~ Chapter 6: My type of world ~

The world I wanted to go, eh?

Normally, that was a rather difficult question to answer, one that wasn't supposed to be answered lightly. Given the diversity of all of these gods in front of me and having seen at least one Fantasy and Sci Fi movie in my life, I had a general idea of what I didn't want to encounter. I wasn't unfamiliar with games or written stories of these genres either.

“I want the planet itself to be bigger than Earth, with various types of environments and climates. The flora and fauna should hold quite a diversified pallet, including magic monsters or biological ones. There should be many types of sapient species as well, such a cat people, elves, dwarfs, demons, fairies, and so on. Of course, humans too, you can't forget them because I want to be reborn as one as well. Ah! But I don't want the world to be in any imminent danger of being destroyed by a cataclysm, asteroid strike, alien, invasion, or something like that. As far as technological level goes, I have no specific preference.” I gave them all the details I saw as necessary for describing the world I wished to be reborn into.

There was no use to be given a life if it was going to be a short one on account of some space monster gobbling up the planet.

“In that case, most of us can't satisfy your request. Those who can, however, are these fellows.” a glasses wearing god with a tired expression on his face was the one who spoke.

The gods he mentioned stepped forward.

There were eight of them in total, Sapherya included. If I were to describe them from left to right in just a few words: butler older dude, loli goddess with black demonic wings, S.A.R.G.E, dwarf god with big mustache, full armor-plated big god, lizard anthro god, big breasted older sister type goddess with glasses, office lady goddess.

“That's quite the combo...” I remarked.

“Well then, what else would you like your world to have?” the office lady asked in a calm tone of voice.

I thought about it for a long moment before I gave them my reply. There was no rush, after all.

“I want it to have an Adventurers Guild or something like that.”

“Tch... I'm out then.” the loli goddess clicked her tongue and puled back from the line.

“I said I have no preference in regard to the technological level, but if this can be considered a factor too, then maybe the tech there should be slightly advanced from a magic point of view. Not like Earth's though. It should still hold the feel of a Medieval-type Fantasy world, maybe?” I tried to explain.

The butler, the lizard anthro, and the dwarf all pulled back from the line.

“Anything else?” they asked me, and I thought about it really carefully.

“It should have some unexplored continents, by humans at least? No... Erm, that too if possible, but I would be interested in experiencing Dungeon Crawling if there's anything like that?”

“I'm out too, then. A shame~” the big breasted older sister type goddess said as she winked back at me.

I gulped.

Maybe I should have skipped that last part? I wondered.

“Me too... unfortunately.” the armor plated big god also stepped back.

“Your world is filled with warmongering civilizations, so you use wars more than you do dungeon entities to strengthen your people.” the office lady pointed out.

“So the final battle is between the two of us, right?” Sapherya smiled as she looked at the other goddess.

“Precisely.” she nodded.

The stern looking, meticulous office lady or the goddess who hid behind a demon's voice. It was a tough choice...

“One last criteria maybe?” the office lady asked.

“Hm... I would like from time to time to experience a hero's life... Erm, not be an actual hero, but have the possibility to do heroic acts like save kingdoms or a damsel in distress... or run away from them if they were just making the whole thing up just to use me.” I scratched the back of my head, but I wasn't too sure about this one.

“I believe both of our worlds could offer you this experience. Thus, it's not adequate way to properly describe a planet or the civilizations living on it.” said the office lady goddess.

“I see... Unfortunately, I can't really think of anything else.” I replied and shook my head.

“Well, the thing is... our worlds are very similar from many points of view. But if I were to look at our civilizations alone, then the biggest difference would be the existence or absence of slavery. Elisaya's world managed to abolish it, while mine is a little troubled by it.” Sapherya explained.

“Hm... In that case, I'll go with S.A.R.G.E's world.” I replied.

With a smile and a dangerous aura overflowing around her, she asked “Come again? Whose world?”

“Erm...” I realized I had a slip of tongue. “Cute Sapherya's world?” I tried to correct myself.

“Please don't call me SARGE!” she shouted her complaint.

I gulped, but she sort of looked cute when she was angry like that.

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