~ Chapter 96: The end of Pirate Island (Part 2) ~

The following day, I was the last one to wake up. Tamara was the first one because she wanted to cook breakfast... We had freshly caught fish.

Then, after we ate, we headed down to the beach and prepared to depart this island for good.

“Everyone ready?” I asked as I spawned our trusty raft and let it drop on the sand.

At that moment, two powerful hands gripped my shoulders. Ayuseya was on my left and Nanya was on my right. They were squeezing hard enough to crack my Magic Armor.

“Illsy?” they both asked at the same time while showing me a frightening smile.

I gulped.

“Yes, my beloved wives?” I asked after I squeezed out a smile.

“We do hope you aren't planning on making us paddle on that tiny raft again, right?” Nanya asked, squeezing harder.

I think I heard a crack just now.

“Erm... yes?” I replied.

And thus, I was tossed in the sand head first... A crater formed around me and the shockwave resulted caused the waves to stand still for a moment.

“BLEAH! Ouch...” I groaned after I pulled my head out and spat a mouth full of sand.

“Illsy, you can't be serious about making us sail on the ocean on that thing when we are fully aware of the fact that you can build fully equipped and ready to sail galleons!” Ayuseya complained.

“But... but...” I said.

“No buts!” Nanya raised a finger up “I can't believe you had the audacity of making us sail on that thing when you could have made us a boat!” she said with a growl.

She's angry... No, they are all definitely pissed... I thought and gulped.

“B-But... sailing on a raft in the middle of the sea is... is...” I mumbled.

“Is what?” Zoreya asked squinting her eyes at me.

I gulped again.

“The dream of a man!” I declared proudly.

“Mhm.” the High Apostle nodded calmly and then holding on her shield with both hands, she lifted it above her head.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked and gulped.

Nanya and Ayuseya held me tight, and I couldn't flee.

“Don't hate me, Illsy, this is for making us sail on that stupid thing. I nearly drowned because of it!” she shouted and slammed the ridiculously heavy shield hard on my head.

It was lights out for me...

When I woke up, I was buried neck deep into the sand, and my wives were all standing around me in a circle.

“Ugh... owie...” I complained.

“Illsy, you better build us a boat. We are all very angry with you.” Shanteya said as with her arms crossed at her chest.

“You too?” I asked with a furrow.

“Mhm.” she nodded with her eyes closed.

I gulped.

“You should know that making us sail on that raft wasn't the brightest thing you did.” Ayuseya pointed out.

“Umn..” I looked down.

“Especially since Shanteya here is pregnant.” Nanya pointed out.

“I'm a nekatar... I like fish, but I hate getting my fur wet for no good reason.” said Tamara.

“I'm wearing heavy plate armor. Enough said.” Zoreya pointed out.

“With sexy lingerie underneath...” I mumbled.

“That has nothing to do with it...” the armored women looked away bashfully.

“Illsy, we are seriously upset with you.” Shanteya told me.

“Ugh... Fine! I did something stupid! I apologize!” I said and then let out a sigh.

“And?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow.

“I promise I'm not going to do it again and properly ask next time...” I added.

There was no point to keep on being stubborn, and my surprise adventure of sailing on a raft from an island to another was suddenly canceled. It was clear my wives didn't look forward to it as much as I did. Even though there wasn't anything that could have went wrong with our trip, they didn't appreciate the lack of comfort. More like they weren't in the mood for something like this.

I for one, just clung to some stupid childhood dream I had in my past life. In a way, it ended up becoming true if I ignored the part about me becoming a ship's captain after reaching the port on my simple raft. Then again, this thing was probably safer to sail on than on one of those galleons. The enchants on it were no joke.

“Very well, now get out of there and build a real boat.” Shanteya said with a smile.

She knelt in front of me and gently ruffled my hear like I was some naughty kid.

“Alright...” I said with half of voice.

After I got out, I simply pointed my hand at the sea and summoned a ready-built modern luxury yacht. This thing had bullet-proof windows and hull, enchanted everything, a propulsion system based on Magic Crystal Engine technology I had developed. It even had a minibar and a surround music system. The shape was smooth and slick, with a length of 54 meters. It looked similar to the luxury yachts I often saw on the internet. If I were to guess, its estimated price back on Earth should have been at somewhere around 300-400 million euros or more.

“What's that?” Nanya asked in wonder.

“A boat... It doesn't have roes.” I mumbled as I moved towards it.

“Where are the sails?” Zoreya asked.

“It doesn't have any... It runs with the help of my Magic Crystals.” I said.

“You sound sad.” Tamara pointed out.

“Well... I wanted our ocean journey to be an adventure, not a smooth sail on a luxury yacht.” I replied.

“Better this way. No need to worry about fishing out Zoreya from the depths of the ocean anymore!” Tamara said and then gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I smiled and nodded.

“True. Then! Let's get on board and fully enjoy our trip towards the continent!” I declared as I was back to my normal self again.

The kiss of a cute wife with cat ears was powerful enough to bring forth miracles!

“Indeed!” Ayuseya approved.

