~ Chapter 95: Calamity unleashed (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

Using [Broadcasting], I transmitted the following message all across my Dungeon Territory, which had a radius of 50 Km around me:

“Listen to me, inhabitants of Pirate Island! I hereby claim this entire island as my possession. IF you wish to be spared and allowed safe passing off the island, then leave behind your slaves and children, alive, as tribute to me. The parents who do not wish to forsake their flesh and blood may stay as well, if they dare. You have one week to comply, but if you kill them, you'll only anger me.”

I canceled the spell after I finished saying this and repeated the message in my mind. It didn't sound as intimidating as I initially thought, more like a bad prank of sorts. That was why I decided to fly down to the port where we docked today and use my dungeon-building skills to change the scenery a little bit, maybe summon a weak monster or two to make them scream.

When I reached the place, as expected, they were treating it as a prank and currently looking for the culprit.

Let's see... I thought and then focused on several areas on my Dungeon Territory where I wanted to build a simple wall.

Unlike before when The Darkness had yet to become a part of me, I had a lot more control over what I could build and how to build it. Nanya said that this new ability of mine was normal among most high ranked Dungeons, but none of them were able to use it at the scale I did.

As a matter of fact, after I fused with The Darkness, I understood that my ability to create a building or item from a template I had stored in my memory was something none of the other Dungeons thought of doing before. I sort of doubted this because it made building a dungeon so much easier. Maybe none of the Dungeons I had met so far did?

Thus, when I activated the skill, several large walls appeared all over the settlement, cutting off roads and stopping people in their tracks. The way they were placed created a maze with one exit: the docks.

“What in the name of all the sea demons is going on?” someone said.

“What be this?” another asked.

“That ain't normal.” another pointed out.

“It be food?” some quack asked.

This was how a lot of them suddenly reacted, while in some cases, they were a bit more violent and tried to break down my walls. Try as they might, but those things were sturdy enough to survive a Supreme's punch.

“Now! Moving on to Phase 3!” I said with a smirk.

At this moment, I summoned the weakest monster I could possibly think of: the imp. In several places all around this port town, just one of these creatures appeared out of a summoning circle.

“Monster!” the sea of screams formed.

I watched as they moved away from the imp, while the guards prepared to combat him. In my mind, I calculated that the monster I summoned was going to need at least 5 guards to take down.

Unfortunately, I made a HUGE mistake...

“UGAAA!” an imp screamed and then shot a lightning bolt at the first guard, turning him into charcoal.

Before the others could even move, the imp dashed towards them and impaled them with his sword. One slice was enough to cut two adult men in bloody halves. Thus, the massacre began...

“Oops...” I said with a poker face.

The mistake was the level...

Most people on this island were far below level 200, probably around 40 or 50. Meanwhile, the Imp I summoned was considered Easy picking by me and my wives. This thing couldn't even face a single T-Rex. The giant lizard would usually just stomp on him and walk away.

Indeed, he was that weak, BUT... he was still level 1000. Yup, this was a level 1000 Imp with full enchanted armor and weapon as well as the ability to cast spells and use skills. Although, for some strange reason, these guys NEVER wore boots.

Back on Boss Island, when I tried to give a pair of shiny new enchanted boots to an imp to wear, he grabbed them, bowed to me, then jumped back in the summoning circle. I stood there looking like an idiot for a few minutes trying to understand what just happened.

At that time, I became aware of the fact that summoned creatures had the ability to banish themselves without the summoner's direct order or an enemy's attack as long as the summoning circle was intact.

Well, that being said, everyone inside this port city ran away as fast as they could from the overpowered imp that could turn them to paste with one slap of his tiny hand. His attacks were merciless, crushing the ones who dared to defy him and smashing any door or non-dungeon wall standing in his way.

As soon as I saw the immense damage they did to the town, despite him being a complete weakling, I gave all imps the order not to move more than 20 meters away from their spawned point. If I let them loose, by the time the sun had set, this whole town would have been reduced to rubble.

“Well, with this, they should be taking my warning seriously now.” I nodded to myself, then I moved to the port up to the north.

There, I raised the walls as I did in the other town, but instead of summoning level 1000 imps, I summoned level 500 ones and gave them the same order of staying withing 20 meters of their spawn point.

After 20 minutes had passed, I was hearing only the screams of horror and fear of the pirates who tried to run away from an imp only to stumble upon another. The town became a bloodbath, and I kept staring at it from above with dead fish eyes.

These pirates were even weaker than level 500 imp...

