks, howls, and wags its tail like a hornless Dayuk?

Unfortunately, these fellows surprised me by answering: a cat.

Letting out a sigh, I shook my head and approached the naked woman. As far as I could tell, Illsy healed her nicely. There were no marks or scars left behind. It was as if she never suffered any sort of injury in her entire life. Then again, to say Illsy messed up something during the healing process was also a bit unbelievable. He healed me, Ayuseya, Shanteya, and even Tamara from some rather dreadful injuries, the likes of which would have certainly left a scar of sort behind.

The only reason I could think of her suddenly fainting after waking up was because of the fact that she was a shy fellow who found herself butt naked in front a man. If I was in her place, I would have kicked Illsy right between the legs. Well, now I would avoid that area because even if the head on his shoulders stopped working, I didn't wish for the same fate on the other one.

“Illsy. Wake her up and then get out.” I told him while he was still trying to understand why she kept fainting.

“But before you do, bring me the chest with a small diamond shape above the lock.” Ayuseya said.

“Huh? What chest?” Illsy blinked surprised when he looked back at her.

“Among my chest, there's one with a single diamond symbol carved above the lock; not two or three, just one. Can you get it for me?” she asked.

“Sure... I'll go and send it your way, but do I really need to go?” he asked as he looked back at me.

“Yes. We're not being mean to you, Illsy. But I have a feeling Zoreya is of the really shy type without her armor on. Go outside and play with Tamara or something.” I replied and then gently tapped his cheek.

“Alright... I'll go.” he nodded. “But before I do so.” he smirked and then stole my lips.

I let him, then he stole Ayuseya's and Shanteya's as well.

After he flew away, Zoreya showed signs of waking up.

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