After we all got on board and gave them a quick tour of the place, I sailed the ship away from the island. Once we reached a safe distance from shore, I flew out of my body and went back to it. Using almost all of my Magic Energy, I absorbed the entirety of the island all the way to the bottom of the sea, creating a big hole where once the big block of land was. Only the animals and insects were left out, sending them all to a watery grave alongside the pirates who tried to hide in the forest.

As the waters rushed in to close the gap, I flew back to my ship and sailed away as fast as I could.

“That's the second island you ate...” Zoreya mumbled.

“Alright... The dangerous waves passed, we are sailing at cruise speed, aaand I'm dead tired now...” I said and looked back at the armored woman “Carry me to my room...” I requested.

“Very well. Nanya, will you steer the ship?” she asked.

“I will. Just hold the helm steady, right? Have a good nap, Illsy. You'll need to wake up and explain what all of these buttons do.” Nanya said as I nodded back to her.

“I found the kitchen! There's fish!” announced Tamara.

Of course, how could I forget about her fish.

A big yawn escaped my lips as I got carried to the room by Zoreya. If only I could have convinced her not to princess-carry me...

[Several days later, in the Paramanium Imperial Palace]

[The First Prince's point of view]

While I was in the middle of enjoying the gladiator match between two slaves, I was told that a messenger came baring grave news. I made him wait until the match was over. The human had won against the nekatar warrior. It was unfortunate that I had bet on that furry mongrel. Now I was a few gold coins short.

I allowed the messenger to enter my private room, but he stood at the door, held by the guards.

“Your highness, I apologize for disturbing you, but we just received grave news from the North.”

“The North? That's odd... Speak.” I said as I looked over at him with a raised eyebrow.

“The Pirate Island is gone. According to one of the survivors, it appears as though a Godlike Dungeon named Illsyore... devoured it.” he said.

“What sort of nonsense are you spouting?” I asked glaring at him.

There was no way a Godlike Dungeon existed, let alone one that could devour an island of that side. Nevertheless, was it possible for a Dungeon to devour anything besides the flesh of the foolish adventurers who stepped within its corridors? I highly doubted it.

“The survivor was once a high ranking captain in the Pirate Navy. He survived only through luck, but he swore on his life that this was the truth. The Dungeon isn't a Crystal Core either but one with a humanoid body. It had green hair and wore weird clothes. He traveled with a draconian, a nekatar, and a full-plated warrior woman. Apparently they were his wives. As for the island, the Dungeon set foot on it two weeks ago. After having killed the Pirate King, he unleashed terrible monsters that wrecked the towns and ordered the survivors to bring them offerings in the shape of slaves and innocents. That is all, your highness.” he spoke calmly and made a deep bow in respect.

Although I heard what he said, it sounded quite ridiculous if one were to ask me. Still, it made curious if that so-called survivor spoke the truth or not. In regard to the disappearance of the island, reports from our navy should come forth confirming this fact.

“A Godlike Dungeon... hm.” I rubbed my chin.

This reminded me of another report I received several years ago. It was from the Supreme named Dankyun who went mad and destroyed the Fellyore Academy. That place was doomed to fail from the start because it was impossible to accept the idea of a place where the laws of nobles didn't apply. Sooner or later, it would have given in on our pressure, but... wasn't the name of the so-called Dungeon Core installed there also Illsyore?

Or was it something else? I thought.

“You may leave.” I ordered him.

“As you wish, your highness!” he replied and then left.

My father and siblings should have received a similar report. Seeing how absurd it was, I highly doubting that they wouldn't make a move to either capture this Godlike Dungeon or try to dispose of him. Both foolish actions, especially if he was someone who could make an entire island disappear. I had to be wary of this strange ability of his.

Getting up from my seat, I approached the balcony and looked at the men who were dragging the corpse of the nekatar gladiator away.

“Did you hear?” I asked.

“Yes, my liege.” a voice from the shadow replies.

“Have your guild look into their group. Bring me any information you can find, but do not engage them. If they settle down anywhere let me know immediately.” I ordered.

“As you desire. The Phantom's Rage shall oblige and bring forth prosperous results.” the voice in the shadow spoke before vanishing.

I couldn't sense him anymore, but I was certain that he was gone now.

All that's left to do is to inform my generals to prepare the armies. If this is a Godlike Dungeon, then we will need a very large force to overpower him. Should I have father request the help of the other kingdoms? No... not yet. I will wait until the assassins bring me news of their settlement, otherwise, I may risk moving carelessly. Hm, I wonder if I can use this Illsyore to earn a favor from the other kingdoms? I thought and then I continued to plot as I watched the next battle between gladiators.

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I love the story itself Your constant changing in viewpoints is confusing and prevents me from diving deep into the story. It’s fine when you use first-person for one character in a chapter, but changing two or more times throws the story off. Even more so when you use first-person for side characters. There is nothing stopping you from using third person either. My advice is to keep it to one character a chapter, with the rest in third person, or just keep it in third person if you use a lot of characters. The way your story flows doesn’t… Read more »

Anon 125342
Anon 125342

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El toro

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