~ Chapter 49: A good beating (Part 2) ~

What I saw from such height, besides the smoke coming from the buildings we just wrecked inside the capital, next to its walls, spreading over the whole field was an army camp. Thousand of tents and multiple camp fires covered the land. A couple of training fields were made, and next to the river was the Khosinni Cavalry.

“What's that?” I asked confused.

“That's the Brekkar Army now under Draejan's control. It's three times the size of the one that went to the Scar Battlefield. However, very few if any soldiers at all from those who originally participated in that battle are present down there... Most of what you see there are nothing but hoodlums and bandits. The commanders are tough dragons with no brain, and unlike how the former army was, this one doesn't even accept a dragoness soldier, let alone one of a higher rank. They are even looking down at them.” she told me.

“And that's bad right? But I didn't knew Brekkar's army had women in it.” I told her.

“They say no one roars louder than a dragoness who had her tail stepped on. And gods have no mercy on those who anger a pregnant one. But you didn't actually believe all those servants who were back at Brekkar were ALL local dragons, right?” she asked with a big smirk on her lips.

“They weren't?” I blinked surprised.

“Those 'maids' took out more than half of the bandits that invaded the mansion before Brekkar even joined the battle.” she told me.

“It didn't seem like that to me... Were they always that strong?” I blinked surprised.

“Yes. Brekkar once bragged to me how all of them were fine ladies who were at the top of his army. The best of the best commanders he could find. The butlers, all of them, were the male ones.” she replied.

“Does Brekkar have a maid fetish?” I asked.

Pulling me up, Kataryna then whispered to me “I don't know, but if you like, one day... who knows...” she then let go.

“Huh? YOU DROPPED ME!” I screamed as I plunged towards the ground.

“Tehe~ Oopsie?” she giggled.

This dragoness was having way to much fun beating me to a bleeding pulp. Well, I had other matters to attend to than being angered at her, and that was to somehow manage to land. At the speed I was heading towards the ground, it didn't matter how high my stats values were, I would end up breaking more than my legs.

“One day, she's going to pay for this...” I grumbled as I aimed my hands at the ground and then chanted the spell for [Air Barrier].

I cast several of them on top of each other and prayed to all the gods out there that I wasn't going to die when I hit the ground.

The moment felt like an eternity and spiked my adrenaline to the max. I clenched my jaw, tightened my fist, and had my whole body tensed. My life was at stake in this fall, and the only thing that could pull me through were my magic, reflexes, and hopefully a good judgment.

The landing was anything but pleasant. The barriers shattered one after another until the last one went poof, and I hit the ground with whatever force was left. My hands touched the dirt, and I could feel my muscles screaming and giving away as I slammed with my chest into it. Because I came at an angle, the force recoiled me forward, and I did a spin in the air, landing on my back. There wasn't enough force for a second bounce, so I was left grinding the dirt with my back. My clothes were all ripped, but I still had my skin intact.

My Luck made it so that I survived, but my chest hurt so bad, I felt like I was going to feint from the pain each time I took a breath.

“What was that?” someone asked as the dust settled around me.

“Someone fell from the sky.” another said.

“Maybe some idiot who can't control his own wings?” someone wondered.

“Is he dead?” another asked.

“If he's dead, I'm taking his coins.”

“Hey! He's moving! Tch!”

As I laid on the ground, groaning in pain, I realized that I wasn't surrounded by the best the draconian species could offer. With some of the dust clearing away, I could see better where I was at... right in the middle of the Brekkar Army. If what Kataryna said was the truth, then from the once glorious group that marched to save Albeyater from the human invasion only the name remained.

Then... What use does Seryanna even have? was what I was wondering.

“Hey! Who are you?” one asked.

“Look at his back... no scales.” one pointed out as I got up.

True, the shirt on my back was gone, and my upper body was there for everyone to see.

“Can't be... a human?” one asked.

“Here? When did humans learned to fly anyway?” another asked.

I held my chest, my ribs were hurting, and I could barely stand. If these guys thought about attacking me, I wouldn't be able to do much.

“Ah! Look at that beauty!” one suddenly said.

I blinked confused.

I hope he's not talking about me... I prayed.

Suddenly I realize that Kataryna had descended as well and landed several meters away from me.

“Look at that booty!” one pointed out.

“Are you alone lady?”

“Finally, a female!” one said in an exasperated tone of voice.

“I was getting tired of hunting the lasses that ventured out of the city... Urk.”

The last one who spoke found himself with an ice spike in the middle of his chest. Kataryna didn't even flinch as she took his life.

“By the gods! She killed commander Prampus!” someone shouted, and all of a sudden the dragons began to unsheathe their weapons and surround us.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Once we beat you nice and well, we'll turn you into our camp's whore!”

“You woman have no right to be here!”

