~ Chapter 92: The map (Part 2) ~

Up there, carved in stone and partially destroyed by nature and age, laid the map of the world, the main reason why we arrived on this island. Allasn, Thorya, and Sorone were on the right side surrounded by a big circle. Above them were another two continents, while to the left was a cluster of islands that looked like a shattered continent. At the top of this archipelago was another landmass, but it had a hole in it. at the bottom was another continent, and farther to the left were two others.

“A world map...” I muttered surprised.

“Oho? So ye do know what that be, huh laddy?” the captain asked with a loud laughter.

“It would be hard not to...” I replied.

“Then ye be telling the truth, aye? Ye landlubbers sailed the oceans beyond the barrier and reached this place!” he laughed. “I knew it! The old stories were true! There be countless oceans and continents out there! Me old man was right!” he laughed hysterically this time.

The guards gulped when they saw him like this.

Well, if he was a Supreme, it was clear why they were afraid of him, but this didn't explain one thing to me, so I asked.

“Why didn't you sail forth towards the other continents?”

“Why? Because no man or woman of me strength can go through the barrier! More so, the waters be unsafe to sail past it without the strength of one such as I! Me boats would be shattered by the jagged teeth of the monsters before they even had a chance to reach the barrier, let alone cross it!” he explained.

If what he was saying was the true, then the strong couldn't enter or leave, while the weak could enter, although, they would need an extreme amount of luck to reach safe waters. Or maybe this area of the ocean was just too dangerous for them. I highly doubted there were no zones without powerful monsters lurking in the depths of the waters, but finding them probably required a lot of manpower. Then came the hard part: exploring an outside world that required the minimum strength of a Supreme to survive.

In other words, this barrier was like a protective dome for the weak but also a prison for the strong born inside.

“Ye see the scribbles in the stone?” he asked me then.

“Yes...” I replied and nodded.

Those were written in Dungeon Language, another proof that this place was made by a Dungeon long ago.

“Not even now I be able to find out what they mean, but with ye all here, who came from outside, I may be able to find a way out! Or at the very least, ye could entertain me with ye life stories.” he showed us an evil smirk.

So this was his true intent... Although... Good bye, Paramanium Language! This guy is butchering you to no end... I thought and then asked “What makes you think we'll do that?”

“Ye be coming from the outside, aye?” he asked.

“Yes.” I replied squinting my eyes at him.

“Then ye be weaker than Supremes! I be Supreme, so ye be nothing when compared to I!” he declared in a menacing tone of voice.

Looking into his eyes, I let out a sigh, then looked back up at the ceiling.

The world map is right here. It's the thing we came for after all... I can even read the Dungeon Language written on it, so it's certainly the real deal. Is there any worth playing like this? I wondered and then looked back at the captain.

“What do you intend to do now?” I asked in a calm tone of voice.

“It be simple. Ye be telling me all you know about that!” he pointed at the ceiling “And I be letting you live. Of course, ye be me slaves from henceforth, so matters not what ye think. I be the strong one here. I be the law! I say jump, you jump. Got it?” he said pointing his finger at me.

From his jumbled up words, I more or less understood what he wanted to say and do with us IF we obeyed like cute little puppies. Unfortunately for him, this play was already over the moment he showed us the map. I guess, he had too much faith in the barrier's power, which existence I was already doubting.

There was nothing in my memories that ever mentioned the existence of anything of this sort. The Primordial visited the Dungeon Continent at one point, so it was clear that he was able to safely reach it. Since Tuberculus found his remains within the barrier, I could only suspect that either this barrier was added much later or it wasn't real at all.

However, around Allasn, Thorya, and Sorone was a perfect circle carved within the map. Inside, I could read the names of the three continents and the number 1000. For a Dungeon, that number was the representation of a Level. In other words, the Dungeon Continent located to the far west, past the Slime Archipelago, had the number 4500+ on it, while the latter had 1500+. The Demon Continent located bellow the archipelago had 2000+, while the Zeryan Confederation in the North West of the map, above the Dungeon Continent had 3000-3500 on it.

The strange island to the north of the Slime Archipelago had the word UNKNOWN written next to it in capital letters and the number 4000+ above it. While the continent to the East of it had a big question mark on it. The last one was the Nekatar Empire, with 1000-1500 next to it.

Well, the one big difference between this map and the one I got from Cairen Talcaea was the big island between Allasn and Thorya. It was present only on this world map, another clear sign of how old it was. At best, it was probably several thousands of years old or maybe more.

It's also highly likely that this barrier isn't there anymore... I thought and then let out a sigh.

“Ye ignoring me?” the captain told me in a furious tone of voice.

For a moment there, I spaced out and didn't listen to him at all.

“Yes...” I replied in a nonchalant tone of voice.

“Why ye little!” he tried to punch me in the face, but I stopped his attack with only one finger.

He widened his eyes in surprise.

“You know, your biggest mistake was the fact that you thought we were far weaker than a Supreme. Your second one was most likely inviting us like this in your treasure room.” I let out a sigh.

“He's an idiot!” Tamara laughed as she took off her cuffs.

The metal bent and broke between her fingers like it was made out of clay. Zoreya and Ayuseya did the same and got up on their feet.

The guards tried to retaliate when they saw them, but a simple slap from the draconian was enough to send them crashing into the walls. I highly doubted they survived that blow. Against ruffians and pirates, this dragon lady showed no mercy.

“Now then.” I said as I got up.

The captain backed up in surprise.

