~ Chapter 97: Port Rico (Part 2) ~

“Hello? Anybody here?” I asked.

“Ah! Welcome! Welcome! What may I help you with?” a skinny man with glasses and an overcoat embroidered with silver thread came out from the back.

“Good day, I'm interested in buying some slaves.” I told him.

“Some? You intend on buying more than one?” he asked a bit confused.

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?” I inquired.

“Of course not, but I need to ask... Erm, can you pay?” he rubbed his thumb to his pointing finger.

“Do you wish to be payed in items, gold coins, gold nuggets, jewels, jewelry, or what?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Any is fine as long as you have enough.” he rubbed his hands together and showed me a smile.

“If I so desire, I can buy out your entire shop and every single one on this entire continent!” I declared.

“A bold declaration, but you don't look like a noble.” he said.

“I'm a powerful Supreme.” I squinted my eyes at him and unleashed a bit of my pressure.

“Ah! Of course! Pardon me! Pardon me!” he immediately started bowing when he felt that I wasn't one to try to irk.

“As I was saying. I want to buy some slaves. Show me your merchandise.” I demanded.

“Of course, but erm... What should I look for? Do you wish for beautiful maidens? Strong men for work? Erm... children?” he asked.

I squinted my eyes at his last words.

“You sell children here?” I asked him.

“Yes... We currently received eight.” he replied.

“Hmph, start with every slave that are around the age of twenty or younger. Men or women, diseased or not, injured or not, dying or not, I don't care. Bring them to me so I may decide.” I declared with a stern tone of voice.

“Right away, sir!” he said and left.

I let out a sigh and shook my head.

If there was one thing I couldn't agree with in regard to slavery that was the abuse and selling of children, but these barbaric civilizations didn't see it as something immoral and offensive. From their point of view, fate merely had other plans for them, and the slavers were just doing their jobs.

The thing was that from what I came to learn, the concept of an orphanage was almost non-existent on Thorya and Allasn continents. Shoraya Kingdom managed to somewhat create a primitive form by having them sent to the temples, but once they were adults, they became indoctrinated disciples of their religions.

Only on the Sorone Continent I was able to find some sort of orphanages, but they survived only through the pity of others, and the children always faced the possibility of ending up sold as slaves or dying of hunger on the roadside.

The horrible truth was that most kingdoms that employed slavery didn't see a reason to create and operate an orphanage when they could just as well sell the children to a slaver and even get some money as a result.

If a child was neither sold nor protected by an orphanage, then he was fated to either die on the streets of hunger or by beasts when attempting to scavenge for food. When faced with such a fate, slavery sounded much better. At least then they would have a chance at life.

As I was thinking about the ways I wanted to approach this subject in the future, the slaver here arranged his 'products'. I could save all of them or I could save none. The question was if they desired to be saved or not?

When everything was ready, I was called in the back room where the slaves were aligned one next to another wearing only the bare minimum clothing around their waists. The women had their chests exposed, adopting a more alluring pose, while the men flexed their muscles to show off their strength. To the far left were the eight children known as 'fresh merchandise', they had a toga-like rag that covered their whole body.

I was disgusted by this sight, of the very thought of enslaving and depriving another sapient being of its freedom when it was guilty of no crime.

“Tell me in order the reason why they became slaves, if they carry any diseases, if they have any special skills.” I told the slaver.

First of all, I did not wish to take in any slaves guilty of murder, rape, treason, or repeated theft. Debt slaves or generational slaves were what I was looking for.

“First off, this is Maria. She is twenty, not pure, and has a good experience in a brothel. No special skills. She became a slave after she killed another woman out of jealousy.” the slaver started off.

“Rejected.” I said.

The slaver nodded and a man wearing an armor pulled her away from the line, taking her back to her cell.

“This Yohan, a strong man. He's a former adventurer with a strong Magic Armor. He's used to battle in the front lines. Yohan became a slave after he was charged with treason and abandonment of his fellow adventurers in a Dungeon in order to take their possessions.” he said.

“Rejected.” I said.

Thus, the list continued.

By the time we reached the children, next to me stood teenage boys of ages 15, 16, and 17 next to four women of ages 15, 17, 19, and 20. The last one was still a virgin from what the slaver told me. All of them ended up as slaves after being unable to pay whatever debts they had amassed.

