~ Chapter 90: Six years. Five wives. OP stats (Part 3) ~

Now, the beautiful silver-haired el'doraw was the second woman to enter in my life, and probably the one who managed to stir my heart and emotions the most. It was hard to explain, but with her, I felt like I was the most connected, whatever this implied.

In these six years, she changed as well. While in the past, her behavior and attitude were those of a woman more reserved and who tended to keep things to herself, she was now someone who didn't hesitate nor feared to move based on her principles and decisions. If she didn't like something, she told me. If she wanted something, she asked for it. If she had something on her mind, she said it.

To me, this was a big change! Instead of a maid or slave, I got a woman with a mind of her own. Her calm and mature demeanour was also one that captivated me just like Nanya's playfulness and seriousness combo did, like Ayuseya's subtle elegance and seductress side did, like Zoreya's dedication and shyness did, and like Tamara's eternal cuteness did.

Her combat style was the same as ever. Shanteya relied a lot on her daggers, but ever since she learned to make her own weapons with her Godlike Ranked skill, she became far more deadlier. Unlike Nanya's armor, Ayuseya's breath, or Tamara's claws, Shanteya's creations were renewable and vanished after they hit. It was a perfect assassination tool. Her Supreme and Over Supreme skills were also rather scary.

All I could say was that one shouldn't mess with her if they valued their own life. Nanya and Tamara learned this the hard way... The demoness' prank was not taken lightly, although I found the change of her hair to pink to be slightly refreshing, especially after I undressed her. Two weeks afterwards, Nanya's skin was green, and she couldn't taste anything except bitter stuff. The nekatar had it worse, she had all of her brown fur shaved off. For a week, Tamara the brown nekatar became Tamara the Egyptian hairless nekatar. In the end, I healed her because the late night yowling was getting on everyone's nerves.

First time I saw a shaved cat that looked so pitiful...

I have to say though, I never expected Shanteya to ask me to impregnate her... I thought we would stick with the agreement that we would leave the baby making for AFTER I established the Academy, and we weren't in mortal danger because of Legendary Monsters.

Even though I thought like that, her words back then... made me wonder.

“Illsy, I feel like this is the right time... My body tells me this, and I never felt so much at peace with the idea of carrying your child as I did now. It's not later or sooner... it's now... Won't you answer your beloved wife's request?”

“Shanteya... I want our child to be born in a safe place...” I told her rather hesitantly.

She kissed me and moved on top of me, showing me a gentle smile.

“In a family with five Over Supreme Ranked mothers and a Godlike Dungeon Lord as a father under the protection of the God of War... how can our child not be safe?”

She had a point there... Our stacked up power was ridiculous, and I felt like she was right. There was something else I feared. Even back on Earth, a child's safety wasn't 100% guaranteed. So then, what was the question I was supposed to ask myself?

Did I really want to become a father?

Was I ready to take up this commitment and would it would indeed make me happy?

Neither Nanya, Ayuseya, Zoreya, or Tamara felt like it was the right time for this. From the nekatar I got the weird answer of “You are too young for me, nya~!”

What in the name of all that was holy did she meant by that?!

Anyway... that was the thing... Shanteya felt like it was the right time. She felt this from the bottom of her heart and soul. Her very being requested this... so I replied. Even for me, a better time would probably never come to be. There could always be something interfering, trying to postpone my decision.

But what if when I felt 'ready', she wouldn't feel it anymore? Such a thing probably frightened me more.

Thus, in that night, I made the decision to reply with 'Yes' whenever either of my wives requested it. If they didn't, I wouldn't even bring it up.

Indeed, many things changed during the past six years. Our stats skyrocketed too.

With a sigh escaping my lips as I looked up at the sky, I remembered the text written in the explanation for my unique of ability:

[Bond of Trust II]: A buff-type organic enchantment that is generated by a being's Soul. It's way of functioning is by turning Divine Energy generated by a Soul into Magic Energy that is used to reinforce the bodies of certain individuals. This type of Buff appears only when the Will of the Universe comes in agreement with the path of the individual's Soul. It can be applied on: Spouses, Slaves, Pets, and Minions. It increases their Basic Stats values with a certain Percentage of the Basic Stats of the Individual they had bonded with. At the same time, the Individual they have bonded with will receive a certain Percentage of their Basic Stats.

Maximums: Spouses: 100%; Slaves: 50%; Pets: 30%; Minions: 10%

Minimum: 0% (Inactive)

Received: 0% (Inactive) – 30% (Maximum)

Indeed... I received 30% of their basic stats, while these five overpowered wives of mine got 100% of mine... It was a bit unfair, but thanks to it, our strength was beyond what we could pull out only through Magic Energy.

“Divine Energy... Also known as the Energy of the Gods. It helps Zoreya power-up and it can also interfere with most of my functions. It's the one thing I am still unable to understand or even begin to. It's seriously that ridiculous!” I thought out loud.

With another sigh escaping my lip, I decided to look at our stats once more.