“B-But the barrier.” he said.

“Well... That's your third mistake.” I rubbed the back of my head.

“Wha?” he blinked confused.

“We aren't from the Dungeon Continent or the outside. I was born on Allasn. The powerful draconian here was born on Thorya, and the lovely blonde was born on Sorone just like the cute Nekatar.” I said with a smirk.

“But ye know of it... ye... how?” he asked dumbfounded.

“I'm a Godlike Dungeon with a level way past 1000. Of course I know of it.” I shrugged.

“Huh? WHAT?!” he shouted in surprise.

“Well... Anyway, I'm not going to go into details. I just came here to steal your map, that's all.” I shrugged.

“Ye want to steal me map?!” he said.

“Yes...” I nodded.

Lifting my hand up, I mentally selected the portion of the ceiling that contained the map and then absorbed it. Now all that was left up there was a big round hole. The captain himself looked up at it simply dumbfounded and unable to understand what just happened.

“Well, that's where your fourth mistake comes in... You never had a Dungeon Detection Stone on you.” I shrugged.

“Illsy, what should we do with him?” Ayuseya asked.

“I'm going to leave this to Zoreya. She's a High Apostle of Melkuth, so the justice of battle and war should go to her.” I replied.

“As you wish, my love.” she nodded.

“High Apostle?! Wait! Ye can't kill me! Aye! The contract with the Great Paramanium Empire still be in play! If ye harm me, ye be hunted by them for the rest of ye lives!” he said and pointed at us.

“So what?” I didn't even look at him. I simply walked around absorbing all of his stolen treasures.

“I feel no need to spare the life of one such as you! Be gone from this world!” Zoreya declared and then punched him in the chest.

The captain didn't even had the chance to retaliate or say another word. Even if he was a Supreme, against her might, he was simply way too weak. As a result, his Magic Armor was shattered and her fist caved in his chest. The man died on the spot.

After I was done with collecting all of the loot inside this cave, I lifted my hand up and activate my palm AGLMC Laser. A small and powerful beam of red light pierced the mountain and reached the sky. I kept it active for a few seconds before I stopped and stretched out my arms a bit.

“So... What are we going to do now?” asked Ayuseya as she kicked the dead captain's body out of the way.

“Hm... Let's wait for a bit and then leave this island.” I replied as I looked around the room, trying to see if there were any more secrets left untouched.

“As you wish.” Ayuseya replied with a small nod.

Unfortunately, there were no more secrets to be found here. The map on the ceiling was probably the biggest one in here. It was something that could shake the existing nations and shatter the common sense of their citizens.

In the end, I stopped looking and returned to the center of the room, where I was going to wait for the arrival of my other two wives: Shanteya and Nanya. But while I did so, I looked at the bodies of the dead humans lying on the floor and absorbed them for their Magic Energy. My Dungeon Territory was currently spread to the far reaches of this entire island, so in a sense... all of these pirates were at my mercy now.

There was once a time when I would have flinched at the sight of a body or worry if the right thing to do was to kill someone or not... Now, I am just wondering if it's the right thing to let them live. Or no, I should say that there are certain rules and parameters for determining such things... I let out a sigh and looked up at the perfectly cut ceiling as a result of my absorb ability So many reasons I can find for not killing someone, but if I let go of my usual good and forgiving nature, I guess it all amounts to the following questions: Can they change from now on for the better or not? Can I help him change in any way? Is he worth it? How does keeping him alive influence this world? How would his positive change influence it? Will I and my family be safe if I let him live? I closed my eyes.

To such questions, there were multiple answers. Many of them contradicted themselves, while others negated some of the questions. For example, someone in the position of a King could influence the world by a lot, but at the same time, it made it questionable whether I could help him change. At the same time, he could do both good and bad things with a single neutral order. As such, what I did to Prince Reynolds was a very risky matter. The curse I placed on him back then probably led him only to death unless he forced himself to accept my values. Morally, it was a bit wrong, but at that time I forgot about his brother, Prince Reginald, who could have found in his brother's death an excuse to go hunt me down despite my intent to change him. The best course of action would have been to force the prince to step down from his throne... and impose the slavery matter on the remaining prince.

Even if I elude myself by saying it was the Darkness' fault, it wasn't. At that time, it was mostly me who wished to do that to him. I wasn't perfect. I probably never will be. And as any other sapient living being out there, I had the right to get angry.

However, all this leads to another question... According to my new sense of value and principles, was letting Dankyun alive a good choice or not?

I lowered my eyes and looked at my lovely human wife, Zoreya, who returned a soft smile.

No... It wasn't... At that time... I simply was too afraid to kill again willingly as I did to Shanteya's former squad. I thought and then replied to my beloved with a smile.

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Abhishek Kale

Great work!!! Keep it up!


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-1 ?! Well that triggers my sarcastic hater mode again! 😛 (aaand a shows a lot of activity in these parts of interwebs.. huh) Anyways: https://youtu.be/IjytC-rIC8U substitute K with Illsy and harem members with.. harem members. And just pretend you cannot draw “a few” parallels. Again, love the MA series and also.. sort of.. liked the other series for portrayal of psychology and human behavior in environment with a different set of rules – you have to really dig deep, but it’s there I promise! Sooo.. new chapter ETA? 😛 As I repeatedly said I hate the series and not… Read more »


If the barrier doesn’t exist anymore then why nobody from the outside came.


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Ascending Flame

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Thank you for the chapter.

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