~ Chapter 37: The cure to Dragon Flu (Part 2) ~

“There's a room upstairs.” he said as he offered me a key.

“Huh? Here?” I asked surprised, again.

“Of course!” he laughed.

“But... Well...” I took the key a bit dumbfounded.

“What's wrong kid?” he asked.

“I believe he thought you were just going to introduce us to someone...” Seryanna spoke on my behalf.

“Yeah... that. I don't mean to impose on you, but if you are offering us this room, thank you very much!” I said with a smile.

“You helped me with my cart, and I can see you are an honest kid! Don't worry about it! Oh, and I have some Rotiqus Potions here if you want to buy some. I heard they are good for this Dragon Flu of hers.” he smirked.

“That and plenty of rest, healthy food, and lots of fluids.” I said with a smile.

“Hm, I never heard of the others... Why are those things important?” he asked.

“I believe it allows the body to heal itself properly. This disease practically makes a dragon's regeneration as slow as a human's, so... if they heal at the same rate, then plenty of rest, healthy food to restore one's energy, and lots of fluids to replace those lost through sweat are recommended.” I explained.

“Hm, I see... Never thought about that. I'll keep it in mind.” he said as he rubbed his chin.

“How much for the Rotiqus Potions? Well, if you have some Dragon Grass, Adeline Root, and salt, I can make it myself.” I said.

“Oh? Are you an alchemist by any chance?” he asked curiously.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“What rank?”

“Grand Master.” I replied.

Technically, I was a [Bartender], but the level 3 equivalent was the Grand Master Alchemist.

“Oh! And so young too!” he said surprised.

“Do you know how to make Virlullian Potions?” he asked.

“Erm... If you show me one, I think I can.” I nodded.

“If you can make one, I'll give you as many Rotiqus Potions, free food, and whatever else you need for as long as you stay here!” he said with as smile.

“Sure... Why not?” I smiled back.

“Then it's a deal, kid! I'll bring you one, and you can tell me what you need to make it. Meanwhile, go and take the young lady to your room. It's on the first floor to the right.” he said and then walked to the back of the store.

“Again, thank you.” I told him.

The room itself was a simple one with one bed, a writing desk on the opposite side, a table with two chair near it, and a window with a view to the street in front of us. That being said, the furniture itself was a few levels above what I would normally find in an inn. It looked more similar to a noble's room than anything.

Looking at it, I wondered if normally someone would rent out such a gorgeous room to someone they had just met on the street. Maybe this was a one time occasion, so he didn't really mind it that much. Although, to be fair, I was more surprised to find out that he let us inside his store even after he saw that Seryanna was sick.

Weird dragon... I thought, but I thanked him in my heart.

This room was just what we needed.

“Alkelios... can you help me with my armor?” the weakly dragoness asked.

“Sure.” I replied as I led her to a chair.

After she sat down, I helped her take off her armor piece by piece. It took me a while because it was tied tightly, but once I was done, she showed me a sweet smile. Placing the back of my hand on her forehead, I checked her temperature, which was pretty high.

“You need to get some rest and some food to restore your energy.” I told her.

“I'm going to need to take a bath if I am going to get into that bed...” she said.

“Yeah, me too...” I spoke in a low voice as I looked at the fancy furniture.

We haven't bathed in almost three days, so the stench on us was noticeable, especially Seryanna, who was sweating constantly because of her condition.

“I'm going to go downstairs and ask them for a tub or something, if not, I'll just bring a barrel.” I said as I looked back at her.

“Thank you.”

I left the room and went downstairs to ask one of the clerks about a bathtub. While doing so, I also met with mister Vanazalez, who showed me one of those Virlullian Potions. It was a hair rejuvenation potion that also worked as a health tonic. It required a Trusted Journeyman Alchemist to make, so it was completely within my ability. I told him the ingredients I required for it and that I will set up the lab in the room he offered us, afterwards, I was offered a metal bathtub, two towels, and two bathrobes from the spare stock he had. I thanked him for it and brought it up to the room. Filling it with water and heating it up was going to be a bit trickier than initially anticipated, but after a lot of splashing and switching between spells, I managed to do it. Seryanna guided me through as well.

“I'm going to go down and prepare something good to eat for you. I'll be back in twenty minutes or so...” I told her.

“Very well...” she replied in a weak tone of voice.

Judging from what I knew, twenty minutes was enough time for her to get cleaned up. I also made sure to close the windows so no perverts could sneak a peek at MY dragoness.

