~ Chapter 18: First steps in training ~

Three weeks have passed since aunty Eliza came to our house.

Strong, determined, beautiful from certain isolated points of view, a proud warrior, and a bit of a mage, she was the human(?) woman who took up the role of both a devoted tutor and a bodyguard until we were to reach the blessed age of 10, when we would be sent off to different schools.

As for how I came to obtain this role, it was simple. When father saw the three Blessings of my sister, he immediately sought someone loyal and strong to fill those two roles. Our blood-related aunt was the perfect one for this job. Above all, she was an Emperor Rank Adventurer, although, at that time, I had no idea what this meant. She did sound and looked strong.

Hiring and convincing her to stay with us for seven years would have been difficult with other individuals, but in her case it was surprisingly easy. On top of being family, she was always in some sort of debt or trouble due to gambling away her hard-earned money while adventuring. The only reason she was never sold off as a slave by now was because she always managed to somehow make her payments on time.

All of this was discovered by me by accident when I was passing by father's office and overheard them talking about it. Mother loved her little sister and wouldn't hesitate to help her get out of any predicament, but one thing was paying up a debt and another was to fix the woman's broken noggin'. That part was impossible even for her. Besides, at best, she wanted to avoid knowing she became a slave when she still had the power to do something about it.

After I heard this and remembered aunty Eliza's words during her introduction, I understood why she approved of the way I saw slaves. Out of all of us, she was the only one who kept standing on the edge between living as a free woman or in chains as a slave.

Despite me seeing her as nothing but a giant brutish woman, there were many perverts out there who would think of her as an irresistible beauty.

Even after her job as a teacher would be over, there was still a good chance that she would end up in a slave collar. Mother only wanted to avoid such a tragic outcome for as long as she could. Hiring her was one of such ways.

That being said, I could only see this aunt of ours as someone in a rather unfortunate situation. Even so, her ability to train us in magic and sword fighting was excellent. Not to mention the fact that it was appropriate for our current ages.

Usually, the protagonists in situations similar to mine would end up with some sort of spartan regime meant to turn them into monsters before reaching puberty. Something like that would only damage our fragile bodies, which have barely started to grow. So far, we had only been doing basic strength and stamina exercises, but not to the point where we would collapse of exhaustion. In terms of fighting, we barely learned how to properly hold the sword in our hands.

There were many combat styles our aunty could teach us, but for now she refused to do so. The reason behind her reasoning was simple: we were too young and inexperienced to have a preference for a certain weapon. The majority of self-proclaimed warriors used the short sword and shield and deemed them too be the best, but those were only the 'soldier's tools'. In the case of a true warrior or adventurer, their weapons could vary in both shape and size. Thus, finding out the weapon our bodies felt more comfortable with using could spare us a lot of time and effort. It could also end up being more fun to practice.

Naturally, we had no idea how to distinguish between them, so aunty Eliza helped us with her experience and well trained eyes.

As it turned out, both me and my sister had a preference for an European style blade. To be more specific: the Scottish claymore. It was slightly different from the long swords with broad fuller blade aunty was using. Although, instead of the two handed weapon, I was thinking a short sword would be of better use, especially for those dungeon corridors where space was limited.

When we first started this exercise, we didn't use real weapons. Aunty Eliza made wood replicas for both of us, and we started from the typical scimitars, then we tried a katana, a scythe, straight daggers, curved daggers, clubs, hammers, and a lot more others. The claymores were the very last ones we tried, and I personally felt it suited me perfectly.

The fact that our aunt could carve practice weapons so well took us completely by surprised, and sister immediately went full-on collector mode.

Who would have thought that an ogre woman could carve wood?

Speaking of which, after aunty handed us the wooden scimitars, we immediately started to practice. The first swing went well, so did the second and third, but at the fourth swing, the sword slipped out of my grasp and flew through the air, straight through the window of my father's study room. Luthecia panicked when she found our old man unconscious on the desk a moment later. He had a bump on his head. While I was worried that I might have accidentally caused some serious damage, aunty Eliza gave me a thumbs up and told me I had a good aim.

Despite that being a totally bizarre accident even from my point of view, Cassandra ended up pouting for the rest of the day because I impressed the muscle woman.

When it came to magic lessons, our main task for now was to learn how to properly feel the Magic Energy around us and inside of us. Aunty Eliza would usually cast a spell that made a floating orb of light to act as a clear source of magic. After about two weeks had passed, we were tasked to practice molding that specific energy into invisible balls.

For this part, my sister was doing exceptionally well, while I accidentally shot myself off the floor with Wind Magic. This happened when I unintentionally changed the element of one of those invisible balls to 'air'. Aunty made a superhuman jump in order to catch me before I broke my neck in the fall.

Turns out, I had no idea how exactly I did that, and any attempt to recreate the event ended up in complete failure.

Because of this accident, we started practicing magic outside. During rainy days, when the water element was at its strongest, we stood inside and practiced only Magic Energy perception.

I also stopped calling aunty Eliza an ogre woman in my mind. It was my thanks for saving me back then.

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too!

Claymore, also known as the Scottish Long Sword. (Yes, I know he said: Scottish Claymore <this is wrong, just Claymore or Scottish Long Sword)

Image compliments of Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claymore#/media/File:Scottish_claymore_replica_(Albion_Chieftain)2.jpg

Eliza's swords are similar to this one, the protector is shorter, the blade is longer, the fuller wider, and the grip sturdier and a bit longer.

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“Something like that would only damage our fragile bodies” what “frail body”, they’re practically immortal with their super regen and strengthened bone structure… and total BS that the sister is doing better at magic than the brother who received all those blessings and was supposed to learn magic faster. The sister is NOT the mc, she did absolutely nothing to earn her powers (at least that we’ve been told) so it’s rather annoying. I realize that since they’re twins it’s acceptable to have her share some genetic mutations but that doesn’t mean the magic. Overall I find it rather bland… Read more »

James Hunt
James Hunt

As someone with roots in clan Macnaughton, I approve of their weapon choice.


So where does his ability to learn quicker come in, plus it seems his sister literally has everything the exact same as him. So how does that work that she gets almost every single benefit he does other than a status screen, that divine anti slavery, telekinesis, and the almost pointless succeed at everything blessing? So far it seems that basically everything he wished for was bs, especially wanting to live a happy life, cause if they are going to go to war well that sure as heck aint happy and theres no way hes going to leave the sister,… Read more »


were ready for arc 3. blessing can use a break


If he really do have great regenerative ability,I dont think he need to be saved from the fall.
Thanks for the chapter.

a reincarnated person in another world
a reincarnated person in another world

Awesome chapter 😀 let’s go to the next one……(Not published) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO


When it comes to swords I have a leaning towards the Oakeshott type XVIIIb and XVIIIe design with no fuller (I like calling it blood groove because it sounds more gruesome, but it’s real name is Fuller). A cut and thrust sword in use during the pinnacle of armor.
Considering how varied sword designs are I would not be surprised if you had to pic/mash your envisioned sword.

I know it will be at least 1 book before we start making developments but I want to have a better idea of how the two will develop.

Sander Hartog
Sander Hartog

ogre woman could care wood?
Should probably be carve.
And thank you for the chapters really enjoying it.

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Avod Rashod

Thanks for the chapters I enjoy the flow of the story thus far.

But still… Poor S.A.R.G.E.