~ Chapter 87: The overly shy lioness ~

[Zoreya's point of view]

This was the third day since we left the island... or rather we were thrown off of it. So far, there were no ships in sight and our small craft was moving slowly just with the paddling power of Illsy and Nanya. I would have helped, but my current armor was the old one I asked Illsy to repair. It was working well, but it paled in comparison to the one he built for me. Even so, I still wished to use it for old times sake.

“Nyaaan~” Tamara let out a cute sound.

I was currently in the middle of petting her.

Despite having the appearance of a grown human woman with a tail an cat ears attached, she still acted pretty much like the old Tamara. Her sudden change was more on the outside than it was on the inside. Least to be said, when this nekatar went into heat, she chased down Illsy relentlessly, while the rest of us hid in a cave... That was a very scary week for all of us.

But if I were to guess, for me the turning point in all of these past six years was probably that one moment on the beach. I was alone, confused, and a bit afraid of what was to come, but I still pushed through... somehow.

“Hm? What are you thinking about?” Shanteya asked me.

“Nothing much... I was just remembering the time when I made that absurd wish to Melkuth.” I said and giggled.

Closing my eyes, I let those memories flow back to me, relieving them as though they had happened just yesterday...

Back then, I was still new to the whole 'being a wife' thing. We were on the island for just over three weeks and closing in our fourth one. Illsy made us a small underground bunker to keep us safe from the predators outside, but we still weren't a match for many of the beasts out there.

Together, we could hunt down the Giant Boars or the Killer Rattlesnakes, but they were ridiculously difficult to defeat. If I were to face them alone, there was a rather high chance that I would end up dead in their bone-crushing jaws. It was that sort of danger. And these beasts were some of the weakest we could find. Fighting against the stronger ones was out of the question.

Nonetheless, whenever we brought one down, we could feel our power rising exponentially. Illsy confirmed this through our levels. In those mere three weeks, we went up by almost 200 levels. It was insane.

When it came to cooking, cleaning, and other things, we mostly used the provisions Illsy had stockpiled in his Inner Mind. Tamara was slowly learning to cook, but most of it was being prepared by Shanteya and sometimes Nanya. For now, I kept my distance from the kitchen.

Despite the dangers we faced daily, Illsy always found it... necessary to spend the night with one of his wives. I was counted in as well, but that kiss on the battlefield back then was as close to him as I got. I tried to approach him, but I always ended up flustered and running away.

It was beginning to reach the point where I just had to wonder whether or not I was... defective?

What sort of woman was I to run away from her own husband?

Then, one night, while Illsy was having 'fun' with Nanya, I took a walk down the beach... alone. It was in an area I confirmed to be safe, but I still kept my senses heightened and was ready to flee the moment a monster popped out. As I said, I was far from being strong enough to face such beasts on my own.

With a sad sigh escaping my lips, I thought back and forth at how things turned out between me and Illsy in the past few weeks. For once, I began to call him by his nickname. I was targeted a few times by his Colly Tos spell, although Nanya made sure to return my panties afterwards. A black-eyed Illsy apologized as well. The relationship between me and the other women in our group had started to change into one of close friendship.

And this was about all that happened. I wasn't approached by Illsy to join him in bed nor did I make the attempt to do so. Kisses were never shared with me, but mostly because I never gave him the opportunity... or fled when he tried.

From all points of view, the reason our relationship was so cold was because of me.

Realizing this fact, I stopped and slumped down on the sand. With a lonely and sad sigh, I began to draw circles in the sand.

“Why can't I even get myself to kiss him? He's my husband after all...” I told myself.

There wasn't even a need for me to keep myself pure or deny my desires as well when even my god, Melkuth, permitted it.

“I'm a fool! No, I'm just broken... I have a broken head...” I sighed and then looked up at the sky.

The sky was filled with stars, and I was so focused on my own depressing self, I wasn't aware that a certain el'doraw was staying hidden in the forest. Shanteya's intent wasn't on spying on me, rather she wanted to be close by in case a monster appeared and I found myself in need of support. At least, that was what she told me recently...

