~ Chapter 25: The difference between the twins and other children (Part 2) ~

Meanwhile, I was sitting down at a table, softly smiling from time to time so as to not appear bored by the same old gossip and fake giggles the mothers of those spoiled children gave off. I didn't even dare touch the tea. My little sister could brew a better one in the middle of a forest and using a hollowed stone as a pot. Manners requested that I HAD to drink this bad excuse for a tea, so whenever they didn't look, I dumped a little bit in the pot next to me and then pretended to enjoy it.

Their choice of topic at one point diverted from the way some common woman dressed to their children. The host, Madame Ruthmerry, began the discussion by bragging about her child's achievements.

“Oh! I should tell you! But my adorable little boy has officially began his magic training just the other day! I don't want to brag, but he might be a genius! Even his teacher said so! And my husband can't wait until he casts his first spell, maybe in a year or two from now, who knows?” she let out an exaggerated high society laughter. “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Since everyone was looking at her, I dumped the rest of the tea in the pot, then pretended to drink.

Magic? If I remember right, Leo accidentally cast a [Wind Sphere] when he was training his Magic Energy control. I thought while putting down the cup.

“M'lady, another cup?” a servant politely asked.

“No. I'm fine.” I replied quickly and moved the plate to the other side before he poured the first drop.

“Mine picked up the bow and arrow last year! On his tenth try, he was able to hit the target! Isn't that amazing!” another said.

Bow and arrow is it? The bow is most dangerous in Cassy's hands. Despite her young age, she has quite the strong grip. But Leo is more adept at throwing things. My husband started wearing a sturdy metal helmet whenever he works in his office and Leo has sword practice outside. I thought and tried hard not to giggle at that memory.

“Well, my child started to learn etiquette and will soon learn magic as well!”

As if I would ever let my two children escape from my lessons just because they are young. I took a small peek at the two, and they both went stiff as if a cold chill ran down their backs.

“My child picked up after his father and began to train in sword fighting just the other month! Although he is eight years old, he has a strong grip!” another woman bragged.

I simply closed my eyes and remembered a moment when Cassy and Leo argued about who got the first longsword carved by their aunt. They pulled on it until the wood cracked and broke in half. Then they came crying over to me and blamed it on each other, demanding hugs from me to feel better.

Each of these madams then began to brag more or less about the achievements of their children. I let all their words simply fly through one of my ears and then leave through the other without leaving a single trace behind.

“What about your children, madam Melissa?” one of them suddenly asked me.

I blinked surprised and then saw all of them waiting for me to brag about some of their achievements.

“My children, you say? Well... I believe they are a bit too young? Maybe in another year or so?” I lied while showing them a small polite smile.

If I were to give them even a quarter of their achievements so far, they would faint. But if they really were that interested, they could have just taken a peek at them here at the party. After all, Cassy was having a nice chat with the adventurers, while Leo was giving headaches to the old mage.

“Is that so? Well, ours are young prodigies after all! Mine even has two Blessings!” the woman replied.

“Is that so? How wonderful.” I forced a smile.

I let them be in their own imaginary worlds, but the behavior of their children at this party proved quite the contrary. They weren't prodigies, just normal children. Compared to my twins, they were all blundering fools with snot dripping from their nose.

By the time this party ended, we were all very tired. I was stressed out from having to listen to those noble women and in urgent need of a good cup of tea. Leo found out he even forgot the name of the birthday boy, but he gave up quickly on trying to remember it. Cassy asked me why were all those other children acting so weird.

Hearing these two complain, I could only show them a wry smile and pat them on their heads. They didn't even register the children as nobles. They were... mere decorations in the background.

I had hoped too much from this birthday party, but it served its purpose as well in their education. Now they saw how many nobles tended to act. From this day forward, I planned on giving them extra lessons on how to handle those rats with the rank of a noble. To be precise, how not to fall for their schemes and plots in the future.

I already expected both Leo and Cassy to become quite powerful by the time they reached adulthood. As such, there would be many who would try to recruit them into their faction or use them in some way or manner to reach to me or my husband. I had to make sure that both of them were going to be prepared for those moments...

For now, the world around them was a peaceful and calm one, but this was only thanks to me, my husband, and my little sister who kept guard on our estate. An assassin had already been sent by a Marquise, and more than a few bandits tried to break in after receiving certain 'tips'. The children were unaware of these attacks, but it was clear that someone in the capital had started to make a move.

I had maybe only five more years to give them all the knowledge they needed in order to survive out there. Afterwards, I had to send them to school and let them face the world on their own. Cassy would certainly become a target for recruitment, while Leo would be taken for a fool. This was also an important part of their upbringing.

I couldn't wait to see just how powerful my beloved children would become! But little did I know that what fate had in store for them was something far beyond what anyone could have imagined at that time...

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“Cassy would certainly become a target for recruitment, while Leo would be taken for a fool. This was also an important part of their upbringing.”

This part i dont understand and i dont know if its because english isnt my first language.
Does she mean that they raised him to look like a fool?


“They didn’t even register the children as nobles. They were… mere decorations in the background.”

Oh my god, that is so funny.