~ Chapter 37: The cure to Dragon Flu (Part 1) ~

The moment when I found myself walking around Toros with my sick girlfriend in search of a room to let her get some rest, my brain pressed ALL the panic buttons! It couldn't have been one or two... it had to be all of them!

Therefore, I was just walking like a robot with spinning eyes and trying my best to remain calm, but this in itself was nothing but a fleeting dream. Seryanna sneezed from time to time, but I could tell that many of the dragons here were afflicted with this condition. So far, no deaths occurred, or maybe it wasn't something fatal to begin with.

Whenever I thought about a so-called magic illness, my mind went back and forth between the definitions. To think that a virus or bacteria could be enhanced through magic wasn't an absurd idea to begin with, after all, other living organisms could do the same. The problem was how exactly did the Magic Energy affect the individual? In Brekkar's case, I could more or less figure it out, but even then I had no idea why or how in the world the cure worked on him.

“Are you alright?” Seryanna asked me.

“Me?! Of course! I'm totally fine! Of course!” I said nodding about ten times in two seconds.

“Alkelios... I'm over here. That's a Khosinni you are talking to.” she patted me on the shoulder.

“Huh?” I adjusted my invisible glasses and squinted my eyes at the creature in front of me. “Yes, that's not definitely not you, Seryanna.” I spoke like I had just discovered something important.

The Khosinni puffed in my face with a bored look on its face.

“No, seriously, are you alright?” she asked and then cutely sneezed again.

“Yes, I'm more worried about you... too worried maybe?” I said as I stepped away from the Khosinni and rubbed my nasal bone.

“I have a feeling I'm doing better than you.” she replied with a soft smile and took my hand.

“I'm just worried...” I showed her weak smile.

“I know...” she smiled back and gently touched my cheek.

Her hand was warm, but I couldn't tell if she had a fever or not. Either way, I had to hurry with my search for a free room in a town packed to the brim with soldiers. Seryanna was depending on me. Even so, despite my humongous amount of Luck, I still felt like a chicken running around without a head.

“You blasted kids!” a dragon yelled.

Curious, I turned my head to look at him and saw this well-dressed old man waving his stick at a group of children who were running away from him. On a closer look, I noticed that his cart's wheel was broken, and several crates inside were flipped over.

“I wonder if... Hm. Seryanna, I'm going to go talk to that old dragon. I'll be right back.” I said.

She also noticed the old man and gave me an approving nod, so I approached him.

“Hello. Are you alright?” I asked him with a smile.

“Hm? What do you want? I have no coins to spare! Shoo! Shoo!” he waved me off.

“No, I'm not a beggar. I'm a passing by adventurer, and I noticed you were in trouble. Do you need a helping hand?” I asked him.

“Do I look that old to you?” he glared at me and puffed a flare from his nostrils.

So dragons can do that as well, huh? I thought when I saw this, then I replied to his question, while showing him a calm smile “I don't think age matters when you need a helping hand.”

“Hmph! Wise kid. Very well, help me fix my cart then!” he told me.

“Sure!” I smiled.

Thanks to my strength, I was able to easily help the old dragon repair the wheel and fix the boxes in his cart. To his surprise, it didn't take more than half an hour.

“Well! I'm mighty thankful of you, kid! You helped me out quite a lot! You are strong too!” he laughed as he patted my back.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“So, how much should I pay ya for this?” he squinted his eyes at me.

“I don't remember asking anything in return?” I told him and tilted my head to the left.

“You're telling me you did this out of the kindness of your heart?!” he looked at me with big eyes as if I said something amazing.

“I shouldn't have?” I blinked surprised.

“No! No! It's just that... well... Most people who wish to 'help' me, usually want something in return.” he declared and shrugged.

“No, sir. Well... if there's anything you could help me with, there is only one thing.” I told him.

“Hm?” he squinted his eyes at me.

“Do you happen to know anyone who could rent me and my girlfriend a room for the night?” I asked.

“Girlfriend?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, the dragoness over there...” I said and when I turned my head to look at Seryanna, I saw her leaning against the wall and heaving.

“She doesn't look too good...” he muttered.

