~ Chapter 25: The difference between the twins and other children (Part 1) ~

[Melissa's point of view]

As Leo and Cassy's mother, I knew best just how different my two beloved children were from the most of them. This was best seen back when I took them to the birthday party of the son of one of our noble acquaintances: The Ruthmerry family. He was going to be 7 starting this year.

At the moment, we were not the esteemed ducal family we were in the past, for various reasons. In society, we were known by established noble families as fallen nobles, while the general populace referred to us as average or common nobles. For me and my husband, this status was exactly what we desired to hold in order to properly raise our children, but even so, we couldn't neglect invitations from a noble family of a higher rank. Our current titles were only those of Baron and Baroness, after all.

Even so, since my husband and I were actively involved in the governing of Briston and the nearby villages, our local political influence as well as our coffers were not to be underestimated. There were many who wished to earn us a favor or two. But, as expected, our current reputation and fame didn't even compare to the time when we held the titles of Duke and Duchess.

Our fall, however, wasn't a random or accidental one either. We requested this of the current King and Queen in order to allow us to raise our children without the nobles around us trying to influence them through plots and schemes.

Before our 'fall', Reynald was a good friend of the current King, and if it wasn't for me, the current Queen may never have met nor decided to accept his marriage proposal. Thus, the number of those scheming nobles who tried to get on our good side as well as remove us from the scene were quite a lot. In order to avoid these unscrupulous fellows who would otherwise constantly try to take advantage of our children, we retreated in this little town where no one could disturb us.

In the eyes of the other dukes and viscounts, we were 'fallen' with no chance of getting back on the political battlefield. In the eyes of the King and Queen, however, we were dear friends who would return to aid them as soon as they requested it.

In short, our 'fall' was only a facade, a lie. Both me and my husband held a great desire in our hearts to return to the capital and subdue all those who tried to bring harm to their Majesties. For this to happen, however, we had to make sure our beloved children wouldn't be targeted while acted out in the open.

Although I approved of this little scheme, without the aid of their Majesties, this would have never been possible. That was why, it was also in our best interest to continue playing this little game until Leo and Cassy were strong enough to be on their own.

Judging from their Majesties secret letters, they couldn't wait to meet my children, and I also couldn't wait to meet the prince, who was a bit younger than them. As soon as I returned to the capital, I was to become his teacher as per the Queen's instructions. Although, I had the feeling she was just intending to use that as a pretext to get to spend more time with me, her best friend. On the other hand, she expressed her direct concern over the fact that some of his teachers might be trying to influence the young child's beliefs. Since everyone around him didn't even dare talk back to him, she worried he might end up developing a rotten stuck-up attitude. Well, I had a few 'remedies' for that, but there was still time before I would get to meet him.

Luckily, that time would probably come sooner rather than later, seeing how quickly the twins matured and how excessively different they were from all these other so-called brilliant children of other nobles.

The birthday party for the child of the Ruthmerry family was the perfect opportunity to have these beliefs of mine reinforced.

Unlike Leo and Cassy, I saw all of these noble children acting stuck up, pampered, spoiled, and had the 'bright idea' that the entire world revolved solely around themselves. Many of them were trying to act like the grown up around them by using their own misguided concepts of elegance. In my eyes, this only turned out as some sort of bad comedy act. I couldn't even laugh at it.

At one point, I noticed that while some of the children were arguing about whose parents were best looking, stronger in battles, more influential, or richer, Leonidas was questioning an old mage who was invited to the party to show off some amusing spells. Yet instead of asking about how to make sparkles in the air, he was inquiring about the fundamental principles of magic as well as the key to casting advanced spells.

None of the other children saw this as 'fun' so they ignored him or saw him as simply acting weird.

On the other side of the room, Cassandra was standing off in her own way. Instead of having a chat with the young girls while pretending to be some sort of distinguished princess, she was talking with the adventurers at the back, who came here hired as guards. The little girl was asking about various sword techniques, proper ways to slay monsters, how to properly dismember a human, and... muscle training.

Seeing this, I had to agree with Leo, Cassy had to learn to be more feminine! No, it was imperative that she did become more feminine! My future grandchildren were at stake here!

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“how to properly dismember a human” 😂
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