~ Chapter 24: Sister's new hobby (Part 1) ~

My new extracurricular activity was seen as being a tad bit weird by my little sister, and at times as something curious. This was because I didn't spend as much time playing with her as I did before. Of course, I wasn't practicing for several hours a day, just an hour at most.

Cassandra would often glare at me whenever I picked up my sewing kit and went to ask aunty Eliza, mother, Luthecia, or father to watch over me while I practiced. They really didn't have to be so overprotective of me. My memories from my past life prevented me from actually poking my eyes out with the needles. I couldn't tell them something like that, so I let them be.

After the first two months of practicing, I realized I was really really bad at sewing and stitching. My hand to eye coordination for this skill was horrible, making me poke my fingers several times even if I wore protection. Chances of that happening were rather low, but I didn't let the adults find out. I never made a sound when it happened. I endured the pain and always hid my injured finger until my ridiculous regeneration did its job of healing me. If not for that, I would have given up on the first week.

There were many times when I wondered if maybe I really had no talent for it, seeing how horrible I was at it. This was until I happened to show the old lady at the tailor shop the fruits of my practice.

“You say you are no good at it, child, but all I see is a brilliant tailor in the making!” she said.

“But... it's horrible.” I retorted as I pointed at my badly stitched practice cloth patches.

“It may look that way now, but this is because you haven't practiced enough. Besides, I can tell from the way you sew these pieces of linen that you aren't satisfied with just having it stick together, you want it to have a certain pattern and take on a refined and elegant look. You are aiming for more than just the ability to patch up damaged clothes.” she smiled and then handed me back my practice cloth.

“What do you mean?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“Most of your time was spent sewing, correct?” she asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Even though no one told you, but every good tailor knows that they can't even dream of advancing to making real clothes until they mastered this one skill. Most young apprentices who never touched a sewing needle need at least a year or two to reach this point, but you did it in just two months. You even understand the importance of making the sewing line look nice and even!” she smiled as she pointed at my practice cloth.

After this conversation with her, I was back to high spirits and ready to practice some more. I hoped for one day to reach the point where I could easily sew like a modern sewing machine.

That being said, I was far from making anything cute. Actually, all of my 'final products' were worthy of being called 'burnable garbage'. Despite these moments of disappointment, I was always pleased to see that I was progressing even a little. If it wasn't for this and the lack of other modern distractions, I might have progressed far slower.

Since improving my basic skills in tailoring was the key to everything, whenever my cloth roles ran out, I would just reuse my completed creations. Knowing how to properly undo the sewing without damaging the material was also a skill that I needed to work on.

While I was having fun with this, my little sister was being left out. Unlike me, she had nothing else to do besides playing and training. Her increasing boredom and maybe a bit of envy of having a hobby while she didn't resulted in her trying to pester me lately. I found it cute in a way, but she was disturbing my concentration flow, making me stab my fingers a couple of times.

One day, I concluded that this situation would just keep getting worse if she didn't find something to do while I was tailoring. In other words, we had to split our time in training, playing, and individual hobbies.

Thus, I suggested this to her.

“A hobby? Me?” she asked tilting her head cutely.

It never occurred to her that she could also have one.

“Yes!” I smiled and nodded.

“But what? Brother stabs cloth with needles, and I don't like that.” she shook her head.

Is this how tailoring looks to you? I retorted in my mind.

“Ahem! Well, first of all, I'm not 'stabbing' the cloth with needles. It's called sewing, and it's a way to stick different pieces of cloth together or mend damaged ones. When I do this, most of the time, I use only ONE needle.” I lifted a finger up.

“But the other day, you almost turned aunty into a pin cushion.” she said tilting her head.

“I didn't stab her even once! I was careful! Also, when you are making clothes, you need more needles to stick the pieces together so you can get a good idea of how it looks like. That's why aunty's been working on a wood replacement I can use.” I nodded.

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