~ Chapter 9: The Skills of a 'baby monster' ~

After I reached the age of 1, my telekinezy ability started to kick in. I discovered this when I accidentally stopped a very 'dangerous' blouse from falling on my little sister while she was crawling around the room.

To be fair, I thought it was something far more heavier, spiky, and... explosive. The flowery pattern should have been a clear sign that it was not an item of such... characteristics. Even so, I was thankful for this silly event that went completely unnoticed by Cassandra.

Not long after that, I began to work on training this ability, but it proved to be quite hard. Concentrating on it was one thing, but unlike it was with Magic, there was no specific Energy I could feel from it.

Remembering the fact that this was a result of a mutation, I concluded that there should have been something different with my body that enabled its activation. I was thinking along the lines of an extra organ or a muscle of some sort that flexed upon use. Thus, my first task was to discover this curious 'appendage' and see what I could do about training it.

Easier said than done...

Humans knew they had a brain, but when it came to feeling its presence, it was a bit difficult if not impossible for most of them. The same was with any other organ except for the lungs, vocal cords, stomach, and heart, which contained muscles that more or less gave them away, everything else was a bit hard to identify unless it was subjected to pain.

Of course, I knew a bit of anatomy, so I had a general idea of how a human looked on the inside, but imagining it was one thing, feeling it was another, and when it came to the organ that allowed me to use telekinezy, I had no idea what I was dealing with. For all I knew, it could have been an actual part of the brain or an entire network of extra nerves throughout my entire body.

Well... two months later, I failed brilliantly at all my 'peaceful' attempts to discover it. I experimented countless times with meditation, palpitation, and imagination. I found absolutely nothing! On the other hand, my perception and Magic Energy pool went up as far as I could tell.

So, the not so 'peaceful' way of discovering what generated this power was by actually flexing it until it began to hurt. Thankfully, I was lucky and got it right on the first try.

As a result, my brain, or more specifically the back of it as well as a spot in the middle of my chest began to hurt like crazy. I even ended up crying, and mom got so scared she cast Healing Magic on me. Thanks to her, I was able to calm down a bit. I needlessly worried her and my sister.

Meanwhile, our crib mysteriously moved a few centimeters to the left.

From that day on, I trained my Telekinezy within the normal limits, so I wouldn't end up scaring my family like that again. Technically speaking, I had super regeneration, so it was impossible for me to die or suffer some sort of permanent injury.

When I was one and a half years old, I decide it was finally time to use [Status Window] for the first time.

Upon casting the spell, a holographic window appeared before me, which displayed the following information:

[Name]: Leonidas Drakarys

[Age]: 1 years (5 months and 20 days)

[Species]: (Evolved) Human

[Level]: 1

[Strength]: 0.5

[Speed]: 0.8

[Cognition]: 128

[Magic Energy]: 165/215

[Magic Affinity]: All Elements

-The following data is available only to the caster-

[Divine Skills]: [Oracle Eyes]; [Divine Contract]

[Known Magic]: [Status Window]

[Hero Potential]: 12/12870466 (This skill will not activate until the previous value has been surpassed)

The regeneration and telekinezy weren't displayed, but I had the feeling the text in brackets was considered extra information that was available only to me, just like the bottom text.

As for why the [Status Window] didn't display those abilities of mine, I had a guess that it was because of my species: (Evolved) Human. Basically, the spell considered them as natural components of my physical body. It was the same as displaying [Fangs] and [Claws] for a monster or beastkin. They were the result of evolution, genetics, not some spell anyone could cast and make them pop up out of this thin air. It was the same with my abilities, they were mutations and as such genetic results.

Even so, leaving the Divine and Magic skills aside, my stats were down right horrible...

And here I was hoping for monster-like stats... I thought as I closed the window.

Well, I was just a toddler, what was I expecting? I couldn't even speak properly...

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this is great, I cant wait to read more!! 😀


Good chap, So, he has: – Super Regeneration which has a high probability of making him immortal (no aging + almost if not completely unkillable). Moreover this ability will probably give him a superhuman potential in physical capabilities, you know when we train our muscles ache afterwards. In other words he will not have this suffering since it will heal and reconstruct stronger muscles in an instant and it will not change his physical appearance, meaning that he will not be the size of a fucki** mountain (literally). – Strengthened bones which is pretty self-explanatory and will most probably be… Read more »

a reincarnated person in another world
a reincarnated person in another world

juste a question….you said no aging…….but if that was the case then wont he have the appearence of a new born baby forever ? Or maybe when his body will reach its full maturity (thirties? ) he will stop aging?( this question is for Dragomir )


at least he don’t get skills by suckling on every women’s breasts like the LN commushou 😀


And here I was hoping for monster-like stats…
LoL he is a toddler and have 215 magic energy, if it’s not monster like…
~Thx for the chap~


…And then when we find out that the average adult has 200 magic energy.