“I don't get it...” I said as I flew back to my body, floating around like a drunk light bulb.

Once I returned, I told everyone what I did and what were the results. The first one to react was Nanya. She face-palmed herself and let out a sigh.

“You summoned a level 1000 imp?” she asked with a groan.

“More than one actually...” I pointed out.

“That's quite cruel, Illsy.” Shanteya pointed out.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised as I looked back at her.

“Indeed, you pitted such a terrifying foe against them.” Zoreya agreed.

“What?” I was getting confused..

“Nya~ but level 1000 imp is a weakling, right?” Tamara asked.

“For us, who are Over Supremes, but most of the people out there are around level 100 at best...” pointed out Nanya.

“I doubt even if we were to slaughter every living being on this island, we still wouldn't be able to rise in level.” Ayuseya nodded to herself.

In this world, the concept of Level was used only to describe the strength of a Dungeon, but not long after we arrived on the Boss Island, I began to teach my lovely wives about how it was applied to monsters and sapient species. Nanya was also a great help with the explanations of stats and such.

I also worked on a spell capable of reporting an individual's status, but I still had some bugs with it... The numbers displayed on it were all over the place, only the name, species, and level were right for the most part. They could all use this broken spell called [Status Window]. In time, I planned to fix all of its bugs.

“So what now?” asked Nanya.

“Well, I will say it again... I summoned those guys by accident! But, right now it's too late to do anything about it. What I plan to do is create a secure location for the slaves and children, then using the AGLMC Lasers I placed around the island, I will sink all the boats of the fleeing pirates once they are out at sea and far enough into the horizon. Meanwhile, I want Tamara and Shanteya to sort out the survivors. Ayuseya should sort out the slaves as well. Make a list of who ended up as a slave and for what. As for Nanya, I want you to go through each town and secure any slaves or individuals you deem worthy of saving. You may rampage as you like. What do you think?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, it's better than not doing anything.” Ayuseya shrugs.

“What about mating time?” Tamara asks.

“Postponed until we sort out this mess.” I declared.

“Then I will make sure to do my job extra fast!” she declared with a victory pose.

“Who will be the first one to sleep with Illsy afterwards?” Shanteya suddenly asked.

I gulped.

“Well, I have work to do. You know what to do... aaand I'm out of here!” I said as I left my body.

“AH! He's running away!” Nanya pointed out.

“Guess we'll do this the usual way...” Ayuseya let out a sigh.

By usual way, this meant competing against each other in some sort of fair game. One that would take into consideration Shanteya's pregnancy. Speaking of which, I planned on shortening her time of work to take care of herself. Moving around was good and all, but if she pushed herself to much it wasn't going to be good for the babies. Well, I hoped my other wives would point this out as well. This tendency of hers to overwork was something that remained from her days as an assassin and then as my maid.

Leaving aside the women, I decided to name the town we docked in as Town A and the other one in the north as Town B, since it wasn't worth remembering their real names.

So, I flew down in Town A and checked upon the pirate ship that brought us here, if they were still alive. Several of them were loading supplies, while another was tending to his wounds. That one probably ended up caught in an imp's attacks.

“How's it going?” I announced my presence.

The pirates jumped and looked around like scared chickens.

“I be hearing the voice of the cap'n husband, but I see him not.” one of them said.

“Aye...” another confirmed.

“At ease, I'm not a ghost, I'm a Dungeon.” I told them.

“Shiver me timbers... Please spare us!” one of them knelt on the ground and started praying.

“I'm not going to kill you... I think. Anyway, I see you haven't left the town yet, good.” I said.

“Huh? How that be good?” one of them asked.

“Well, you sort of missed your chance to flee...” I told them.

“Huh? But ye promised!” one of them cried out.

“Yes, I do intend to keep my promise, but as I said, things have changed. Leave your cargo as it is and set sail right now. Once you have left the port, turn a hard right and sail around the island until you don't see the port anymore. Drop anchor there and wait patiently for a sign from me. Don't set foot on the island. Don't let anyone else know what I just told you. If you do what I said, I'll let you live. If not... well, you'll die.” I told them and at that point, I set loose a [Wind Scythe] on a spying rat behind a barrel not far from the boat.

The man hid right when I announced my presence, and by the looks of things, he wasn't of the good bunch.

When they saw the barrel cut in half and blood spurt on the deck, they all gulped in fear.

“Snitching Joe...” said one of them.

That man had such a coincidental name.

“May we ask a simple question?” asked one of them as he took off his hat.

“Sure, what?” I replied.

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