“Ah~ Melkuth, if you hear me... please listen to your foolish Apostle's prayer.” I said as I looked up in the sky.

There was no temple here, but maybe my words would somehow connect to him? Or so I hoped...

[At that time, in the realm of the gods]

“For crying out loud! Since when has my office become the gathering place for all the GODS?!” Melkuth shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Hyaaa~ This is some good wine!” Narcerya, the Goddess of the Anvil said while leaning against an invisible wall.

“Don't be such a spoilsport, Melkuth! Besides, we all know you managed to land yourself as the god of a Dungeon, so we are all really excited to see how this will turn out! Hehe! Just a bit more...” I said as I was sneaking behind Narcerya, trying to get a good feel of her big bosom.

Those mountains were a delicious treat for my old geezer eyes, and if I were to add to that the drips of sweat that rushed down her slightly tanned skin, the revealing cleavage hidden by a metal breastplate, the alluring curves of her body, the red hair tied up in a pony tail. All of these sweet details made her beauty even more stunning! Ah, yes~ The beauty and joy of having to slip my hand within that thick breastplate and fondle those...


“Owie...” I said.

The merciless hammer of the goddess struck me on the head before my fingers could reach the Holy Land!

“Ara?! My hand slipped! Tehe!” she said.

“How can it slip when you are firmly gripping it and even pressing on it?” I questioned her while I tried to push my face off the ground.

“I said my hand slipped! TE HE!” she said.

“You are grinding my head in the floor!” I cried.

“Oi! Narcerya, stop that! You are ruining my carpet with his face!” Melkuth complained.

“That's what you are worried about?” I cried out.

“Yeah... pretty much.” he shrugged.

“Still, to think you would give up on your little dove to let the love between a Dungeon and an Apostle blossom. My, how unexpected of you, God of War~!” the one who spoke with the voice of an alluring goddess was none other than Kleopatra, the Goddess of Love.

To be mentioned, her chest wasn't as squishy and voluptuous as Narcerya's. Instead, it was variable... She was the only goddess who was never settled on a certain size or figure. Right now, she was flat as board, but for a god like me, she still held her undisputed charm.

“Yes, I bent my own rules and made it so that it was for the best of the world. Like this, we avoided unnecessary bloodshed and even the need to summon a hero!” Melkuth declared proudly.

“Oh! It appears she's calling for you right now.” I pointed out after I managed to get my head from under that really heavy hammer.

My next target was Kleopatra! Let there be justice, for ALL breasts were approved by me!

“Hm... I sense a roach.” the Goddess of Love said.


“Roach squashed.” Narcerya said.

“Ow...” I groaned.

“Settle down, I need to hear this. I wonder what sort of valiant prayer she has for me right now?” Melkuth said proudly.

We all piped down and only the sound of the hammer grinding against the back of my head could be heard. It hurt... I lacked terribly in the stealth department.

“Oh mighty Melkuth, God of War, your Apostle wishes for you to listen to my prayer!”

When Zoreya spoke these words, we could all feel the faith behind them, making her god ever so proud of this.

“Speak, my faithful High Apostle!” Melkuth replied.

“Ah! You can hear me?” she replied surprised.

“Hehe.” Narcerya couldn't hold on that snicker.

“Yes... I can hear you.” Melkuth replied while glaring at the goddess.

“Ahem... I'll be quiet.” she conformed.

“Mighty Melkuth, I need you to grant me courage and strength. I need your wisdom and power!” Zoreya began to call out.

The gods were listening carefully to the mortal's words. We all knew they were located in a terribly dangerous place, so we could only wonder if maybe she wanted to fight better or just replenish her Divine Energy.

“Mighty Melkuth, please help this Apostle of yours acquire the power and strength she needs so I may not run away from Illsyore, my husband. Please give me strength of heart and the courage I need to cast away my armor for a night of passion with him... Please Melkuth, my god, help me offer myself to Illsy's embrace.”

