~ Chapter 46: History and shame (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]

I didn't hesitate to be the first one to attack. My speed was practiced against Kataryna, so I was quite confident that I would land a hit before he did. However, he dodged.

“That was close.” he said mockingly.

I slashed again, but he avoided it and counterattacked.

The blow was aimed at my right shoulder, and it would have hurt quite a lot if struck, so I avoided it. The blade's tip missed by a centimeter. He pulled it back and then rushed forward with the intention of slamming into me with his shoulder. I used [Side-Step] and avoided the blow this time as well.

We had switched places on the training ground now.

“It seems I may have underestimated you by a little.” Draejan said in a mocking tone of voice.

“Appearances can be deceiving.” I said and used [Dash].

Right when he entered my strike range, I used [Side-Step] again and [Ten Strikes Attack] from his left.

The consecutive hits were faster than my previous attacks because they were part of a skill that utilized the brute force of my stats. As a result, Draejan grimaced and jumped back, but I knew a few blows managed to land on him, yet he remained unscratched.

“Interesting...” he mumbled and then started to chant.

His palm was aimed at me, so I jumped back and quickly cast [Firewall].

It was pure luck, but he had cast [Fireball], and as a result, my barrier was highly effective.

“Tch!” he clicked his tongue and side-stepped to go past my magic.

I used [Dash] towards him while at the same time, I activated [Air Barrier] and prepared an [Air Scythe]. The dragon was surprised by my sudden attack and tried to counterattack, but my barrier blocked his strike, granting me the perfect opportunity to launch my spell at him. Unable to block it, he was tossed back a few meters, but he was able to land on his feet.

“You managed to hit me... I'm surprised.” he said.

“That's not the first blow, you know.” I smirked.

“Up until now, not many were able to land a Spell attack on me. Even so, against this armor, something of this degree is useless.” he laughed.

“What?” I furrowed my brow in confusion.

When I looked over to the audience, at Kataryna and Seryanna, they expressed worry on their faces, but I didn't understand why it was so. Unfortunately, it never cross my mind that their worry was aimed at the overwhelmingly difference in gear between me and this dragon.

Being submerged in my own anger, I even forgot to think logically and realize that maybe battles in this world were also a little bit gear dependent as well. In case of two equal opponents in terms of stats and levels, battle experience and their gear was what made the difference. After all, in most games, it was quite often that you saw lower level characters challenging a higher level enemy. In Dragon Hunt, the game I used to play on Earth, I often participated in such battles because my gear allowed me to do so. Even that dungeon I was challenging when the God-like message popped up in my head, I could only do so because my gear was one of the best the game could offer.

In my mind, that knowledge and experience belonged to a game, and I was fighting in real life. Thus, they didn't count, they were amounted to 0. The laws from there didn't apply here, but I forgot and also denied the fact that there might be similarities between the two. My mind simply ignored the fact that even Earth's armies were gear dependent in a battle when their skills, tactics, and experience was the same. Yet, instead of them, I was thinking of two martial arts fighters who always used the same armor or weapons in order to challenge each other on a ring.

Those battles and rules were designed to value experience and skill over the quality of item, but the reality I was in, the duel rules in which I currently fought dictated that what mattered most was winning and surviving.

Right now, Draejan was wearing a General Draconian Armor. I didn't know if it was General as in the rank or as in a category, but unlike me, he was wearing something. His weapon too was sharper and better. On the other hand, I was wearing what could only be described as an average adventurer armor and weapon. More so, it wasn't even something someone of my combat power would wear.

Once again, it was the situation where a Level 1 was challenging a Boss character. The difference in gear and experience were visible, but because I was in the heat of the battle and completely distracted by what happened today with Seryanna, I failed to realize this.

If I did, maybe I would have postponed the duel or declined it completely. Or at the very least, I would have changed my battle style...

Unfortunately, it didn't happen like this.

As the battle continued, we resumed ourselves mostly to exchanging sword blows, which were more or less blocked or parried by our skills or barrier spells. I was the one that kept using magic, and it was slowly draining my energy. If I didn't had Kleo as a friend, I might have had a bit of trouble.

Still, exhaustion and gear ware were starting to show on me. My sword, which was of an inferior quality and not handled by the hand of a master, was starting to show signs of damage. My armor wasn't doing to peachy either. Repetitive strikes and blows kept pushing it to its limit.

On the other hand, Draejan showed neither signs of weakness or gear ware. I was the only one at the loosing end, and it didn't feel very good. It was almost as if Luck had run dry on me. Or rather like it wasn't on my side from the very beginning, and it was just barely there; not enough for me to win, but enough to keep me alive.

I have to end this quickly, or else... I thought as fear began to make its way into my heart.

