~ Chapter 1: The 118 gods ~

That strange beautiful woman wasn't the only one who appeared in this weird place. Right beside her were countless others. Each and one of them at the peak of their beauty and wearing strange vestments the likes of which I would only see at a Cosplay Con. If my eyes weren't deceiving me, then some of these fellows actually had horns, tails, scales, or other weird appendages and body features you wouldn't normally find in a human. There were two that even looked like the stereotypical representations of an Angel and a Demon.

However, the one thing all of them had in common was the grumpy or sleepy expressions on their faces. One of them even held a grass-green blanket in his hand instead of a weapon, while another had a night cap on top of his head and was holding a fluffy pillow in his arms.

To put it in simple words, they all looked like they just got dragged here in the middle of the night. But even if they looked this strange, I understood the moment I saw them that they weren't entities that should be underestimated. Like a tiger hiding his claws, so did these people hid their true power. After all, we were all floating in the middle of space with no planet or moon in sight...

With a gulp and feeling the pressure of their gaze, I lifted a hand up and with a wry smile, I said “Hello?”

“Great! He can talk!” said one of the grumpy ones.

“Shush, you!” several women glared at him.

The one who spoke, a muscular individual covered in a red metal armor, crossed his arms at his chest and let out a “Humph!” for everyone to hear and then looked away.

“Now then!” the beauty with the previously demonic voice began to speak “Once again, we thank you for answering this summon, mortal!” she showed me a gentle and charming smile, but unfortunately... I already knew the drill.

“Yes, yes... You wanted a Hero. Thus, you performed an ancient summoning ritual or whatever and called me over, but I am not exactly what you wished for, so you'll send me back, right?” I wave my hand as if it was nothing.

“Send you back?” the beauty looked at me with a troubled gaze.

“Hah! The lad is unaware of his own circumstances!” the guy with the pillow scoffed.

I furrowed my brow and looked back at the beauty, who was forcing a smile and rubbing the back of her head. I wasn't following what they were trying to say. Usually, this was the moment when they ended my life one way or another, and I got sent back to Earth. If it was repeated 117 times, why not the 118th?

“Well... you see...” she tried to explain, but another beauty interrupted her.

“You're dead, mortal!” she said.

It took me a moment to stop myself from starring at her a body, which was covered in a rather revealing gown. There was barely anything left to hide...

“Wait. What?!” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“To make sure you don't go back, we blew up your body! BOOM! Hahaha!” the man in red armor glared at me and then laughed.

“Pardon?! Why would you do something like that to me?!” I retorted as loud as I could.

All of them looked up at the same time, while I was trying to understand what was happening here. It didn't make any sense.

“BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO NOISY!!!” all of them shouted at the same time, causing some sort of powerful wind to blow and push me back a bit, although... wind in space?

I could only blink surprised and look back at them completely dumbstruck by the absurdity of this situation. I couldn't even begin to try to understand why these beings thought I was noisy, or why it was needed to blow me up in the first place? Not to mention the fact that in my entire life, I had not even once received a noise complaint form someone!

The very thought of me being a nuisance to my neighbors was already ridiculous enough since I spent most of my time in hospitals, racking up debt after debt after debt for countless accidents I got myself into.

“Wait... Isn't this a Hero Summoning? Why would you kill me? And... and.... Who are you to decide all of this for me?” I managed to ask.

For the first time in a while, I began to fear for my own life, but I still couldn't figure out what sort of horrible sin I committed to receive such an unjust fate. It was baffling...

Am I cursed? Was I a demon in my past life? What? Why? Why do I deserve to die? I asked myself over and over as I felt my very soul crumbling to pieces.

“I suppose we could tell you at least that...” the beauty with a previous demonic voice was the first to break the ice after an unimaginable long moment of silence.

“You suppose?” I raised an eyebrow, but it was better than nothing.

If I am to vanish from existence... at least I will get to know why? I tried to think in a positive way.

By my standards, there was nothing to 'suppose' about this whole mess. They 'had to', no... it was their 'duty' to explain to me why this whole thing was happening to ME.

You simply can't just kill me off for the simple reason that I'm noisy! I don't even know how NOT to be noisy because I don't know what sort of noisy you are talking about in the first place?! I thought while my brain was in a state of perpetual confusion.

Then, they looked at each at other with troubled gazes. For a while now they seemed to have been looking at me with eyes of pity instead of anger, but I was too much in a state of panic to realize this simple fact.

“Well...” spoke the beauty “We are the Primary 118 Gods of the 118 Worlds where you were previously summoned to, including the latest one, mine. I am the Goddess of Love and Creation! Sapherya Alterrania Raguros Genovia Estrannya!” she introduced herself with utmost grace and elegance.

Well, apart from the sudden shock I received by realizing that I was in the presence of 118 Gods who were ALL angry with me, I noticed something... peculiar.

“S.A.R.G.E?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Some of the gods behind her burst into a loud laughter, while Sapherya puffed up her cheeks in a rather cute manner.

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Sarge? Ahahah. I am suddenly thinking of Red vs Blue.


Nice cliffhanger. Lol
I wonder whats the 118 noisy problem is….

Avod Rashod
Avod Rashod

Nice ending to the chapter.


Sarge? Suck it blues!

chance thompson
chance thompson

Faster chs plz


SARGE as in Sargent?
For an moment it sounded like the German word for coffin -“Sarg”.
For now I think both are fitting.

P.s.: First!