~ Chapter 90: Six years. Five wives. OP stats (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

The ship was floating steadily on the calm waters. And I had to say, but the pirates did a good job repairing it, especially when they were threatened by my wives. A glare from Nanya or Shanteya would have been enough to make them start moving in fear for their own live. As for me, I got the amazing First Class Deluxe Option of sitting on my raft while it was being pulled by the huge vessel.

Well, I didn't really mind my accommodations. It wasn't that uncomfortable, and I was spared of being put to work like all the others poor chaps were. I had plenty of food, and time to waste.

Stretching my body, I looked up at the sky and gazed at the passing by clouds. We were on a steady course to the Pirate Island, the home base of all the regional pirates. Why there and not some safe harbor? It was the closest landmass to us, and I had my own plans for it too.

A little birdie called Dungeon Memory told me I could find an interesting map in there. I was curious about it... really really curious.

While I let time pass like this, I thought back at those six years we spent fighting for our lives on the Boss Island. We had our share of dangerous moments, funny ones too, but also many that bonded us together as a family.

So many things happened during those six years... So many things I wanted to retort to and others which I welcomed with open arms.

In these years, it could be said that I fell in love with my wives all over again. True, they were so different one from another, that one could only wonder just how in the world I was able to get my heart ticking so fast whenever I held each of them in my embrace? To be honest, it eluded me as well, but I welcomed this love I shared with all of them.

First off, there was Nanya. As beautiful as the demoness could be with her long flowing black hair, sharp eyes and a slim body ready to rock my world, she was the first woman I ever set my gaze upon after I was reincarnated. Her strength in combat was one of the highest in my group of wives, but she was far surpassed in speed by Tamara, magic power by Ayuseya, and stealth by Shanteya. She was a striker, a melee combat warrior designed to break her enemies with her fists.

When it came to sturdiness... she was the third after Zoreya and Ayuseya. This, I found to be rather surprising to say the least, but it was the truth.

Another thing Nanya specialized in was disguises and [Boost] spells. Even her Supreme and Over Supreme skills were based on it.

Speaking of which, the Over Supreme class was something I decided on making since their power had far surpassed what the common sense for a Supreme was. Even without [Bond of Trust II], they were still a bit overkill... At least for the beings living on the three major continents: Sorone, Allasn, and Thorya. If I were to count the others... well... Maybe they were around average? My boost was what raised them to the top.

Nanya was the one who had the shortest fuse and expressed her jealousy more openly than the others. Shanteya's way of expressing this emotion sent the chills down my back, and Zoreya always gave me the impression that the world would come to an end if I messed something up. Tamara and Ayuseya were the only ones who really didn't give a copper coin about what I did with other women as long as I submitted to whatever desires they had afterwards.

As for how I was able to find out about this... The stupid primordial dungeon had a room that cast illusion magic. I accidentally triggered the traps within... and the room was immediately filled with various naked women meant to entice me. That day, I died... I was revived, died again and so on until the room was smashed to smithereens.

It was something along the lines of: my eyes went to the chest or bottom of one of those illusions, and I received a punch from Nanya. My stare moved to another as result of the shock, and I was slapped by Shanteya. I ended up at the feet of one of the illusions that crouched in front of me... and Zoreya slammed her shield at full force on top of my head. I had no idea if what I heard cracking was my skull or the floor.

Meanwhile, Tamara and Ayuseya laughed their tails off when they saw what happened.

But... I made a note to self: Never dare to peek at other women... unless you are ABSOLUTELY 100% sure NONE of your wives will EVER find out about it.

Nanya's hobbies didn't include the arts, but she loved to play pranks. It was part of her demonic nature. From what she told me, Demon Queens in general were quite playful when they were around their husbands. When I asked if there were more like her, she replied that she had other sisters and the name 'Demon Queen' was given to her species, not her rank. Technically, her political rank was that of a Demonarkiar Princess.

Well, in all of these years spent on the island, Nanya managed to master her sword given to her by her father, and most of her feelings towards him and her past had calmed down. She didn't care about them as long she stayed by my side, but because of her weird family, she also told me that she didn't want any children... yet.

Even now, after five years had passed, the memory of that night was crystal clear.

It was raining outside, and I was in bed only with her. The others were in their own rooms, and Tamara was taking a rain bath.

The lightning struck outside, and the flash of light revealed the erotic gaze of the demoness who stood on top of me. Her tail was waving in the air. Her piercing black eyes were looking straight at me. Her lips parted, showing me a seductive smile. Although she had several spikes protruding from her back, sharp teeth meant to rend flesh, and claws capable of shredding, her touch was gentle and filled with desire. She would never dare to seriously harm me, but she wanted to be held, caressed, and embraced... That was Nanya... a demoness who wanted to be loved.

“I hope you understand, Illsy... I really want to have a family with you. I really do...” she told me, but tears formed in her eyes.

It didn't match the erotic gaze she held within them.

I showed her a smile and pulled her down. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed to let her know that I wanted to be with her.

