~ Chapter 7: The details of my new life (Part 2) ~

“Sigh... Yes. Because it sounds like it would be boring to learn other languages, many heroes end up using a lot of their [Hero Potential] in order to acquire it. For some it's even given unwillingly when they are summoned.” she nodded.

“Seriously?” I asked surprised.

“To put it in gaming terms...” Elisaya, the office lady goddess, spoke “it would mean that out of 100 Skill Points, you would use about 90 just for this one. I have witnessed various gods hiding the actual cost of this skill or even forcing it upon their heroes before they realized they can just choose something else. This is considered by some gods a good way to control certain Heroes. It limits the potential of their Cheat Abilities by a LOT.”

“Is this the reason why many heroes in Earth's novels end up with this skill and only one or two other cheat skills?” I asked curiously.

“Yes. The main god of Earth actually allows many people with a talent for creation to peek unconsciously into other universes and dimensions or remember events and situations from past lives through the form of their imaginations.” she pointed out.

“So, an earthling's cheat skill on Earth is his imagination?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Indeed. How else would you explain the rapid growth of technology and culture on your planet. If it would have been limited as it is on certain worlds, then humans would have remained in each historical era for at last 10000 to 20000 years as they slowly advanced and perfected themselves.” Sapherya explained.

“That's slow...” I blinked surprised.

“For you, who was born on Earth, yes, but for those born on my world, for example, it's actually quite a normal speed.” the dwarf god shrugged.

“What happened to curiosity?” I asked.

“It's limited by the need to survive. As a result, humans of such worlds tend to be far more physically apt or biologically evolved when compared to those of Earth. However, going back to the topic, do imagine how it would have been if certain heroes from those stories exchanged this all-language translator skill for let's say... 9 other Cheat Skills with the equivalent power of their first one?” the office lady pointed out.

“Hm... End of story in three chapters?” I replied.

“That too, but the damage they would cause to the world would be unprecedented. The power struggle would shift. The civilizations would shatter, and countless lives could be lost at the single flick of their hands.” she explained.

“But why give them such powers in the first place?” I asked confused.

“Hm, that is a question we cannot answer at this point. Maybe in the future when we meet again, we will tell you. Just think of it as one of your challenges... How to use ALL of your powers without breaking the world apart.” she smiled gently.

“I understand, thank you. Even so, why did you tell me all of this? Wouldn't it have been better to hide it from me as well?” I asked.

“With your high [Hero Potential] it matters not, besides, we felt like we could trust you with this information. A god's intuition is not one that should be taken lightly!” Elisaya showed me a smirk.

“I see...”

“Instead of that costly skill, I think I may have an alternative.” Sapherya said with a smile.

“I'm listening.” I told her.

“How about the ability to simply pick up with ease any language and learn it much faster than others can. You saw it in your world as well. Those people who can study a new language in a matter of days or weeks? Something like that? It would still require you to put some effort into it, but it won't cost any Magic Energy.” she explained.

“Hm... Is that so? Sounds good, but what are the extra perks?” I asked.

“You may speak with uncommon or mythical beings as well, such as fairies, spirits, and even us gods.” she pointed out.

“That sounds quite useful. And it won't use up my Magic Energy?” I asked.

“No.” she shook her head.

“What's the cost on my [Hero Potential]?”

“About 30% of it.” she replied.

“That much, huh?” I said.

“Communication is the mother of all civilizations.” pointed out the armor-plated god who was in control of a warmongering planet.

That was indeed true. The humans on Earth reached their current level of civilization only thanks to their ability to communicate. Without it, we would have still been monkeys dangling on tree branches and eating fruits and bugs.

But this also reminded me of another thing. Almost all the heroes in the stories I read had this ability of an auto-translator. They were quite limited to a certain number of languages, but in the end, it was something they received most of the times without even asking for it. They saw it as luck or maybe a default setting of sorts, but from what I was told just now, it was highly likely that it wasn't so. The gods, no matter how goofy or incapable some appeared to be... were still gods in the end. Their worlds, their rules as they say.

“Will I be able to learn body language as well?” I asked out of curiosity.

“With proper study, yes.” Sapherya replied with a nod.

“I'll take it then!” I agreed immediately.

30% was far better than 90%. If I chose the auto-translator, I might have ended up needing to give up on Telekinezy or magic. Besides, back on Earth, I was really really bad at body language. It didn't matter how one moved or behaved around me, I was simply unable to tell the meaning behind their gestures. I even had trouble understanding the simple 'thumbs up' or 'middle finger' at one point. For a while, I actually thought they were just weird way people greeted each other.

The embarrassing moments which ensued as a result of my terrible misunderstandings were endless and rich in humor.

“Well, besides our usual blessings and the before mentioned luck, is there anything else you would like us to offer you?” Sapherya asked curiously.

“Hm, you said your world holds the concept of slavery, right?” I asked.

“Yes...” she nodded “Not one of my world's most admired features. Although I initially introduced it as a way to prevent criminal dungeon overpopulation, it sort of got out of hand, and now certain individuals in both politics and my own church have went as far as to declare it to be my solemn will.” she complained.

“I understand. So it's your fault it exists in the first place.” I nodded to myself.

“Nooo! I just suggested it as an alternative way... Uuu! I just didn't want blood to be needlessly spilled for every petty crime!” she complained.

I find teasing this goddess to be a rather enjoyable thing. I thought.

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