~ Chapter 36: Dragon Flu (Part 2) ~

Several minutes later, she returned and sat down at our table.

“Well?” I asked.

“It appears there's a new general who will be replacing Seryanna's grandfather. The king decided there was a need of someone to take over his armies. So, this new general apparently gave the order for his whole troops to assemble outside of Drakaria. The inauguration ceremony will be in the autumn of next year, but he wishes to see who are the best of the best in his army and reorganize it by then.” she replied.

“Do we know anything about this dragon?” Seryanna asked.

“Draejan Andrakaryus is his name, but they haven't heard of him either.” she replied.

“I know that name.”

“You do?” Kleo asked as she looked at her sister.

“Yes, I heard form grandfather that he's the son of the Duke of Doesya and the Sixth Princess of Albeyater.” she replied.

“Sixth? How big is the royal family?” I asked surprised.

“The Albeyater Royal Family consists of their Majesties the King and Queen, the heir to the throne Prince Charmeill, the current Prime Minister Prince Elovius, then there's the First Princess, Natalia, the Second Princess, Josephine, the Third Princess, whom I also serve, Elleyzabelle, the Fourth Princess, Mayelle, the Fifth Princess, Decessere, the Sixth Princess Noyelle, the Seventh Princess Saluka, the Eight Princess...” before she continued, I raised a hand up “Is something wrong?” she asked furrowing her brow.

“Yeah, that's a lot of name. How may princesses and princes are there?” I asked with a wry smile.

“Eight princes, twelve princesses, and four adopted princes.” she replied.

“The king's been busy.” I remarked.

“There are indeed a lot of possible heirs to the throne, but the current king is also nearing the end of his life. There's also a difference between the siblings of at least 50 years. As for the adopted ones, they will become the hands and limbs of the next king. A... And... Achoo!” she explained calmly and then sneezed cutely.

“Bless you.” I said.

Seryanna blinked surprised and rubbed her nose with her finger.

“That's odd...” she said.

“Ah! The food is here!” Kataryna announced.

It was finally time to grab some grub and fill our growling stomachs.

We ate like wolves and then slowly enjoyed our drinks. The time would pass incredibly slow, with everyone around us coming and going, but there were a few tables that never changed. They were adventurers who had the same idea as we did, spending the night at the pub and hoping to leave the following day. On the other hand, the soldier could leave only when their commanders gave the order to go.

Since we had no games we could play, and knowing that one day was actually 32 hours long was pure murder on a guy like me who once spent a lot of time immersed in video games. But I didn't let all of this time just go to waste. With Seryanna and Kataryna's help, I did a small recap on all the info I gained from this world.

So, this kingdom's name was Albeyater. It was one of the two medium sized kingdoms on this continent alongside Solustia, which was located on the other side of the continent. Merganus Kingdom was located somewhere to the far north, and there was an neutral nation to the south called the Free Nation. Unlike other kingdoms and empires, this one was spread across all continents, and it was created as a way for the merchants of all nations to do free trade, no matter their current state of war.

The Dragon Empire Embryger was located in the middle and was known to be the most powerful dragon nation of them all. It was also the leading economical, military, and technological nation on the continent. Most Magic Tools were developed there. Its armies had in its employment over 20 Awakened Dragons with a Breakthrough achieved.

The currency used in this kingdom was the Albeyater Coin. Although we called it simple copper, silver, and gold coins, they were specific for each individual nation. Thus, the Embryger Empire had another type of coin, with a different design on it. The exchange value was almost the same everywhere, meaning that an Albeyater copper coin had the same value as an Embryger copper coin. The only catch was that if you wanted the same exchange value, you had to go to the a Free Nation city, otherwise, it depended on the relationship between the two nations. If they were at war, the exchange was most of the times banned.

The world, in general, was separated politically into kingdoms and empires as far as the dragons knew. Most of them were at war with each other, while at the same time battling the corrupted ones inside their territories. There was no trace of a Demon Lord or King yet, but there appeared to be a difference between the two.

