~ Chapter 40: Drakaria (Part 2) ~

The establishment itself was quite big, capable of holding more than 100 dragons at its tables. With two stories above the ground floor, the number of rooms was great as well. Then again, it was placed right next to the Guild Hall, so it was natural for them to have more customers than others. More dragons meant more money, and more money was the purpose of every thriving business out there.

Regarding the architecture, it was made out of a dark-brown wood. It was sturdy and with a scent of food and booze already infused in it. Compared to the last inn we stepped into, the one outside Toros, this one was not so well decorated. Several carved wood statues could be seen around this place, but not all in top shape. One had a cut at the front, another had blood stain on it, while another had its head turned black from fire. The fact that the owner didn't change them could only mean that there was some history behind them and maybe he was waiting to tell it to those interested.

As usual, the bartender and innkeeper were all using the same counter. One dragon had a bunch of glasses and bottles to his left, while the other had an entire board filled with the keys for the available rooms. Having a reception office seemed like a waste of time to these dragons.

Following behind Seryanna, we approached them.

“Good day, Bayuk, Collentra.” the redhead dragoness greeted them.

“Sir Seryanna! A pleasure as always!” the dragon named Bayuk replied with a big grin on his face.

“Oh my! Sir Seryanna, welcome back! How was your journey to Tomeron?” the innkeeper dragoness asked with a smile on her anthropomorphic head.

Yup, that one was female. She had a tail too, but no wings. Her scale color was a pale green.

“It was pleasant.” Seryanna nodded.

“And these are?” Collentra asked as she looked past her shoulder, straight at us.

“Adventurers and friends I have made along my journey. This one, however, is my younger sister. Do you remember Kleo?” she asked them.

“Kleo? You mean that little mischievous girl?” Bayuk asked.

“Acha~” the dragoness in question hid behind Kataryna.

“Hahaha! You still owe me for the prank you pulled when you were five!” Bayuk told her.

“I'll... pay up for it.” Kleo replied.

“No need to, honey. This old lizard tail may have had a harsh tone back then, but he didn't mind it that much.” the innkeeper dragoness said as she shook her head.

“I understand...” Kleo nodded.

They didn't seem to be worried about her being a black scale, and the dragons weren't glaring at us so far.

“I have a few rooms free, as you can see.” Collentra pointed at the wall next to her.

“The soldiers didn't give you any trouble?” Seryanna asked as she furrowed her brow.

“No.” she replied shaking her head.

“Thanks to her highness, the Third Princess, they have no authority over this place. We made it clear that we will accept anyone willing to pay, but adventurers and those affiliated with her party are always first in line. That emblem you told us to hang on the wall over there sure came in handy several times.” Bayuk smirk and then pointed at something behind us.

When I turned around, I saw a wood carving of the same emblem as the one now visible on Seryanna's armor.

“These fellows seem to be close to you two.” Kataryna pointed out.

“They were good friends of our parents.” the redhead dragoness replied.

“That's why we always keep a spare room just for her family in case they ever drop by.” Collentra pointed out.

“I appreciate your kindness, but it's not needed to offer us special privileges of any kind.” Seryanna said as she shook her head.

“Nonsense! This is my business and if I say I will always keep a spare room for the children of my good friend, I will do so!” Collentra said pointing a clawed finger at the ceiling.

The dragoness already made up her mind, and I highly doubted we could change her mind.

“Our business...” Bayuk corrected her.

“Yes, yes, dear.” she nodded and patted the dragon on the shoulder.

“Anyway... How many nights, Sir Seryanna?” Bayuk ignored his wife.

“For the time being, a week is fine. We will pay more if we need to stay more.” she explained.

“I understand. Will you be using your room?” Collentra asked.

“Kleo will. I need to report at the palace. So, that will be three rooms in total.” the redhead dragoness.

Well, she had her chamber at the Palace, so she didn't need one here. Not like she couldn't sleep in my room or Kleo's if ever was the case.

“Alright. Here you go. That will be three silver coins. Meals are not included.” Collentra said as she gave us the keys.

“That sounds cheap.” I said.

“Adventurers have a special discount. On top of that, you are together with Sir Seryanna. It's only natural that I add another discount to it!” the dragoness replied happily.

“We basically get ZERO profit because of this, but not like we lack spare rooms.” Bayuk pointed out and then looked over at the wall where the keys were kept.

“Indeed. For us is just business as usual.” Collentra smiled.