So the prayer ended, and all of us gods were trying very very hard to abstain from laughing.

“And here I thought I was the goddess who handled that sort of stuff. Right, Melkuth the God of Love? It doesn't sound so bad... Hehehe!” Kleopatra said with cute laughter.

“I'll be darn! Such a thing to happen! And to Melkuth of all! Buhahaha!” Leottor, the God of Craftsmen burst out into a loud laughter.

Although he was a dwarf in appearance, he was laughing so hard, tears were running down his cheeks and wet his dense white beard.

“Such a thing... Poor God of War! Hahaha!” Narcerya laughed and seeing this opportunity, I slipped my hands underneath that armor of hers.

“Ah! Heaven!” I said with a satisfied smile on my lips as I began to fondle her.

“Hya~ Why you... Mn~ Stop that~!” Narcerya cried out, but nothing was going to STOP ME! NOTHING!


Whatever happened next ended up with me suffering a complete blackout, but it was TOTALLY worth it! As for Melkuth, I believe he was crying tears of blood... real ones.

[Zoreya's point of view]

My god listened to my prayer and agreed to help me. His solemn tone of voice told me that he was proud of me or maybe happy for making this important step in my life? Either way, the following night, I asked to be left alone with Illsy.

They all agreed, but even with Melkuth's blessing, I still found it hard to enter his room.

When I finally summoned up the courage to do so, I was still wearing my armor and holding my shield up.

“I thought you wanted to sleep with me not beat me to death?” he asked as he pointed at the morning star in my other hand.

“Ah! Sorry... I didn't notice it.” I replied and dropped it on the ground.

Although I felt terribly shy, I didn't run away, but instead... I hid behind my shield.

“And there goes my floor...” he said.

“Sorry...” I quickly said.

“No problem, erm... can you put the shield away? Zoreya, are you alright?” he asked me.

“Erm... no. Can we... Can I sleep with you like this?” I asked him.

“Erm... HOW?!” he retorted.

“Sorry!” I shrunk down even further.

My cheeks were completely red, and my heart was beating like crazy in my chest.

“This isn't going anywhere...” he sighed.

Indeed, there was no way for us to do anything with me in this awful state. What sort of Crusader was I to hide from my own lover behind my shield? Melkuth was probably going to heavily scold me, especially after giving me his blessing.

While I was thinking what to do next and whether or not Illsy was going to hate me because of it, I saw myself looking straight into his eyes. He came over to me and moved in front of me.

I froze.

“Do you hate me that much?” he asked me with a sad look on his face.

“Huh? No! NO NO NO!” I replied shaking my head fast.

“I see... That's good.” he let out a sigh.

“I'm sorry... I'm too shy... too embarrassed... I don't know what to do.” I told him and looked down.

“Hm, want to try something?” he asked as he scratched the back of his head.


“Close your eyes and open them when I tell you to, alright?” he smiled at me.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, I felt him pulling my shield away. I hesitantly let go of it. Then he took my hand and carefully guided me to the bed.

I gulped.

Then I felt Magic Energy flowing around me, and all of a sudden, I felt... lighter.

“Open your eyes.” he told me.

When I opened my eyes, he was standing right in front of me, but his face was very close... too close!

“If you want me to stop at any moment, just say so... If you push me away, I will move.” he whispered to me and then... he kissed me.

Immediately, I raised my hands to push him back, but then I was the one pushed. I opened my eyes wide, but I wasn't wearing my armor anymore... The kiss continued and in the heat of the moment, I forgot to push him back.

Although embarrassed and with my heart beating so fast it was almost ready to burst out of my chest, I let him continue. I just kept telling myself that he was my husband, and I too wanted this... which was true. Only my unreasonable shyness was in the way.

Then, I don't know when or how, but I took the lead... I straddle him and held him down. I was so embarrassed, my eyes were spinning, but I couldn't stop this burning heat inside of me.

That night... my pure self was given to Illsy... and I also discovered I had a rather 'wild' side to me as well, but this was going to be our little secret. The other wives needed not to know of this.

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