As far as Kataryna explained, the Demon Lords were powerful monsters within a kingdom or empire, who were at the center of a conglomerate of corrupted monsters. The Demon Kings were Demon Lords who were able to conquer an entire nation. They were Legendary monsters with the ability to think like all other sapient species and even had a humanoid shape to use. Besides this, none of them knew anything else, which made me wonder what the whole deal with these corrupted monsters was in the end.

With all of this information being poured down my ears up to 3 AM in the morning, a headache was bound to hit me sometime sooner or later. Once that happened, I excused myself from the conversation and laid my head down on the table. A few more hours passed by with a graveyard silence falling over the pub. Kataryna and Kleo at one point began to give score numbers to all the men there based on looks. I got a glorious 7, to my surprise. I thought I was at least an 8, but maybe the difference was in the fact that I wasn't a dragon?

The other most interesting event that took place was Seryanna's sneezing, which by sunrise turned into a small coughing fit. With teary eyes, she managed to control it in the end, but she couldn't figure out the cause and neither could the others. I simply blamed it on the possibility of a light cold.

Once the sun was up, we moved out of the pub and made our way to the gates of the town.

“Seryanna? Are you sure you are alright?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“I'm awright...” she replied with weak smile.

“You don't look 'awright' to me.” I replied.

“Achoo!” she sneezed again.

“I think you caught a cold.” I said.

“A what? Dragons don't c-c-atchoo!”

“Bless you.” I said, then I saw Kleo and Kataryna keep their distance from us.

With a raised eyebrow, I look at the two and asked “What's wrong?”

“I don't know what she caught, but we don't want any.” the silver-scaled dragoness said shaking her head.

I rolled my eyes.

“Take a healing potion, maybe it will help you feel better.” I advise.

“Good idea.” Seryanna nodded.

After gulping down on the small bottle, we made our way to the gate, but we were stopped before leaving.

“Hey! Let me pass!” shouted a merchant in front of us.

“No! Our orders are clear! No dragon with Dragon Flu symptoms may pass!” retorted the solider.

“But I have no flu! Achoo!” the merchant sneezed.

“I doubt it.” he shook his head.

“Tch!” clicking his tongue, the dragon walked away from the gate.

Several other dragons were checked, and most of them were sent away, then it was our turn.

“You three can go, but she can't.” he pointed at Seryanna, who was rubbing her nose.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Didn't you hear? She has the Dragon Flu!” he said.

“What the heck is the Dragon Flu?!” I retorted.

“Well, we dragons don't often get sick, but when we do, it's usually a magic disease.” said Kataryna.

“Exactly as the miss said. Dragon Flu is a magic disease that spreads in unknown ways. We confirmed the outbreak last night, and the commander decided to shut down the gates today.” the guard said.

“What's the cause of this disease?” I asked.

“We don't know, but it should pass in a few days. She just needs some good rest and lots of healthy food.” he told us.

“So it's similar to the human common cold?” I asked.

“The what now? I don't know lad.” he shook his head and shrugged.

“What are we going to do?” asked Kataryna.

“Hm... Let's go find a room somewhere.” I declared.

“Good luck with that.” the guard scoffed.

Indeed, finding a place to stay here would have been a bit tricky, but this time, I was prepared.

“Yes, I really do wish to find a room where Seryanna can rest and get better.” I nodded and smiled.

The guard raised an eyebrow at me, but my companions already knew that the gears of fate had started to turn in our favor.

“Come on, let's go.” I said and held Seryanna's hand.

“What about us?” Kataryna and Kleo asked.

“You two wait for us outside. It's better than to risk catching it yourself.” I replied.

“Very well. But if something happens, just shoot a fireball in the air or something.” the silver-scaled dragoness told me.

“I will.” I nodded.

“Take care, sis! Get better soon!” the black-scaled dragoness said, but she kept her fair distance.

“I will... Now go!” Seryanna replied with a smile.

We went our separate ways here; the two of them passing through the gates, and we went to find a room... somewhere somehow.

“What about you?” the redhead asked me.

“Why would the Dragon Flu affect me? I'm a human, remember?” I replied.

“Ah, yes... I sometimes forget.” she smiled.

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