“Speaking of which, why did you ask about the soldiers, Seryanna?” I asked the dragoness as I remembered the earlier talk.

“Judging from the situation back in Toros, I presumed that this new rumored general was going to overfill the city's inns with his troops. Sometimes it happens.” she explained.

“You mean Sir Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya?” Bayuk asked.

“Yes, that's him.” Seryanna nodded.

“True, one of his goons came over a few days ago and ordered us to empty the rooms for some of his commanders. I shrugged, pointed at the emblem at the back and told him that I have orders from her highness, the Third Princess, not to listen to such requests. They went silent and left, but one of them said something...” Bayuk looked down, and I could see a sign of worry in his eyes.

“What did he say?” asked Seryanna.

“He said... 'Not for long.'. I can't help but wonder if something is going on back there at the palace.” Byauk replied as he scratched his beard.

Seryanna looked back at the emblem hanging on the wall and squinted her eyes. I could tell something was wrong, and I wasn't the only one.

“Is something the matter, sister?” Kleo asked.

“I don't know... but something doesn't feel right about this new general. I am quite certain that grandfather informed his Majesty about his current condition, so why is this general taking over?” she wondered.

“Maybe someone is plotting something behind the King's back or forced him in some way to make this decision?” I expressed my opinion, although I had no idea how politics worked in this country.

“Hm...” Seryanna's expression turned grave.

“Erm...” I blinked surprised.

“I apologize, but I will depart now for the Palace. Will you be alright?” she asked as she looked back at me and then at the other two dragonesses.

“Don't worry, sister! We have a Breakthrough Awakened with us and Alkelios too!” Kleo smirked.

“A Breakthrough Awakened?” Collentra blinked surprised as she looked at Kataryna.

The dragoness in question simply shrugged like it wasn't such a big deal.

“Yup, we'll be alright. You can go and take care of your business. When we want to meet just send a word.” I showed her a smile.

She nodded and then we shared one quick kiss.

“Take care.” she told me with a caring smile.

After she left, I turned around and saw both the innkeeper and bartender looking at me with gaping mouths. Actually, there were a few dragons in here who were also staring at us like that.

“What?” I asked a bit confused.

“You... Sir Seryanna... HOW?” Bayuk was the one to ask.

“It just happened.” I shrugged like it was nothing.

“Oh my, what interesting guests we have this time.” Collentra giggled.

I titled my head to the left, but after a moment of thinking, I realized that being in a party with a Breakthrough Awakened as well as a knight like Seryanna wasn't something very common. It was just that we got used to each other and didn't really mind it that much. For regular dragons, we were all quite the combo.

As for me... I probably looked like the most normal out of all of them. Besides, I was a human too, which in itself raised even more questions.

[Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya' point of view]

I looked through the window of my private chambers at the Palace and saw Sir Seryanna passing through the gates.

“So the pawn has arrived at last.” I smirked.

It was by no mere chance that she was here at such an important time. The so-called tournament was only a way for me to reorganize my troops, and a pleasant show for the audience. Dragons valued strength, and I intended to drill this fact into their skulls. Those who wished to climb up the ladder of society were required to have the strength to do so.

Of course, unknown to the others, this was also a means to weaken the faction of my aunt, the Third Princess of Albeyater. I had no official quarrel with her, but the way she did things was unbecoming of a dragon. Even her emblem spat shame on our species.

Nonetheless, she was of royal blood and my own aunt, but this in itself allowed me to take hold of one of her most prized assets... Brekkar's army.

Since the old man fell ill, I had constantly made sure to pull all the possible strings to acquire the seat of a General. If I failed now, then my next chance would be in several hundred years or when one of our generals fell into battle.

I was unwilling to wait that long, but also not stupid enough to launch an attack on one of the kingdom's prized assets. Weakening our army would be akin to weakening myself.

“Sir... I believe I have some news of interest...”

The one who spoke was at the entrance. No, to be more precise, he had just teleported inside my chambers. There was only one individual who could do this.

Turning around, I looked at my slave, the human hero with a teleportation ability.

“Speak, Kronius!”

“Yes, master.” he bowed “The one who is accompanying Sir Seryanna is a human hero like me. I believe he holds a strengthening-type skill. When we battled, I could cut him with my sword, but when I punched him, I nearly broke my fist.”

“So far, you said nothing of interest.” I squinted my eyes at him.

“This... human kissed Sir Seryanna.” he smirked.

The grip around around my sword's hilt tightened, and I let out a pressuring aura.

“A human did what?” I asked in anger.


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