~ Chapter 90: Six years. Five wives. OP stats (Part 2) ~

“Illsy... Let it go...” Ayuseya told me.

“What?!” I was shocked to hear that, but when I turned my head around, I saw her eyes glowing red.

The aura around her changed and the Magic Armor that was fluctuating a moment ago was back to normal, but it had a strange glow to it. Nanya's was usually black, Shanteya's was gray, Tamara's was brown, Zoreya's was white, but only Ayuseya's was transparent... until now.

The aura of her Magic Armor was a violent red.

I gulped and let go of the Dayuk.

The beast rushed at her, but she extended her hand and stopped the attack with her palm. It was surprising, but then I saw her face. She was grinning all the way up to her ears.

I knew then that my wife, Ayuseya, was unleashed...

She grabbed the horn and did a judo shoulder drop throw.

“Hm. Nice pantie shot.” I mumbled to myself.

With a kick, she then sent the wolf flying, but this was only to push it away from her.

The energies were clearly swirling around her. The violent red aura was growing and her power seemed to increase constantly.

Looking up at the sky, she let out a powerful scream.


The ripples of energy around her caused the ground to crack and everything to be pushed away. What was too close was cut by her aura... no, her Magic Armor. This was the first time I saw a Magic Armor capable of being used as a weapon as well. Technically, it was possible, but just how much power and control did one need to have over it?

However, what happened next was unexpected.

Her shout turned to a growl, then a full blown roar...

Ayuseya changed... She released whatever was hidden inside of her and let it out completely. She unshackled herself and at the same time found a power even I forgot she had. After all, she wasn't a pure-blood draconian. She was a hybrid between a Draconian and a True Dragon. What I was looking at was her dragon half.

Just like I saw in my games or in various fantasy works of art... a full-sized DRAGON. Red scales covered the majority of her body, while golden scales formed a stripped pattern that emphasized strength. She had a tail, a pair of large wings, and spikes running down her spine. Her head was adorned with a pair of three horns on each side, all similar to the curved ones she had in her humanoid form. A row of razor sharp teeth decorated her mouth, proving that she wasn't meant to play nice with her food.

In a moment, the Magic Energy and strength of the dragoness skyrocketed. She was now not a draconian but a dragon.

I gulped.

“Grrr!” the golden Dayuk wasn't done yet.

It aimed for me, but Ayuseya immediately bit into its back. Her sharp teeth pushing into its flesh. Blood sprayed, but this only stirred her hunger for battle. The monster yelped and flailed in her jaws, but it was effortlessly raised above the ground. With a single chomp, the Giant Golden Dayuk was severed in half, but before the head reached the ground, her tail stabbed it through its brain, killing it.

Looking up at the sky, she let out a fierce roar that shook the entire island.

I... I'm finally free... she spoke directly to my mind, telepathically.

“Yes...” I said.

I changed... Do you find me... disgusting now? she asked with a tremble in her voice.

“Disgusting? Heck no! You are a DRAGON! Do you know how AWESOME THAT IS?! Hell yeah! My wife is a dragon!” I cheered like a kid.

She laughed.

That night, I found out that a dragon's laughter can be quite... scary.

Afterwards, Ayuseya never cried again. The pain in her heart vanished, and whatever chains held her down were now shattered to smithereens. Her behavior changed from that of a reserved Princess, to an outgoing and sometimes spontaneous elegant woman. She found out that she enjoyed flirting with me.

A new wild side appeared to her. Adventurous and confident in herself, Ayuseya never backed away from joining the fray and fighting with all of her might. The power of the dragon blood running through her veins gave her the advantage she needed to stand in front as a vanguard side by side with Zoreya.

I could say that this was the moment when I fell in love with Ayuseya all over again. Her new side, her new self, the true her was alluring.

Another one that changed in a similar way was Tamara.

The pet cat turned into what those of my world would call a full-blown catgirl. It wasn't enough that her body was that of a bombshell beauty now, with the curves to make any man drool, but she also had cat ears and a tail. Petting her just took a whole other meaning and when she first appeared before me... well... that was a day I will never forget.

I was taking a bath in the small lake I created near our base. Surrounded by a tall fence and with direct access to the underground bunker, it was perfect and safe. There was no way any monster could get through and launch a sneak attack on me. Although, for some reason these past few days I barely saw any of my wives. They kept chasing after something in the forest...


I heard the familiar sound and quickly turned around.

There was no one there.

Blinking surprised, I rubbed my eyes and checked my ears.

“Am I hearing things? I thought I heard Tamara.” I thought.


I heard it again, but this time behind me.

I turned around. There was no one there, but when I looked up, I saw a shadow in the trees.

“Who goes there?!” I shouted.

“Nya~” came the reply.

“Tamara?” I asked squinting my eyes, but then the shadow vanished.