Once I was downstairs, I headed to the kitchen and with the help of the cook there, I prepared a quick meal. My Luck came to the rescue once more because there was some soup left. Besides this, I also made sure to take two bottles of Rotiqus Potion. It was dark-brown in color and smelled like dirt, but I confirmed with my [Identificus Processus Juridicus] skill that it was the real deal.

Once I was done, I returned to the room. I knocked on the door, and Seryanna replied.

“Who is it?”

“It's me.”

“Alkelios? Um, you can come in...” she said.

I opened the door and carefully entered while pushing the door with my back. In my hands I was holding the tray with the plates of food, so I had to be careful not to drop or spill them.

“I brought you some soup.” I told her.

“T-Thank you.” she replied.

When I turned around and closed the door with my foot, I found myself looking at the naked redhead dragoness who was still in the bathtub.

“Erm...” I was stumped, my eyes glued to her body.

“S-Stop starring... it's embarrassing.” she looked away.

“I wish I could, but... damn, you look hot!” I said and then walked over to the desk.

I placed the tray on the desk and sat down in the chair.

“You are still starring.” she glared at me.

“I can't?” I asked.

“Erm...” she refused to answer.

“Do you need help?” I asked again.

She was silent for a moment, but then, with a shy look in her eyes, she nodded once. I got up from the chair and walked over to her. The dragoness did well to hide all of her important parts, but since she gave the OK, I was going to scrub her clean!

Ten minutes later, I was on my knees with a shocked look on my face.

I actually did this in the most serious way possible! I didn't try to peek! I didn't try to grope her! Men all over the world, I apologize... I failed! I thought, albeit a bit exaggerated.

“This soup is good.” she said as she ate her food while being covered only with a white bathrobe.

“Good to hear...” I said while trying to hold my tears in.

That was the lousiest time ever to go into my serious mode, but if she stayed for too long in there, she could have ended up getting worse. My needless worry made me miss a good 'massage' session with her.

Oh well, there's going to be another chance in the future. I'm sure of it! I thought and then let out a sigh.

“I'm going to change the water...” I said as I lifted the bathtub and walked out.

If I still had a human's strength, I wouldn't have been able to easily lift that thing. Thank God for Magic and status points! Or was it 'Thank the god-like?'.

Once I returned, Seryanna was still eating. By the time I had finished filling it with water, she was already done with her meal, and she tucked herself into bed. Before I got into the bath, I gave her the Rotiqus Potion to drink.

I allowed myself a few minutes to soak into the warm water. It did wonders for my joints and feet. Afterwards, I cleaned myself up and got out. I emptied the tub, washed it, and ate some veggies and dried meat for dinner.

Without anything else to do, I slipped into bed with Seryanna.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Better...” she replied with her eyes closed.

We were both sitting on our each of our side of the bed, but for some reason, I was nerve wreck.

This is not good... I thought.

I was in a room with a beautiful woman who was also my girlfriend, and I was sitting there like a piece of furniture next to her. My brain was squirming around in my noggin, wondering what I should do.

It took me another ten minute to get the hint. Luck didn't save me this time... I just thought about what wouldn't be polite to do. Obviously, suddenly embracing her wouldn't be alright in my head for some reason, so I did just that.

When I pulled myself close to her and then wrapped my arms around her, she didn't pull away, instead she simply opened her eyes and looked at me with a weak gaze.

“What are you doing?” she asked me.

“Acting as a pillow.” I replied with a smile.

“Good... I need one...” she said.

Closing her eyes, she tucked in closer to me.

It was then when her bathrobe was partially undone and skin touched skin. I gulped and froze for a moment. It was too good to be true, but I didn't back away. This could have been a chance to lead me to Nirvana and finally cross the river to manhood. With a beauty like her in my arms, how could I refuse? So I pulled her closer to me.

“Mm...” she let out a soft moan when one of my hands rested on her buttock.

The other was around her waist.

She snuggled close and didn't care about the fact that there were no piece of cloth between us. However, despite how hot it was under that blanket, she was still shivering...

What am I thinking? She's sick now... Sigh... At least, I didn't get an unexpected raise of the flag. I thought to myself and moved my hands up.

“Sleep well, Seryanna.” I whispered to her.

“Mhm...” she replied.

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“Men all over the world, I apologize… I failed!”
Fear not, you haven’t failed. You’ve made the real men of the world proud. There is a time and place for such behavior and when your S.O. is sick and vulnerable like that is NOT one of those times. A real man knows when such behavior is appropriate and when it is best to properly take care of one’s loved ones.


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