~ Chapter 27: Effort or talent? (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

Today was the big day!

After reaching the age of seven, aunty Eliza was finally going to teach us how to cast our very first spells. Despite this being the first time when we were actually going to do it, both me and my sister have already read several tomes of magic from beginner to intermediary level. In theory, we already knew the incantations for several spells. However, knowing and doing were two very different things when it came to magic.

All those tomes on magic warned us of the how important 'feeling' the vibration of the spell and understanding the entire concept of each spell had in casting. A better 'feel' could result in fine-tuning the effect as well as grant it more power or even lower it to whatever degree we pleased.

Basically, I wasn't as lucky as those heroes in the books Cassandra read and wrote about. Heroes who could learn magic just by reading a few words on some ancient ruined wall or from some crummy old book. I had to understand, feel, and envision the whole process as I cast the spell. The words of an incantation were there just to quicken the process and allow us a better visualization of the spell, nothing more and nothing less.

Back on Earth, there were countless stories of young heroes who as soon as they were born could cast countless spells or had the abilities far beyond normal. In my life, however, I experienced that even with talent granted by 118 gods, things weren't that easy. I couldn't just snap my fingers and do something. True, some things I could handle on the first try because I relied on logic and instinct, but when it came to stuff like magic, reading, writing, or art, I ended up stumbling greatly.

The only possible way I could see myself achieve such feats was if I had completely ignored my social life. If I ignored my playtime with my little sister, the story time with mother, the housework helping with Luthecia, and the visits to town with father when he let us, one at a time, ride on his shoulders to view the city better. If I ignored all of these things which took almost half of my time, if I ignored the moments when I wanted to have fun and laugh like a normal child, then yes, I would have reached a level right now befit to be called a young monster.

So I made the conscious decision to sacrifice the possibility of gaining double or triple my current battle power in order to have fun with my family, in order to have something to remember them by, in order to feel the joy and happiness in my previous life I was deprived off...

So was I expecting to be an Ace in everything I picked up on the first go? Definitely not, I was perfectly fine with the possibility that I would fail miserably.

Even aunty Eliza warned us about this and told us not to feel depressed about it. After all, failing was but a part of the process of learning if we wanted to understanding anything in life. We were warned that there were many young mage disciples out there who cared only about the result, which for them had to be a complete success, as a result, they failed to enjoy the process of achieving it, and when they did, if they did, they always felt empty on the inside.

There was also a more dangerous part to spell casting. A lot of the hotheaded and stubborn young mages tended to practice without any safety precautions, leading them to either cause unnecessary destruction or even end up seriously injuring someone around them. While this also counted as part of failing, it was better to be safe and prepared for such events than being sorry after it was too late to do anything about it.

Besides, there was no hurry to learn this stuff, seeing how normally these sort of things were thought to children far older than us. After going to that birthday party a few years ago, I fully understood why this was so. Those children were a danger both to themselves and those around them if allowed to learn how to cast spells.

Speaking of which, regarding the other invitations we received, we pretend to be sick or in the process of doing something very important, so we had to politely decline them. I felt like a certain character in a comedy anime who broke his own arm when he was asked to carry the coffin of the deceased they did not know or cared about. Mother, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief every time she saw the messenger return to the those nobles. I had a feeling that what she hated the most wasn't us showing up at those parties but rather her being forced to taste the 'tea' made by them.

Anyway, at this moment, both me and Cassandra were outside, in the middle of the field near our house. Luthecia was the one who suggested to take all exploding matters as far away from our flammable house as possible. Father was here as well, but unlike mother, who was calmly sipping from a cup of tea, he was in full plate body armor and hiding behind a sturdy tower shield.

It was a ridiculous sight...

“Dear, are you sure all of... 'that' is necessary?” mother asked him.

“Melissa, my love, most definitely yes. As much as I love our children and they love me back, I'm afraid little Leo has the unnatural tendency to accidentally shoot or throw stuff at me whenever he tries something new.” he replied in calm and gentlemanly tone of voice.

Speaking of which, that did happen several times, but those were indeed harmless coincidences. Father was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

“Sigh... you are just worrying for nothing.” mother shook her head and returned to drinking her tea in peace.

“Here!” aunty Eliza walked up to us and showed us two scrolls. “One is for the fire element and the other for the water element. Pick one.” she told us.

“Wouldn't it be better to learn the same thing?” I asked her curiously as I picked the left scroll.

I got the fireball one.

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“Melissa, my love” somehow with this sugar coated words i can feel his love for his wife. Aaaaaah so loveydovey and fluffy.
“As much as I love our children and they love me back” heartwarming parent’s love for his kids.
“unnatural tendency” pffff ! really funny. GJ.


“I felt like a certain character in a comedy anime who broke his own arm when he was asked to carry the coffin of the deceased they did not know or cared about.”
Gintama? I remember a gintama episode where he and the vice captain of the shinsengumi did just this, but you could be referring to something else.


This reminds me… This is a reincarnation story in a world that is capable of summoning “hero’s”. I just find the idea that one of these “hero’s” will end up courting his sister and then promptly get thrashed by her brother. With the “hero” all the while believing him winning is a forgone conclusion because he is the “hero”. XD … ooh now that I think about it the inverse of this idea works out even better! The summoned heroine going after the brother. 😀


118 instead of 108 gods?


Feels pretty short… thx for the chap anyways ^^