~ Chapter 17: Our aunt Eliza ~

“So when your mother asked me to be your teacher, how was I to refuse?” said our giant aunt with a smug look on her face.

I was squinting my eyes at her, who was casually stuffing her face with our food like some hungry predator that was set loose upon a herd of helpless sheep. Meanwhile, mother was calmly drinking a cup of tea, father was writing a letter, and Cassandra was admiring her with big sparkly eyes.

The only one who had it hard was our one maid, who was running back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room in order to satisfy the hunger of our ogre aunt.

“This food is seriously good! Your slave can sure cook!” she complimented.

“Not slave... maid.” I retorted while glaring at her.

She stopped eating for a moment and looked at mother.

Putting the cup of tea on the plate, she then told her “Leo is not very fond of us treating Luthecia as a slave even if she is one. I believe he's simply too young to understand, so please don't mind him.”

No, it's because I downright REFUSE to treat her as a slave! I retorted in my mind.

“Hm? Is that so?” aunty looked at me squinting her eyes for a moment, but then she patted my head.

Her strange gesture took me by surprise, and I was unable to follow her train of thought, making me wonder whether she was mocking me or praising me. This state of confusion, however, was cleared with her next words.

“I think it will be for the best if he doesn't change that way of thinking. This world has too many no-good nobles who see slaves as nothing but tools to abuse if not existences lower than that.”

I was completely taken aback and aunty suddenly grew to a new height in my eyes, but she had a lot more to go before she could reach 'normal status'. This was only because she kept on 'corrupting' my little sister with her very existence, keeping her from becoming cute and cuddly.

“Maybe, who knows? He is bound to get his own slave sooner or later. Oh, that's right! Sister, please introduce yourself to these children. As always, you forgot your manners in some god forsaken dungeon!” mother pointed out.

My own slave? Maybe... I thought, but then I shook my head.

I was far too young and far too poor to make such an investment. A slave wasn't cheap, that much I knew, but besides buying it, I also had to make sure to properly maintain it. I needed money in order to do so, and I was no genius merchant or great adventurer... yet.

Thanks to my ridiculous Blessing, I was 100% sure I was going to succeed no matter what path I chose.

“Oh, yes! Ahem!” aunty got up from her chair and formally introduced herself to us “My name is Eliza Mayorgus, a lesser noble and Emperor Rank Adventurer! Starting today, I am employed by the house of Drakarys as the honorable teacher of my niece and nephew in order to pay for my gambling debt!” she declared proudly and with a smile on.

I see... I see... I thought.

As I repeated her words in my head, I noticed that last part.

This time, both me and mother were looking with cold eyes at this no-good aunt. Only Cassandra's eyes were sparkling.

“Well, what can I say... Please treat me well!” she said and bowed before us.

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