~ Chapter 24: Sister's new hobby (Part 2) ~

“I don't get it... Why not just go to the tailor and get it all done? It looks like wasted time to me. You should practice your sword with me or play with me instead!” she nodded, revealing her true intentions.

“Sigh... A hobby is different from that. Training is training and playing is playing, but a hobby combines both. You train to get better at that art and have fun while doing so. It's something you discover, not force upon yourself. If I didn't like tailoring, I would have given it up by now, but I find it fun. Do you understand?” I explained.

“Something fun? Like conquering the world?” she asked with a gleaming smile.

I simply squinted my eyes at her and retorted without hesitation “NO! What are you?! The Demon Queen?!”

“Muuu! You're no fun, big brother!” she pouted.

“Sure. Sure. I'm no fun because I don't want to conquer the world with you.” I waved her off.

“Muuu!” she puffed her cheeks and glared at me “Well, I don't understand what you mean by hobby! It sounds like a waste of time to me! I don't even know what to start with!” she then struck her palm with the bottom of her fist as if she got a brilliant idea “I know! You suggested this, you come up with something for me!” she pointed at me and smirked “Take responsibility, big brother!”

I squinted my eyes at this little devil who just pushed the whole thing on my shoulders. She was half right, but she was also half wrong. This wasn't something I could suggest... It was something she had to discover on her own.

Letting out a sigh, I scratched the back of my head and thought a little about it.

“How about reading” I asked.

Gaming was out of the question, so reading was a safe option.

“What? Why?” she asked confused.

“To smooth out your whole image.” I replied.

“Huh? I don't understand...” she tilted her head.

“Let me put this way. Most of the time, you look like a princess that goes out of the castle with a big sword on her back while saying 'I'm off to slay the dragon!' to the army of knights behind her as if it was something everyone in her position would normally do.” I explained while squinting my eyes at this barbaric, yet cute, definitely cute, little sister of mine.

“So? Even you think so!” she giggled.

For her that was a compliment not an insult.

“Aaand exactly that's why I believe reading or something the like would be the best hobby for you!” I declared with a nod.

Cassandra squinted her eyes at me and then she seriously thought about it.

After a minute or so, she replied while shaking her head left and right “I don't get it. A princess that can slay a dragon sounds normal to me.”

I almost fell out of my chair. I thought she was thinking about picking up reading as a hobby or something like that, but she was just wondering about the whole image thing.

Letting out a sigh, I rubbed my forehead with a finger while trying to think of what was the best way to explain things to her.

When I was just about to give up, I got an idea.

“Little sister, do you remember when aunty Eliza told us that it's no good to practice all day long?” I asked.

“Yes. But we don't get tired like her, and we recover faster from exhaustion too!” she pointed out.

Yeah... I can't tell her that's not normal either... I thought.

“True, but the point is that you need a certain... erm... variety of actions in your daily routine in order to allow your mind to absorb information in the best way possible.” I stopped when I noticed her eyes turning into dots. “Erm... How should I say this. Because I picked up tailoring, I've been doing better at sword fighting and magic, right? Even aunty Eliza said so, remember?” I smiled, hoping I got through to her.

“Hm...” she knitted her brows and stared at the floor.

She's so cute! I squealed in my mind.

“Reading you say?” she asked.

“If you don't find a story you like, you can always try to write your own, just don't copy it word by word from others. Respect the work of other authors.” I pointed out.

“Alright... I'll give it a try!” she nodded and then walked over to the opened window.

She was full of determination

What's she planning? I wondered.

It was a sunny day outside, just perfect to enjoy an outdoor cup of tea, and mother was doing just that.

Unfortunately, in my desire to suggest a good hobby for my cute little sister, I forgot a very important and crucial detail.

“Mother! Teach me how to read and write!” shouted Cassandra from the window, causing several birds to be spooked and fly off into the distance.

Oh yeah... We're five... We don't know how to read and write yet... I thought while face-palming myself.

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Well this is all well and good and while I don’t like the mc trying to force his values on his little sister selfishly, something is being forgotten in the story. His blessing from 118 gods specifically stated that it “guarantee’s the well being and happiness of the individual as long as they will it”. Which means logically one of two things: 1) she can’t turn evil and will come around to his selfish way of thinking and start liking cuter things since that would make him happy, or 2) his blessing isn’t powerful in the slightest and belongs in… Read more »


Well,learning/study to read and write is a good hobby.
But I fear in the future,instead of his sister kidnapped by demon king,his sister is the one who gonna be a demon queen,and he is the one who gonna stop her. You know,sibling battle/rivalry are kinda eternal.