“This boy has no name. He became a slave after killing his own parents in their sleep with a shovel.” the slaver said.

“Why did you do it?” I asked the boy.

“Answer him.” the slave ordered.

He refused to speak, but under the effects of the collar, he finally gave up and said “Because I thought it would be fun to see them die... and it was.” he showed me a smirk.

“Rejected.” I let out a sigh.

The boy's mind was broken beyond repair. He was a monster.

“Very well, the next one is a young girl of age 10. Her name is Mira, and her parents sold her to my company to have enough money to pass this winter.” he explained.

“Passed. Sit next to the women.” I told her.

She nodded and the walked over to them. Some of them smelled like they hadn't been washed in days, most likely the injured or diseased ones.

“The girl's name is Luisa, she is 8 years old and became a slave under the same circumstances as the previous one.” he said.

“Passed. Go and sit next to Mira.” I told her.

And so it continued.

Mareel was a 12 years old girl who killed her younger siblings and several other children because she enjoyed cutting people with her dagger. She was Rejected.

Zara was a 11 years old boy who was born to a family of slaves. He passed.

Corry was a 10 years old girl who was born blind and sold because of her defect. She passed.

Marina was a 9 years old girl who had her right arm bitten off by a monster. Her parents couldn't afford a full healing, and she was sold so they could pass the harsh winter.

Andrael was a 8 years old boy with a weak heart and an unknown disease. He was sold as a slave and was meant to be used as a meat shield or bait for the monsters in dungeons.

I bought all of those who passed and judged them to be innocent. As for the rest, I didn't care.

The price was payed from the Pirate King's gold, and the rights to these slaves were transferred to me afterwards. I checked with my own magic to see if the slaver wasn't trying to pull a funny one on me, but it turned out he didn't. The man was honest when it came to money.

Since I couldn't walk with them half naked on the streets of this city, I bought some basic clothes for all of them. The slaver was more than happy to provide them, seeing as he already had a pair of just the right size. I had a feeling he was cheating me by selling me the old clothes of my slaves.

Well with that being said, I ordered them to follow me without saying a word. Having bought so many at once, it was natural that people would be looking at me with either curious or suspicious eyes.

At a normal pace, I walked towards the South gate where I was supposed to reunite with my wives. I had a feeling the new acquisition was going to be a surprise for them, more so after I would tell them what I planned to do with them.

Behind me were the first students of my glorious Magic Academy!

All they needed now was some good rest, food, new clothes, and their wounds healed. Transportation wasn't going to be a problem either for someone like me, but I had to be careful about how and when I was going to remove their collars. I had no need of those useless things, but having the slaves run away in fear wasn't going to be a good thing. So, most likely I was going to postpone that until AFTER I told them what I was and what I planned to do with them.

[Guharian Varn's point of view]

At last! After so many years of hard work and labor, I was finally able to fulfill my dream and reach the rank of a Supreme. My power and might was now at national level, and I was certain the royals would attempt to scout me as soon as they received the report of my ascension.

As such, when I had the confirmation of my rank, I decided to head out in my best clothes and attempt to pick up some cute ladies.

So it happened, that I spotted a lovely madam who wore a heavy plate armor. She was blushing already. That's why I approached her boldly and attempted to court her.

'Attempted' was the right word here, for in my foolishness, I was unable to see the group she was with. Besides the man with green hair, the others were all of various species and were quite stunningly beautiful as well.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was flying through the air...

One of them slapped me, but it was so fast and powerful, I didn't know what hit me until after I was back on the ground.

Honestly, if I wasn't a Supreme, I might have died!

But luck was on my side, and I safely landed on a farmer's pig farm. The landing itself was... undesirably dirty, but the smell was going to come off... eventually.

I took this opportunity to reflect upon my becoming a Supreme. Maybe obtaining the rank was just the first step of many? Who would have thought I would meet such strong foes just by walking down the street?

This encounter enlightened me, so now I was determined to become stronger, or just learn how to enjoy my life without forcing myself too much... I feared to think what would have happened if that beautiful woman decided to punch me or slash her sword at me instead!

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