~ Chapter 7: The details of my new life (Part 1) ~

All that was left to do now was to choose my new life and have another take at my abilities, but to be honest, while I had some ideas about that last part, nothing crossed my mind for the first one.

“So... a family...” I said as I pondered about what I wanted.

This was the eight time already when I repeated myself. Some of the gods returned to playing board games and doing other stuff until I made up my mind. The only one who HAD to pay attention all the time was Sapherya.

“It's not that hard... How about we start off with erm... social class? YES! The social class you wish to be! Commoner, Nobility, or even Royalty, you're choice!” the goddess nodded three times at super speed.

“I would suggest to be reborn as a noble, a lower one. That's always a fine pick for heroes. Not too far from the common folk yet not too close either. Not too far from Royalty to not be able to get involved in the problems of the state, yet not right in the middle of it either.” said the dwarf god from before.

“Is that so? Hm...” I said rubbing my chin.

Thinking about it, this god had a good point. Being born as a lower noble of sorts allowed me to properly interact with those on upper stratum of society but also with those on the lower one. If I fell in love with a commoner, it wouldn't be such a big deal, and the same could be said if I fell in love with a noble lady. Looking at it, I probably even had a shot with a princess.

“Alright! Then a lower noble it is. No point in playing a new game on a very hard difficulty.” I said after I made up my mind.

“A fine choice, but I'm going to guess you want them to be a loving family, not too rich yet not too poor, not very influential at the time of your birth yet not lacking in it either?” asked the big breasted goddess.

It sounded like a good idea, so I gave my approval with a nod. Sapherya also agreed with it.

“I never had a sister or a brother, so maybe you could put me in a family where I have one? Either is fine, I just want a sibling whom I can pamper or be pampered by.” I shrugged as I gave my surprisingly simple request.

“”Whew! For a second there, I thought you had perverted intentions when you said 'sister'. The number of idiots out there who lust after their own blood related sibling is too damn high!” complained Sapherya.

With that last part, she reminded me of a certain meme.

“Hey! Please spare me from such a messed up family! A normal one is absolutely fine with me!” I cringed at the very thought of it.

“Haha! Of course! Of course! So a sister in a loving noble family? That works. I should have several of them where I can place you.” Sapherya nodded.

“No arranged marriages please.” I added before I forgot about it.

“Aaand... the list was narrowed by a lot.” the goddess replied tilting her head to the right.

“Well, that's about it in regard to the family. I don't have any other specific preferences... Just make them human, maybe? Oh, but I already said I wanted to be reborn as a human, so it's natural that they are human as well... Hm...” I crossed my hands at my chest and tilted my head to the left.

There was really nothing else I could think of that needed to be specified. I marked all the important things and all that was left were minor details.

“I guess now we can work on those abilities?” I asked.

“Certainly!” Sapherya nodded with a smile while the horde of gods began to actively talk among themselves.

I felt like I was in the middle of a market place. Everyone was so noisy, I couldn't understand a thing.

“For regeneration, that can be done with a genetic mutation, but this means your children will inherit it as well. Also, you might end up immortal or with a VERY long lifespan... probably your sister as well. She will possess similar genetic abilities as you.” the office lady goddess explained.

“Works for me!” I nodded and smiled.

“Flight can be achieved in three ways: a mutation that allows you to grow a pair of wings; a mutation that grants you the Telekinezy ability; or inherent magic of a gravity and wind combination.” explained Sapherya.

“Definitely not wings, but Telekinezy sounds the best. I want that one!” I nodded and smiled.

I just hoped no bald old man was going to come and recruit me to his school...

“Very well... Now about the magic you can use. As a noble with a high physical regeneration, your Magic Energy pool will most likely be abnormally high for your given age, but it won't matter the quantity if you don't have any elemental affinity. If you want to struggle a bit, we can just let you have an affinity for all the elements instead of giving you all the magic knowledge you will ever be able to learn in that life time. This way, you are free to experiment and advance at your own pace.” explained Sapherya as she even showed me a small diagram of sorts.

According to her, I would have enough Magic Energy by the time I was an adult to become one of the most powerful mages in the kingdom. Compared to normal people, I would have outstanding talent in magic just because of my affinity for the elements and Magic Energy pool. However, it all came down to me if I was able to properly use it or not.

Just like saying: you could buy the strongest horse on the market, but it will be useless if it behaves like a donkey.

“Your suggestion sounds good to me. All element affinity and enough Magic Energy to make the court magician envious. If you can make sure I won't lack the ability to learn it faster than the average magician, it actually sounds really cool!” I nodded satisfied.

The last part was mentioned because as much as I wanted a challenge, spending countless hours in a library just to read the same book over and over again wasn't what I would call... fun.

“Understood. Although, the ability to learn fast is a given if you chose Telekinezy. However, I wish to point out that I would be against choosing an All-Language Translator ability.” Sapherya told me with a serious look in her eyes.

“Huh? Why?” I asked surprised.

It didn't sound that bad, to be honest, but after they claimed that all skill and abilities were a go, it made me wonder why they would deny this one. Or maybe this was just a request from the main goddess of the world I was going to be reborn into?

“Well, language is different from species to species because of the way their vocal cords are formed as well as the range of sounds they can perceive or emit. Then we have different orders of sounds in their alphabets and countless variations of characters for each language, including secret and dead ones. An auto-translator would require using a LOT of Magic Energy or Divine Energy, depending on the case, in order to decipher and access the required information. It will also make it almost impossible for you to naturally learn other languages, even that of your own parents. In your mind, you will think and speak as you do now, in Romanian, while for the others, it will be translated in their native language.” the goddess let out a small sigh.

“This would become a problem if they spoke in a secret language.” I pointed out.

Even in the medieval times of Earth, it wasn't that unlikely for nobles or secrets organizations to use completely made-up languages in order to communicate among themselves. If someone who can easily understand and translate those languages suddenly appears, suspicions will arise from both sides.

“Well, it's not like we can't offer it, but it will constantly consume a lot of your Magic Energy, when you could just as well use it in order to cast more powerful spells.” Sapherya told me.

“From your explanation, it sounds to me like this skill could end up becoming really troublesome from several points of view.” I raised an eyebrow.

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This was the eight time –> This was the eighth time


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