~ Chapter 49: A good beating (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]

Two months and several days went by since I last saw Seryanna... I haven't seen Kataryna or Kleo either, but I knew they both dropped by this inn from time to time and asked how I was doing.

Whenever I heard Collentra inform me of this, I began to laugh at myself and returned to my room. I didn't even stay to listen to what else the dragoness had to say, I simply ignored her.

I think it was about a week ago when Kataryna stopped by and told the innkeeper that she would stop paying for my rent. Today was the big day when I was going to get kicked out.

Honestly, I didn't care... I was a mess, and I HATED myself for this! I had neither the desire nor the intention to get better.

What was the use anyway? I was a human in the middle of a dragon continent where everyone loathed my very existence. I lost the woman I loved because I was an idiot, and to be more specific, I was an even bigger idiot because I, for some reason, believed that I could never TRULY FULLY love her because we were of different species.

Indeed, I was the scum of all scums! I was a defected product of the human species! I was a failure!

So here I was, sitting on my bed, unwashed since god knew when, with a big grin on my face and a bottle of mead in my hand. That one was just for show, I tried getting drunk once, but I failed as expected. I wore the same unwashed clothes from two months ago. It was a wonder they didn't disintegrate already.

In this disgusting state, I was going to welcome in my room one of the most powerful dragonesses on this continent: Kataryna. Today was the big day when she would certainly come over and tell me how much of a failure I was. Why? Because I wished so, and my Luck would certainly make it happen!

Then, finally... the key turned and the door opened. My heart was beating really fast, and I was frightened, but I had a big grin on my face. The grin of a broken and desperate man... Of someone who believed he had lost EVERYTHING.

Well... with Seryanna marrying Draejan, I did, didn't I?

When the door was fully opened, I tossed the bottle of mead at her... It broke on the wall, splashing the alcoholic substance everywhere, except her. An ice shield prevented the pungent liquid from touching her.

I didn't want to do that... crud. I thought.

“Sooo... Are you here to beg me to give you that baby?” I asked like the worst kind of man on the face of the planet.

I didn't want to say this! What's happening to me?! I thought.

Inside, I was in a state of panic, of madness brought to the edge. I was pushing the limits of how low I could get, wondering if I will be able to break it and somehow turn everything upside down. It was that sort of twisted logic my mind was running on.

Two months of seclusion and depression tended to do that people... Unfortunately, I never expected it to be so bad that one thing I thought and another spoke. Actually, what came out of my mouth was only trash.

“It appears you are doing well, Alkelios.” Kataryna said as she shattered the shield and entered the room.

The frozen mead fell on the floor, and I looked at her from head to toe, but I forced my eyes to stop on her chest.

“Strip.” I ordered with a grin.

“Hm?” she smiled and tilted her head to the left.

“Strip.” I repeated myself.

An ice spike was sent and stabbed at just an inch away from my neck.

I didn't even flinch. I smirked instead and let that disgusting word escape my lips again.

“Strip.” I ordered.

Kataryna shook her head and let out a sigh.

“Maybe I waited for too long?” she asked herself.

“Who knows? Are you going to strip or not?” I said Please don't... I thought.

“Tell me... is Seryanna still in your list?” she asked.

“Yes... What of it?” I asked in mocking tone.

“I see... What about me and Kleo?” she asked.

“Yes...” I replied.

“Good...” she nodded.

I moved from the bed, and approached her with a staggering walk.

“There's only the two of us here... I'm young, I can handle more.” I smirked. Someone please punch me... I thought.

And my prayer was answer, Kataryna's fist came flying straight at my guts. It was such a powerful strike it made me barf all that I had eaten that day.

“You forgot to say 'please'. Now, I do believe I am the one who needs to apologize here. After one week had passed, I should have known things would go like this. But I thought of you as a dragon and not a human. For us it takes longer to reach the state you are in.” she told me with a smile that sent chills down my spine.

“I'm cough perfectly fine cough!” I retorted and glared at her.

“Really, now?” she said with a mocking tone of voice.

“Yes... I don't need you, Seryanna, Kleo, Brekkar, or ANYONE ELSE! Just leave me cough alone! I'm a human ain't I?! Just a fool! A toy for you dragons!” I glared at her and tried to push her away, but she dodged, and I stumbled on the floor.

“I can see that. You are so fine you are living like a swine in a place where the sun doesn't shine.” she retorted.

“Hah! Good one!” I pointed at her. “So, are you going to strip or not?” I asked her again with a mocking smile.

“First you tell me to leave you alone, then you ask me to strip.” she tilted her head “If I was Seryanna, maybe I would try to comfort you like that, but... I'm wise enough to understand that isn't the cure you need.” she smiled.