“We'll kill you!”

“We'll rape you!”

Their shouts were getting annoying to the point where even I was getting mad, but Kataryna wasn't even flinching. She just stood there and looked at me.

With her strength, she could easily kill all of them... Why isn't she even threatening them? I wondered.

Suddenly, one of them moved behind her and tried to attack. Out of reflex, I launched a [Earth Arrow] at him. The stone spike went right through his chest and killed the other two behind him, then continued to fly until it stopped, stabbing halfway through a breastplate armor placed on stand near a tent.

I was shocked by this.

“Hey... Did you see that?” one said in a shaken tone of voice.

“Impossible... What power...” another said.

That was... That attack wasn't supposed to be that powerful. I thought.

When I looked over at Kataryna, I saw her smirking. I gulped.

“Kill that guy first!” one screamed and about six ran towards me.

Surprised, I raised a [Firewall] and cast a [Wind Scythe] with the same strength and speed I used back when I fought against Draejan. Two of them stumbled and slammed into the wall, screaming in pain from the burns, while the others were chopped in half because of my latter spell.

In the blink of an eye, I had killed another six dragons.

Then I saw another one rushing towards Kataryna, but she wasn't doing anything to stop him, so I cast a [Water Ball] at him. The moment the attack struck him, his whole body was ripped apart into several pieces. The dragoness raised an ice barrier to protect herself from the flying guts, but she was showing me a very broad grin.

“Was this what you were after?” I asked as I made my way towards her.

At this point, none of these soldiers dared to approach us. I stopped right in front of her, but my chest was hurting a lot, and I felt a bit of blood in my mouth.

She didn't reply.

“Hey! Who are you? What are you... and whose that dragoness?” one asked.

I was just staring at Kataryna who wasn't replying, just grinning.

I give up... I have to give up! I can't win against you... I just don't know what you are thinking... You and your mind games. YOU are driving me nuts! There! You won, you silver-scaled dragoness! I thought and then closed my eyes for a second.

To be honest, at this point, my mind was blank.

Kataryna's perseverance won against the weak-willed me. I said I wanted to die, but I fled like a coward. I tried to push her back, but I was actually begging her to stay. I tried to show her that I didn't give a rat's tail about her, but I saved her when she got attacked. If anything, this stubborn and absurdly powerful dragoness managed to prove to me that everything I spat out at her, my whole gloomy and disgusting self wasn't the real me... My real intentions, my real self was different.

I gulped and then took a deep breath.

“I'm the one who'll beat Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya to a pulp.” I opened my eyes and looked at Kataryna “And this one is my friend.” I said.

“And?” she asked.

“And my second woman after Seryanna.” I added.

I can't believe you made me say something so preposterous in front of these idiots! I thought.

“Good!” she then picked me up.

“Oi!” I glared at her.

“What?” she asked tilting her head.

“Really? Princess-carry?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Because you are my cute little princess!” she giggled and then spread her wings.

“You two! Don't think you'll get away with this!” one shouted.

“Hm? I heard a bug.” Kataryna said and then released a wave of cold air.

In an instant, everyone around us for an area of 50 meters was frozen solid. She showed no mercy to these people. She didn't even look at them as she did this, just kept staring at me with a big grin on her face.

“You sure do love your ice sculptures...” I said.

“I practiced a lot when I was younger.” she replied and then jumped up in the air.

We flew away from the camp, while the sudden appearance of the frozen soldiers was met with a lot of ruckus.

To my surprise, I wasn't feeling worried at all about the consequences of having killed all of those dragons. In modern times, this example of a mass murder wouldn't have been taken lightly. The whole country would have mobilized to catch the felon, but here, such things depended on a lot of factors. As much as one would have wanted to catch and cuff Kataryna, they were still dealing with a valuable Breakthrough Awakened, meaning that they had to put into balance the REASON why she killed them.

In the end, worrying about their lives was just a waste of time. Thinking that someone would try to make us responsible was all the same as well.

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Yay, casual murder! As if there wasn’t already enough reason to hate the protagonist at this point.


I mean, seriously, how is murdering his gf’s father’s former men indiscriminately good? He now cares as little for commoner life as the bad guys.

Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

Um they just got done explaining that most of these dragons aren’t original members of Brekkar’s Army. They are just thugs.


“than being angered at her, and”


Well he did put all his points In magic… It’s no shock he be a op wizard


If he’s going to go see Seryanna make him shower first 😀

Avod Rashod
Avod Rashod

or have her drop him in a river or pond.


“Because you are my cute little princess!” That one had me roaring with laughter. Kataryna is funny.


Whats Alkelios stat after using all his points to Magic? Is it only the amount of magic (mana?) or its also change other stat? (maybe magic efficiency % or something?)


Thank u always for ur great work…