“She came down with a cold...” I told him. “Hence my predicament. But if you don't know anyone, there's no problem. Have a nice day, mister...” I told him and then went over to the dragoness.

“Ah! Wait!” the old man said.

“Hm?” I turned and looked at him.

“I may actually know someone who so happens to have a spare room. Follow me.” he said and then jumped in his cart.

“We'll be right behind you.” I told him and went over to Seryanna. “How are you feeling? Sorry for leaving you like this.”

“No problem... You wished for something?” she asked as she entrusted herself to me.

Thanks to my strength, I could barely feel her weight, but she was clearly in a weakened state.

“Status.” I said.

[Name]: Seryanna Draketerus

[Species]: Superior Draconian of the High Flame

[Awakened Status]: 2 of 4 Conditions met.

[Level]: 341

[Strength]: 1720+362.9 (-1390)

[Speed]: 1213+398.5 (-890)

[Dexterity]: 1105+357.95 (-759)

[Magic]: 946+268.72 (-610)

[Luck]: 12

[Magic Excellence]: 30%+4.48%

[Current Buffs]: [Dragon Tamer] <5X Life Force and Magic Energy Absorption from kills/Learning Speed. 10% of hero's overall stats gained while they are within 100 m of him.>

[Current Debuffs]: [Unawakened One] < -60% All Stats; -1000 Magic Energy; Elemental Attacks deal 20% more damage; Dragon Form Sealed; Half-Dragon form Sealed; 40% Less appealing to the opposite sex;> [Unlucky One] < -50% Luck>

[Weakened] <All stats are reduced by up to 85% for the duration of the Dragon Flu>

[Illness]: [Dragon Flu]: <Magic Illness caused by one of the many Magic Energy Enhanced Viruses responsible for the Common Cold. Causes: overworking, contact with an infected individual (Depends on the individual's Luck), weakened immune system coupled with intensive Magic Energy consumption. Effects: high fever, shivers, coughing, sneezing, inability to channel Magic Energy, inability to regenerate at high speed. Cure: Vitamin Supplement, Good Rest, Rotiqus Potion >

It didn't look that bad. It even said it was a form of the Common Cold, so there was no reason to freak out about it, although, if one didn't get enough rest and eat properly, there was a high chance for this thing to get a lot worse.

I selected the Rotiqus Potion to see if I could make it.

Rotiqus Potion: Requires Grand Apprentice Alchemist to brew. Ingredients: Dragon Grass, Adeline Root, Salt, Water.

It was quite simple to make and the ingredients could be found everywhere... Literally everywhere because the so-called Dragon Grass was actually the grass growing on the ground and the Adeline Root was the root of every single tree around here...

With a sigh of relief, I closed the windows.

“What's wrong?” Seryanna asked and then coughed once.

“I found out how to cure this affliction of yours. As I guessed, it's nothing but a magically enhanced common cold...” I let out another sigh.

“Is this disease common on Earth?” she asked.

“Everyone gets it from time to time...” I shrugged.

“I see...” she then looked ahead and smiled softly.

She must have been relieved to hear that it wasn't that bad, but for me to actually help her get through this, I had to give her lots of fluids to drink, that Rotiqus Potion, some vitamins, and finally make sure she got plenty of rest.

“Kid, we're here.” the old dragon stopped the cart after a while in front of what looked like one of the biggest stores around here.

“Fancy place...” I said.

“Thank you!” the old dragon smirked and rubbed the tip his nose with his finger.

“It's yours?!” I looked at him with big eyes.

“Of course! I'm Rodrique Vanazalez, the great dragon who owns this store here! My goods are known to be the best in town!” he laughed as he held his hands on his hips.

This must be why he acted like that before... I thought, then I introduced myself as well “A pleasure to meet you, mister Vanazalez. My name is Alkelios.”

I forgot to add my family name, but in this world, it wasn't mandatory to have one.

“My name is Seryanna.” the dragoness introduced herself as well.

“A pleasure to meet the two of you, now follow me inside!” he said.

“The pleasure is ours, mister Vanazalez...”

I followed him inside together with Seryanna. There, several clerk owners bowed to him as soon as they saw him. I was surprised by this, but if this dragon was going to help us, then finding a spare room would be a cinch! My Luck had struck again!

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