~ Chapter 36: Dragon Flu (Part 1) ~

Reaching Toros would take us almost an entire day from dusk till dawn, with training time included during camps. We encountered a few monsters such as a walking tree and a small pack of Dayuks, but we made quick work of them. There were no serious threats because I also wished for it. I mean, the training was killing me enough, I didn't want to face a dangerous monster while I could barely hold a sword with both hands.

Once the big town was in sight, my first reaction to it was one of amazement. Forty or so dragons were patrolling the skies in their full dragon form. The outer walls were made out of a black stone and double the size of those in Andromeda, with countless soldiers patrolling them.

Even from afar, we couldn't see what laid hidden behind those walls, but maybe they were made specifically with that intent. In other words, rather than a town, this place was a fortress prepared for any assault. It was impressive.

Looking behind Toros, I saw the Great Chasm: dark, uneven, with jagged ridges on both sides, and spreading far and wide all the way the eye could see. It was as if some sort of great force ripped the surface in half, separating Drakaria from the rest of the kingdom. It gave off the feeling that it was ready to swallow you up at any moment now, or that countless monsters were about to burst out to conquer the surface.

“That's some place to put a town... I think it's a town. Is it a town?” I asked a bit confused.

“Toros is the only town in Albeyater Kingdom that serves the double role of a military fortress. It's also one of our best lines of defense against humans.” Seryanna explained.

“Wait, humans reached all the way out here?” I asked surprised.

“As of yet, no, but military strategists foretold and advised time and time again that in the event we lost Tunberdraken, the port city, Toros would become a very important strategic location. On another note, it can also be used as a military capital in case Drakaria is invaded from the other side.” she explained while we approached the big walls of the town.

The gates themselves were ordinary in size, but instead of just two, there were eight guards placed here, and some of them appeared to have different armors on. Either way, thanks to them, the huge line of dragons that wanted to go through Toros and reach the capital was flowing smoothly. It didn't seem we would have to wait for a long time for our turn to come.

“Hm, I would have thought that those strategists would most likely boost about the humans never being able to reach all the way here than say there was a chance to do so.” I said as I scratched my head.

In many of the stories I read and experienced through playing games, there was always some douche in the top who constantly bragged about how impenetrable the kingdom's defenses were rather than admit that they had flaws.

“What use does a strategist have if he cannot come up with defensive strategies in the worst case scenarios?” she asked a fairly good question.

“True...” I nodded.

Now that I think about it, back on Earth, the Pentagon had strategies for all sort of situations, including the very unlikely zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or even a complete takeover of the USA. Considering what Seryanna said, I find it now very unlikely that none of the other countries did the same. I thought while looking out at the big fortress town.

As we arrived at the back of the line to enter the town, I saw there two more roads intersecting here. One that came from the North, in the middle of the plains, and the other from the South, following the Great Chasm. When I followed them with my eyes, I could see there were several more travelers heading our way. They were probably trying to reach Toros before nightfall.

In front of us were a lot of dragons who traveled by foot and two big carriages pulled by strong-looking Khosinni. Many of them were probably adventurers of some sort, or actually escorts for the carriages.

With nothing else to do, we waited patiently in line until our turn was up. We presented our Guild Cards as identification and paid the toll fee to enter, but right before the guard gave Seryanna her card back, he sneezed in her face.

“Ah! My apologies! Something tickled my nose.” he immediately said, but the redhead was doing her best to keep her sword sheathed.

“You're going to need a bath.” I joked.

“Ugh...” she groaned as she wiped her face with her hand.

Well, no more kisses until she washed her face.

“Here! I'll help you!” Kataryna said as she pointed her hand at her and then let loose a water spell.

Instead of a small sprinkle coming out, the pressure was akin to that of a fire hose. If she wasn't a dragoness with superhuman strength and endurance, she would have been blown away.

“Ah... Oops!” Kataryna said and awkwardly laughed.

Seryanna had no words to retort to the silver-scaled dragoness, who wasn't hiding her apology very well, seeing as how she was wagging her tail in amusement. We needed not another proof as this one was more than enough.

“Are you alright?” I asked from the sidelines.

“Never better...” the dragoness grumbled.

After this small incident, we entered Toros and were welcomed by a crowd of... soldiers. The whole town was filled to the brim with them, which came as a surprise even for the three who've been here before. Many of them were camping outside because there was no more rooms where they could stay. This in itself gave us a frightening premonition.

“I apologize, but we're out of rooms.” said the dragoness who was the innkeeper for the last inn we could find in this town.

We went to the other three, but none had a room to spare. Each and every one of them was filled to the brim with soldiers, commanders, and other military personnel. We were currently in a pinch.

“Ungh... I wanted to sleep in a cozy bed!” complained Kleo.

“Me too, but there's nothing we can do about it.” I let out a sigh.

“We could always kick the commanders out by force?” Kataryna suggested with a smile.

“Wouldn't we get in trouble with the army?” I asked.

“You think any of these weakling are a match for us? Hahaha!” she laughed.

Well, truthfully speaking, most of them were around level 100 and 200, but stat wise, I doubted any of them were able to go head to head with any of us. I was a bit of a cheat because of my Luck and skills, especially if I summoned Jophiel Thunderash, the phoenix. She alone was at the 999 level.

Indeed, we can easily wipe out this whole town off the face of the planet if we want to, but then we would need to live as wanted criminals. And for what? A room at an inn? No, thank you. I thought while looking at the soldiers around us.

“We can go to the pub and spend the night there. Afterwards, we'll be on our way to the capital.” Seryanna suggested.

“That's not a bad idea.” Kataryna agreed.

Thus, we headed for the nearest pub, we found it was full, then we headed for the second nearest pub. This time, I wished in my mind that we would find an empty table.

“This place is packed...” I pointed out.

“It appears so. We are simply out of luck.” Seryanna then looked at me.

“Hey, if I knew there were going to be so many soldiers here, I would have made wish way back in Tomeron.” I told her.

“True. I just wish you actually did, but not even I thought there would be so many dragons here.” she said.

“Maybe some general gave the order to rally up? I can go ask the soldiers at that table if you want?” Kataryna suggested.

“Yes, but first, let's order. The waitress is here.” I pointed out.

“What will it be, ya'all?” she asked.

The woman was a bit older than Seryanna in terms of looks, but was quite fat as well. I refrained from making any rude comments and peacefully ordered something to eat and drink. The others did the same, then while we were waiting for the order to come, Kataryna went to the soldiers.

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