“When your heart is ready, I'll be here for you... You are my wife, Nanya. I don't care what anyone in your household has to say about this. All I care is you... my wife, my love.” I kissed her and then showed her a smile “So relax... Whenever you are ready, just tell me... I don't care when it will be. Now or in a thousand years, whenever you are ready my beloved demoness, my sweet Nanya.” I kissed her again.

Nanya cried afterwards, and we spent the rest of the night cuddling and talking to each other.

Of course, being a demoness and all, even after telling me what was on her heart, it didn't stop her from feeling a bit envious of Shanteya and the others who were not bound by such things.

Speaking things that bound us, Ayuseya's change within all of these past six years was one of liberalization of her own soul, of seeking freedom and strength. There were times when she struggled with her own shadow, when she screamed at the moons, asking for her invisible shackles to be taken off.

Her pain came not from the seclusion on this island, but from her inability at times to express what she really wanted. It pained her and kept her chained up like a helpless animal. I wanted to help her get out of this state, so I tried my best to be by her side, to help her get through this and listen to her.

I learned of the sort of life she led before meeting me, the reason for her invisible shackles... Deprived of happiness, always having the politics of her kingdom pushed on top of her shoulder, always being reminded that she was there only to give birth to an heir. It wasn't the sort of life anyone would want...

That was why playing the violin became her only escape... That was why she learned to play it in the first place.

Night after night, I listened to her melodies. I watched her cry. I held her in my arms and let our passion drown her sorrows.

At least, these events didn't happen that often. Only when she tried to push herself to the limits, to reach for that next level did she find herself overwhelmed by the pressure of her past. As such, in combat, I could see that she often held herself from stepping on the front lines. She wanted to, but something inside her prevented her... Many times I saw the look in her eyes of trying to reach for that small treat dangling in front of her nose, just like a beast trapped in an open cage. She knew she could get to it, but couldn't muster the energy to do so.

So when did the tears stopped? When did she finally released herself from the chain strangling her whenever she wanted to state her mind?

It was two years ago when I fought together with her against a Giant Golden Dayuk with a level over 2500. It could crush someone like Dankyun with single swipe of its twin tails.

The battle was difficult. I used one of my best attacks against this monster, and it still refused to go down. Well... with a regeneration that rivaled mine, I wasn't surprised.


The monster roared and tried to take a bite at Ayuseya. She dodged by jumping back and at the same time released a tornado of crystallized fire daggers. This was one of her own makings. I only helped a little bit with experimentation. It would technically be classified as an Emperor Rank Skill because it combined some rather eccentric aspects of Magic and Physics. The crystallized fire was basically explosive fire in a case of ice similar to my [Infernal Glaciers], which took me three whole years to figure out how it worked... bloody dungeons forgetting the solution to solving the entropy equation at the contact surface between fire and ice magic.

The attack exploded in the Dayuk's snout, giving me a moment of distraction to use Shadow Magic and summon [Shadow Spears]. The Dayuk screamed in pain, but it didn't give up and tried to attack me. I dodged out of the way and dropped a grenade where I last stood. It exploded right in its snout, pushing the beast back. OK! That was more like a time bomb than a grenade, but meh... details.

Ayuseya used her Godlike skill [Dragon Breath] and launched an attack on the monster. The flames scorched the beast, but it didn't kill it.

I had to say, that the draconian showed a spark of genius with the way she thought of implementing the creation magic of Godlike skills. What she used could be classified as both Armor and Weapon, but it formed in her throat and got amplified around her cheeks. Pretty amazing if you asked me.

Still, she was holding back... a lot.

“You can do it, Ayuseya! Let it all out!” I shouted trying to encourage her.

Hearing me, the one who reacted wasn't my wife but the Dayuk.

“A crud... This is gonna hurt.” I said.

Although I tried to dodge, the monster launched a repetitive quick attack with its sharp claws. I avoided the first several strikes, but not all of them. The attack tossed me back and scratched at my Magic Armor. In a moment, I entered in a defensive stance.

I still had some aces up my sleeve, so I wasn't worried, but I wanted to see if Ayuseya could do something about our current predicament.

“A little help please?” I asked.

Looking past the beast, I saw her holding her head. Changing my vision to Magic Energy scanner, I saw the energies growing erratic around her. Her own Magic Armor was fluctuating in a dangerous way. It felt like it would shatter...

“Oh no...” I said.

“GRRR!” the Dayuk noticed her and changed targets, going for who it perceived to be the weakest one of the two of us.

“NO! Ayuseya!” I shouted and rushed to stop the monster.

I grabbed it's tails and pulled back. It didn't like that very much and sent a terrible shock through my body, cracking my Magic Armor, but I didn't let go. I pulled as hard as I could until I was able to toss the Dayuk away.

It stabilized itself in the air and fell on all four like cat, although, technically it was a canine. As soon as it landed, it made a [Dash] for me and struck me with its horn. I grabbed it, stopping it from hitting the draconian behind me, but as a result, my own Magic Armor was cracked again.

“This is bad...” I said.

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