“What the?” I jumped out of the lake and looked around the shore, but I couldn't see anyone or anything there.

What bothered me was that I didn't remember the nekatar to be this fast.


Again I heard her call come from behind me, but she was nowhere in sight. It was like she was running in circles around me, but how was it possible for ME not to be able to detect her?

“This is weird...” I said.

Well, there was one thing I could try. I stepped back into the lake aaand... I took out a fish from my Inner Mind.


The bait worked and I caught the sneaking cat...

“I just took that out not even one second ago, and you already... ate... it.” I said, but I was stumped by what I saw.

Tamara... had changed.

Looking up at me, she gulped the remainder of the fish and then smiled. The water was reaching all the way up to her waist, and her long brown hair was flowing down on her back, which was a bit more furry than a human's. Her forearms and legs were also covered with fur, but only on the outer side like a pair of armguards. Her long tail was swaying in the air left and right. Her face was changed from that of a feline with a cute snout, to the face of a beautiful woman with slightly longer canines and cat-like eyes. The front of her body was undoubtedly that of a human woman up to the last detail.

I gulped.

She was stunningly beautiful and petting her was the last thing I thought about right now... This was dangerous.

“Nya... Master's smell... is...” she tilted her head to the left and looked into my eyes. “That of mate.” she said.

I gulped again.

“Erm... Tamara? How? Why? Are you... MMF?!?” my words were sealed as she pushed herself onto me and gave me a kiss.

I lost my footing, and we both fell in the water.

Shaking her head like a cat, she giggled and then told me. “Tamara doesn't want to be slave anymore. Tamara has new body and loves Master like everyone else does. Tamara wants to be master's mate as well. Tamara will give... her everything to Master.” she shook her head “No, to you, Illsy. Will you take me as your mate?” she asked and then gave me a lick on my cheek.

Her arms moved around my neck and she pulled herself closer to me.

What happened next was quite obvious... Tamara won.

She was a cat-eared beautiful woman who loved me?! How could I resist?

Anyway... Her playfulness was still the same as before, but she became more affectionate towards me, and there were many times when she said things far beyond what I considered to be her intellectual capacity. Well, she was a cat, in a way, so maybe she never did anything that was too troublesome for her.

As for her strength, she excelled in speed and anything that required a high agility.

I didn't mind that much taking Tamara as my last wife. She was someone who stood by my side even after I went full psycho thanks to The Darkness. And most importantly, she loved me like everyone else, and I also learned to accept and care for her now that she was an adult.

Yes, in her species' eyes she was technically an adult already, but for me... it simply felt wrong. Now, I had no problems with it.

Tamara and Zoreya were the only ones who didn't want to share their bed time with me and another one of my wives. Both of them had the exact same reason: they selfishly wanted me only for themselves during those nights of passion.

Speaking of which, Zoreya was a beauty of a woman as well, but who was ridiculously shy when out of her armor. The change was so extreme it made me laugh some times.

Well, after our first night together, she began to socialize far better with my other wives and me as well. I found out she had a passion for reading just like Ayuseya did, and she was so bad at cooking even the monsters ran away from her creations.

Fun story... One time Tamara challenged her to a cooking showdown. Needless to say that the nekatar won by a mile. As for what Zoreya cooked... it was visually censored by the universe.

I don't want to say that my own wife's cooking was bad, but when we gave the result to a T-Rex... it stopped moving and died soon after with foam coming out of its mouth.

In short, Zoreya's cooking could kill a Legendary Boss Monster. That was a weapon ANY country would pay millions to have.

Well, she did improve as time went by. The human woman never gave up, but disposing of her deadly results ended up becoming my job somehow. My stomach and tongue had to be replaced several times, and I nearly died once, but it was all for a good cause! Zoreya eventually learned to make non-explosive french fries!

Then again, how can you turn fries into explosives? Was that even possible?

Well, it could have had something to do with her accidentally pouring tons of her Magic Energy into her food because of how nervous she became while cooking... for others. When she cooked for herself, it wasn't so excessively disastrous, but she kept trying, claiming it was training for the future.

Unlike the rest of us, she also required to pray periodically to Melkuth. At first, I built a temple for her. It wasn't very efficient. For the first few months, I felt like I had a phone with a bad battery which I had to always rush back home to recharge. After the first year spent on the island, Zoreya managed to learn how to acquire Divine Energy from Melkuth without needing a temple. Thus, she was able to recharge herself during the middle of the battle, increasing her performance by a lot and allowing her to use her more consuming abilities more often.

Zoreya quite literally became a tank worthy of any raid group! She could withstand any attack launched at her, especially when she wore my specially designed armor.

As far as family went, she told me that she wouldn't mind carrying my child, but only after we built the academy. She was in no rush, but she felt like 100 years without experiencing what it meant to be a mother was too much for a human like her.

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