[Name]: Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus

[Species]: Half Dungeon/Half Demon

[Subspecies]: Godlike/Demon Queen

[Level]: 3453

[Strength]: 29548+31450

[Agility]: 25340+29790

[Intelligence]: 18945+42580

[Magic Energy]: 94725+212900

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 2478+4590 points per second

[Bond of Trust II] <100%> Change? Y/N

[Name]: Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades Deus

[Species]: Hybrid of Draconian and True Dragon

[Subspecies]: Gold

[Level]: 3216

[Strength]: 22560+31450

[Agility]: 21489+29790

[Intelligence]: 31548+42580

[Magic Energy]: 157740+212900

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 3755+4590 points per second

[Bond of Trust II] <100%> Change? Y/N

[Name]: Shanteya Dowesyl Deus

[Species]: El'doraw

[Subspecies]: Albino <Rare>

[Level]: 3329

[Strength]: 19755+31450

[Agility]: 29450+29790

[Intelligence]: 27430+42580

[Magic Energy]: 137150+212900

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 3122+4590 points per second

[Bond of Trust II] <100%> Change? Y/N

[Name]: Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros Deus

[Species]: Human

[Subspecies]: Caucasian

[Level]: 3789

[Strength]: 31450+31450

[Agility]: 20420+29790

[Intelligence]: 22178+42580

[Magic Energy]: 110890+212900

[Divine Energy]: 100/100

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 2740+4590 points per second

[Bond of Trust II] <100%> Change? Y/N

[Name]: Tamara Deus

[Species]: Awakened Nekatar

[Subspecies]: Brown Pride

[Level]: 3333

[Strength]: 28450+31450

[Agility]: 37580+29790

[Intelligence]: 18450+42580

[Magic Energy]: 92250+212900

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 3333+4590 points per second

[Bond of Trust II] <100%> Change? Y/N

Zoreya's [Divine Energy] from her window was probably because of her High Apostle job, but the fact that it was a 100/100 points meant that internally, I had no idea how to measure it, just roughly estimate it. For each of the other stats, I knew exactly how to translate them.

A level 1 would basically only show the amount of Intelligence points equal to the presumed IQ based on their mathematical and physics knowledge as well as their general understanding of the world around them. Afterwards, the numbers added calculation speed and most importantly: total subconscious computational ability. This last bit was what gave the ridiculous number. Having a lot of Magic Energy didn't mean squat if the individual had no idea how to process it and use it. The majority of the Intelligence points were there only as a representation of that ability.

The Strength stat I hypothesized as being the total amount of weight an individual could lift with one arm. Agility was the ability to move one's limbs. One point in it meant the individual could run with a roughly 0.97 km/h speed. But I noticed that in order to break the sound barrier, you had to have not 1273 Agility points but at least 4000. As for why this was so, I mostly presumed it had something to do with a subconscious barrier. When Ayuseya reached 1300 points in Agility, she could swing a sword fast enough to break the sound barrier, but she was unable to run at that speed.

The other thing I didn't get was Tamara's level... Whenever I looked at it, no matter what, it had at least one 6 or two 3s in it, which was weird.

Our overall stats were ridiculous, but in order to defeat most of the monsters on the Island, having at least 20000 was a minimum requirement. The T-Rex for example could only be defeated with ease by an opponent with at least 12000 points in all of their Stats.

And speaking of which, my own status window showed the following values:

[Name]: Illsyore Deus

[Species]: Dungeon Lord

[Subspecies]: Godlike

[Level]: 3347

[Strength]: 31450+39528.9

[Agility]: 29790+40283.7

[Intelligence]: 42580+35565.3

[Magic Energy]: 212900+177826.5

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 4590+4628.4 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Bond of Trust II] <30%> Change? Y/N

[Allegiance]: Holy God of Big Boobs!, Melkuth The God of War

[Spouses]: Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades Deus, Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, Shanteya Dowesyl Deus, Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros Deus, Tamara Deus

[Children]: 1

[Dungeons Built]: 348

[Dungeons Spawned]: 1

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

Yup, that number in the [Dungeon Spawned] category was the Dungeon Core baby currently growing in Shanteya's womb together with his or her Half Godlike Dungeon sibling. And I still had no idea how to make sure it wasn't sent to God knows where upon their birth!

That was probably my biggest concern in regard to me becoming a father... No matter what, my wives would ALWAYS give birth to twins.

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Anon 125342
Anon 125342

thanks for the chapter !


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Abhishek Kale
Abhishek Kale

Hello DragomirCM,
After doing some calculations, I found that you made an error.
In Illysore’s MP stat, the 30% component comes out to be 177826.5 not 117826.
Please correct it.

By the way, very nice story. Thank you for the great work.


There is a word usage error in the 4th paragraph, first sentance. “Her combat style was the same as ever. Shanteya relied a lot on her daggers, but ever since she learned to make her own weapons with her Godlike Ranked skill, she became far more deadlier.”
Here the word ‘more’ needs to be removed or the word ‘deadlier’ needs to be changed to ‘deadly’. Either use ‘far more deadly.’ or ‘far deadlier.’ as either works.

Ascending Flame
Ascending Flame

Comparing stats. . . . Tamara has a far higher base agility than Illsyore. . . Zoreya’s strength currently matches Illsyore’s, and Shanteya’s agility is close to Illsyore’s. Illsyore is QUITE overpowered now.

However, the most OP fact is that everyone’s, EVERYONE’S, magic regeneration is higher than their own magic energy pool. They have to use skills that would normally leave them completely dry on magic just to see the ‘bar’ drop below the maximum. And even then, it’ll only last for about a second, since it will refill almost immediately.


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far more deadlier
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Many thanks for the chapter 🙂

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