~ Chapter 7: The details of my new life (Part 3) ~

“If that's the case, then grant me the ability to override those slave contracts, collars, or whatever they are using. Make me completely immune to slavery magic. Also, those you personally wish for me to free and are in my power to do so, please make it so that I can see them or meet them?” I suggested.

“Wouldn't this turn you into an Apostle of mine?” she asked tilting her head to the left.

“No. I will use this power only when I feel like it. It will be my type of 'eccentric behavior' as a noble if you wish to call it like that. Just a noble who buys and frees whoever he feels like it. Although, I'm going to make this clear. I don't want to end up freeing such slaves at every single step I take! Or turn it into some sort of life mission. If in the future I can do something about it, very well, if not, then don't make me.” I warned her.

Leading that sort of life could easily turn my future and happiness upside down. I was 100% sure I didn't want to become a martyr, but freeing one or two now or then didn't sound THAT bad. Besides, the main reason I wanted this goddess to be the one guiding me in this matter was so I didn't have to worry about trying to figure out who needed to be free and who didn't. As the one ruling this world, she had to know better.

If it were solely up to me, I would probably free all of them, but seeing how this specific slavery system was introduced mostly as a way to punish criminals, chances were I would encounter a lot of death row inmates. Freeing criminals and all sort of bad characters wasn't something I wanted to do or experience.

“Ten souls he's planning on making a slave harem filled with beautiful sexy women?” whispered one of the brawny gods to another one.

“Deal!” he complied.

These gods... are they serious? Who bets on something like that?! I wanted to scream out, but then I realized that I would also make a similar bet if I was in their place.

I kept my mouth shut and only let out a sigh. I honestly didn't care if the bet was going to come out true or not.

“Very well then. I will grant you the ability of [Oracle Eyes], which will allow you to see my Divine Light around those I wish you and only you to help or save. I will also give you the skill [Divine Contract], which is similar to [Make a Slave]. It can override the former spell and any other similar ones. It grants you immunity towards any type of [Charm] and [Enslave] abilities cast upon you. Of course, items with such function will appear to work properly, but in reality have no effect at all.” Sapherya explained with a small smile on her lips.

With this, I was pretty much set. There was only one last thing I wanted to ask of her.

“Is it possible to grant me a mutation that strengthens my skeleton and reflexes without changing my outer appearance? Not something ridiculous like a metal alloy covered skeleton. If that thing bends, I'm pretty much done for. Besides, winters and hot summers will be a nightmare...” I asked with a wry smile.

“Of course I can! But are you satisfied with only this?” the goddess asked me.

“Yes, although, are you certain I didn't ask for too much?” I worriedly inquired as I looked towards the others gods, but they all shook their heads.

“With your [Hero Potential], even if you asked for a game-like God Mode ability it would still be acceptable!” the brawny redhead warrior laughed it up.

“God Mode? No, thank you! I want to have fun not get bored.” I retorted.

“If you don't mind though, how about a Status Window?” Elisaya asked.

“Like in a game?” I asked.

“Yes.” she nodded.

“Will I be the only one?”

“Yes.” this time, Sapherya was the one who replied and showed me a cute smile at the end.

“I don't mind... as long as it's nothing too outrageous.” I shrugged.

“Not at all! This way, you'll be able to see the status of your contracted companions as well. It will require Magic Energy to invoke and can even be used as a means of identification.” Elisaya explained with a business-like look on her face.

“Back on her world, this sort of spell is quite common... Hm, maybe thorough you, I can also introduce it on mine? Of course, if Elisaya permits it?” Sapherya looked back at the office lady.

“I do not mind. The people of my world found it to be quite helpful in many things.” she shrugged.

“Great! Then I guess with this we're done!” Sapherya smiled and clapped her hands.

“Once more, we apologize to you, mortal, for the trouble the people of all of our worlds had brought upon an innocent and brave soul such as yourself.” they all bowed before me.

No mater how big of a pride they had, as true gods with a kind heart, they couldn't turn a blind eye from their own mistakes, even if the ones to blame were actually those living in their worlds. Because of this honest gesture of theirs, I couldn't bring myself to either hate or blame these gods. On the contrary, I found myself liking them.

“Farewell, mortal! May you lead a life filled with happiness in the world I call my own.” Sapherya spoke in a solemn tone of voice as white particles of light began to surround me.

“Thank you as well, fair gods...”

As soon as I said this, I vanished from that place.

Now, a new life awaited me... one of new hopes and dreams, one without idiotic kings summoning me across worlds because of my [Hero Potential].

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