Clenching the hilt of my sword, I prepared to launch another attack while preparing to cast [Lightning Chicken!], through which I would summon Jophiel Thunderash. With her help, I would be more than able to defeat this joke of a knight Draejan.

“You know, while I am a bit surprised of how powerful you seem to be despite your level... There is a great difference between us.” the knight said as he squinted his eyes at me.

He used [Dash], I tried to move away, but instead of aiming his sword at me, he sent a punch. It was faster, and I was unable to avoid it. I took the blow directly to my stomach and was tossed back several meters. All spells I was trying to use in my head were canceled and the flow of Magic Energy was interrupted.

“While you barely have any experience at all when it comes to real combat, I was forged through it from an early age. Just because I am a knight does not mean that I won't ever use my fists.” he smirked.

“Ugh...” I groaned and coughed.

My insides hurt, and my head was spinning.

“That little attack is called [Shockwave] in Martial Arts. It basically sends out a pulse of energy through the opponent's body as soon as the fist connected. Although not very easy to pull off, it can easily cause a dragon to lose his stance for a moment and a human to fall unconscious. I'll congratulate you on staying conscious, human.” he smirked.

Damn you... I thought while holding my stomach and trying to get up.

He used another [Dash] towards me and struck me with his right knee in the face. I barely avoided a broken nose, but I was sent back another two meters. The whole world was spinning around me, and it didn't feel like I would be able to stand up any further.

Damn it! Don't tell me this it! I cursed in my mind.

Such a simple attack, and yet so effective against me. If I had a better armor or a shield, I wouldn't have even felt it. If I had been prepared, I would have stood a better chance. While thinking so, I couldn't help but realize my own weakness when it came to such battles.

“To be honest, when I first heard that you were brought here by Sir Seryanna as a friend, I was surprised and confused at the same time. I couldn't believe that someone with her past would be able to befriend a... human.” Draejan said and shook his head.

“What are you talking about?” I groaned as I rolled over and tried to push myself up.

“Oh my, don't tell me she never told you? Hm, I see... She didn't tell you about what happened to her in the past, did she?” he asked.

“What?” I was confused and looked up at him with a furrowed brow, then my eyes fell on the dragoness in question.

She was clenching her fists and holding her head down as if she was regretting it.

“Well, we still have a bit more time, so I can tell you. It will be more fun this way.” he laughed.

“What?” I didn't understand what this dragon was talking about.

“Don't you dare Draejan!” shouted Seryanna.

“Why not? I do believe that as someone who claimed to be your lover is entitled to know about your family's past, doesn't he?” he said.

“I don't understand... What past?” I said as I tried to get up, but the dizziness wasn't going away like it did in the movies.

“The one known by all dragons and humans, but a mystery to those like you.” he said and once more pointed out the fact that he knew I was summoned hero.

I could only glare up at him.

“This happened 38 years ago when the last big battle between the humans and dragons took place. In the land now known as Scar Battlefield laid the once prosperous domain of the Draketerus ducal family. Oh yes, at her origin, Sir Seryanna holds the same status as me, a duke's son!” he made a bow.

The Draketerus were once dukes? I wondered surprised.

“In their domain, they controlled three mighty fortresses: Sendra, Callus, and Thorn. Then, 38 years ago, the human army invaded. Led by a Breakthrough Awakened of their own, they conquered all of the Draketerus domain and laid siege to those three fortresses. In three days, they toppled them over.” he smiled.

He paused for a moment and looked into my eyes to make sure that I was paying attention to him. This meant he was reaching an important part in his story.

“At the time of the invasion, Sir Brekkar Draketerus was visiting Drakaria together with his two nieces: Seryanna Draketerus and Thraherkleyoseya Draketerus. One of them was brought here to take her Royal Knight examination. You can pretty much guess that she passed it, right?” he smiled and looked over at Seryanna.

“What happened in the Draketerus Domain?” I asked.

“Well, you may be a human, but even you may have noticed the lack of members in their household, right?” he asked.

I blinked surprised. Now that he mentioned it, I never heard Brekkar talk about his wife or children. Kleo and Seryanna never spoke about their family either.

Was it because of me? I wondered.

“Those three fortresses I mentioned later were led by the entire Draketerus family. Sir Brekkar's wife was in Sendra, which carried her name, while Sir Seryanna's parents were in Thorn.” he said.

“What?” I blinked surprised.

“Not only that, but Sir Seryanna's cousins, uncles, and aunts were all there as well. Among them, there was even Prince Coshun. Although an adopted son of the Royal Family, he was nonetheless a part of the Royal Family and a legitimate Prince. His highness together with every single member of the Draketerus family were BRUTALLY MURDERED by the invading humans. Their bodies were HUNG by the neck on the walls of the fortress as proof of the human... MIGHT.” he said as he put a lot of pressure on some of the key words.

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