“And what is?” I asked and then laughed.

I had no idea what happened because the next thing I knew was that I was standing upside down in the middle of the street among a bunch of wreckage. I blinked surprised and looked around at all the startled dragons.

“What the... Ugh! My body hurts...” I groaned.

“To think you couldn't even dodge something as slow as that. How the mighty have fallen~.” Kataryna said and shook her head.

Following her voice I looked up, well... down from the position I was in, and saw her walking up to a big hole in the inn I was staying at.

This crazy woman actually sent me flying through the wall?! And... I survived? I thought, although I didn't know which part was more surprising.

“I'm just a bit rusty...” I commented and tried to get back up, but I stumbled on the ground and fell on my bottom.

Bumping into something, I looked back and saw Kataryna standing there with seven Ice Spikes floating behind her. I gulped, and jumped out of the way. One of those spike was stabbed right in the ground where I was at.

“Are you trying to kill me?!” I shouted.

“YES!” she replied with a laugh.

“You are crazy!” I shouted and started running.

“I'm a Breakthrough Awakened! Crazy is my little name!” she shouted and came after me.

As expected, guards and everyone else was keeping out of our way. Actually, now that I looked better, Kataryna was wearing a chest piece with the emblem of the Third Princess on it. Maybe she put it on in order not to be bothered by the guards and other people. If it was two adventurers quarreling, they would have tried to step in, but if someone like me, who looked no different than a bum, was being chased around by someone who represented a Royal, they certainly wouldn't have dared to step in.

As soon as I realized this, I tried to run faster, but the spikes she was hurling down at me were no joke. One of them came close enough to scratch me. After that one, I wished hard on the inside that none of them hit me.

“Stop running and start dying!” she shouted after me.

“No!” I retorted and jumped up on a building.

Running through a crowd of dragons was hard, so I made use of my stats and jumped up on the rooftops. Just as I was about to land on it though, I heard Kataryna shouting behind me.

“An opening!”

When I turned around, I saw her flying towards me with her wings spread open. I tried to block, but before I could even make a wish to not get hit, I was struck. The punch sent me crashing through the rooftop of a building and through the window of another. Several dragons were screaming in fear, startled by the sudden battle.

I coughed and spat some blood. The punch cut my lip.

Cursing, I pulled myself off the floor, but when I when I raised my head up, I saw Kataryna standing next to me and grinning. She kicked me as hard as she could in the chest. The hit was so powerful, it once again sent me flying through a building's wall and smashing into the giant wall that surrounded Drakaria.

“Don't worry, the Third Princess will pay for the damages!” Kataryna announced soon after she hit me.

The force of gravity peeled me off the wall, and I fell on the ground with a thud. My whole body was aching from the pain. I coughed a few times before I tried to get up.

Damn it... I don't remember her being so powerful... Maybe my Luck isn't working as it's supposed to? Ungh... I wish I will get out of this alive... I said in the hope that I won't die.

Funny how until now I was looking for death or something to push me deeper into that hole of suffering I was tossed into, and now I was hoping not to die.

“So, do you still want me to strip for you?” she asked with a grin as she landed a few meters away from me.

The dragons around us were startled and ran away, except for one.

“I won't mind if you strip for me, missy.” a half-drunk idiot replied.

Kataryna didn't waste even a single second and decapitated him with an ice spike.

“I wasn't talking to you.” she smiled and then shattered the spike she committed the crime with. “Now, Alkelios... Where were we? Ah yes, me hunting you!” she nodded in satisfaction.

Is she really trying to kill me? I thought horrified.

Seeing her charge up a spell, I immediately aimed my palm towards her and tried to cast a fireball, but it didn't come out... No, I didn't have the guts to attack her.

I cursed, dodged the attack and then ran away.

“Come on! It just got better!” she said and then came flying after me.

She grabbed me by the back of my clothes and then flew straight up into the sky.

“Argh! Let go of me!” I shouted at her.

“No. I want you to see something first.” she told me.

“What?” I asked and hoped it wasn't my life flashing before my eyes.

Strange enough, I wasn't really that afraid of her. For some reason, I felt like she had the intention of killing me, but she wasn't going to kill me. At most, I had the impression that she was just going to beat me half to death.

“Look down there.” she said when she stopped ascending.

We were quite the distance high up. So high, that I saw a flying penguin stroll by us.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised as I saw the tuxedo bird with gigantic wings as it flew farther away, not minding us at all.

“Alkelios! Forget that stupid bird and look down!” Kataryna barked shaking me in the air.

“Yes! Yes!” I said as I looked down.

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