~ Chapter 98: Modern transportation (Part 1) ~

[Ayuseya's point of view]

Together with Shanteya, we went and visited all the tailors in Port Rico in order to see what Paramanium had to offer in terms of clothes for children and adults. We went with high hopes, but they were soon crushed both by the lack of products and the way the tailors treated us. It was becoming clear that the idea of human superiority was getting more popular, especially with the Paramanium Empire being led by a long lasting human monarchy.

We didn't even bother shopping where the tailors tried to cheat us out of our money because we weren't humans or downright tried to kick us out. We could have wrecked the place, but we didn't. These fools weren't even worth bothering with. We were more worried about Illsy accidentally picking up a woman... again.

At the end of the day, we did find a tailor who didn't give us a cold stare or tried to cheat us. His wares were modest and the design made me praise the Teslov tailors who made all of my dresses, but we still decided to buy some of his wares for moments when we would need to get dirty for some reason or another.

Of course, if any of us got dirty by falling in a puddle or something, we would witness their kidnapping at the hands of our perverted husband...

It made me very happy to know that I was loved so much by someone like Illsy. Even when there were five of us, none of us felt like they weren't offered just as much attention as the others were. This goofy beloved husband of ours treated us so well to the point where sometimes it made me wonder if this whole experience wasn't anything but a dream... and I was still trapped in Dankyun's clutches.

Before we had the chance to leave the shop, the tailor told us the reason why we won't find that many clothes for children, especially for newborn ones. This was because most mothers here preferred to make them on their own or ask someone who could instead of buying them from a tailor. After a short moment of thinking, we bought all the cloth rolls he had. We didn't care about the material, but his words sparked a strange feeling of excitement within us.

Neither of us thought of the possibility of making baby clothes ourselves.

Inside the Storage Crystal embedded in the back of our hands by Illsy, we could store quite a lot of items, so we didn't have to worry about either volume or weight.

Once we were finished, we headed for the South gate. Because we decided to leave Port Rico today, logic dictated that that was the place where we were going to meet.

We were the first to find Illsy, but when we saw him, we had a bit of a surprise.

“Yo! Did you find anything good?” he asked with a casual smile.

Shanteya let out a sigh and shook her head.

I was looking at him with my mouth opened from the shock, and I could feel a headache was bound to strike soon.

“Illsy... what's this?” Shanteya asked as she pointed behind him.

What shocked us and made the el'doraw sigh was not Illsy himself but the 13 slaves behind him: three men, four women, and six children. All of them looked worried and scared, not knowing what was going to happen to them. The guards at the gate didn't seem to hold any intention in questioning him, so it was immediately assumed that Illsy somehow or another became the master of all of these young people.

“Erm...” he replied with a foolish smile and scratched the back of his head.

“Nanya is going to punch you for buying them. As long as you don't intend to sleep with the women, I won't bite you.” I told him.

I had no problems with him getting a slave or two, but when it came to sleeping with them, then we had a problem. No other woman besides his wives had the right to share a bed with him. All those who dared would feel my... no, our wrath.

“That wasn't the purpose why I bought them!” he retorted immediately.

“Good.” I then tossed a glare at the slave women.

I was a dragoness at heart. As such, it was only natural that I would display a possessive and threatening attitude when other women tried to get close to my man.

“Hmph!” I whipped my hair in the wind and crossed my arms at my chest.

“I think you overdid it...” Shanteya told me.

“What?” I blinked surprised, but I looked at the one she was pointing at.

One of the younger women had fainted.

To this, I merely shrugged. I made my point clear. Illsy's wives were alright, but anyone else would meet my claws and teeth.


Now it was Illsy's turn to sigh and shake his head.

“What's going on?” Nanya asked from behind me.

I turned around and saw her standing there with a raised eyebrow and arms crossed at her chest. Her right foot was tapping on the ground while she waited for an explanation.

“Erm...” Illsy gulped and looked away.

“Illsy.” she pressed.

He gulped again and then replied “As you can see... I bought a few slaves?”

“A few? I see 13, and are those children?” she pointed at the little ones.

Regarding them, I could more less guess why he bought them. With us, their freedom was going to be guaranteed. It was better than just waiting around for some abusing master to take them in.

Although, what I found peculiar was the fact that all of them were human. I was expecting most of them to be of other species.

“Well, yes?” Illsy replied.

Contrary to my expectations, Nanya shook her head and let out a sigh. She didn't rush in to punch as I thought she would. Maybe she was in a good mood?

“Well, at least you aren't planning on eating them.” she shrugged.

“Ah! Another one fainted.” Shanteya pointed out.

This time, it was one of the smaller children.

“Huh?” Nanya blinked surprised.

Not long afterwards, Zoreya and Tamara arrived as well.

“Oh? Emergency food?” the nekatar asked as she looked at the slaves.

“No!” Illsy retorted, but it was too late, three more had fainted.

“Hm. Why have you bought these slaves, Illsy? You... aren't into that are you?” Zoreya asked in a worried tone of voice as she looked at the children.

“NO!” he shouted again.

She let out a relieved sigh.

“Come on! I'm a pervert, I know, but I'm not some sick monster who would touch children in that way. Those sort should be put down in the most brutal way possible!” he retorted.

“Well now. Everyone, let us put the jokes aside before all of them faint.” I said as I clapped my hand.

“True.” Zoreya nodded.

“I'm sad, you know... You accused me of something awful.” Illsy pouted.

“I'll heal you in bed.” Zoreya replied.

“DEAL!” he gave her a thumbs up and a smile.

This pervert recovered rather quickly, and the rest of us gave him a cold stare.

“So, since we are all gathered here, can you tell us what you plan on doing with these slaves?” asked Nanya.

“Indeed, I doubt you will keep the children in those collars.” Shanteya pointed out.

The pregnant el'doraw was showing a deep concern for the young ones more than the rest of us did. It was most likely due to the fact that she was carrying and couldn't bare the thought of seeing innocent lives like theirs going to waste.

“Of course.” Illsy nodded.

Hearing this, all the slaves looked surprised at him.

“M-Master is going to free us?” one of the girls asked in a trembling tone of voice.

How frightened they must be... Separated from their family. Without seeing any hope for their lives in the future. Without having the right to reach out for a dream or even the innocent delight of playing like all the other normal children do... I thought as I looked at their trembling figures.

After spending so much time together with Illsy, listening to him, being by his side, and also talking and befriending Shanteya and Tamara who were both once slaves, the first more to a curse than to a collar, I couldn't help but reach the conclusion that the slavery system was a disgusting one that needed to be abolished. The only good use I saw in it was the fact that it could turn criminals and wrong doers into an obedient working force. That was it. Everything else had to go.

“Yes.” Illsyore replied, showing them a bright smile.

A glimmer of hope appeared on their faces, but then, one of the men spoke.

“Even if you free them, they will just be captured again and sold. What hope do they have of surviving in this world when their own parents sold them off into slavery?”

The man, a teenager, was looking down at the ground, showing that unlike them, he had long since given up all hope. His words weren't a lie though. Indeed, if Illsy just freed them and let them go in the next city, they would all end up as slaves again or worse, dead.

What he didn't know was that our husband, his new master, wasn't going to just let them go like that. If he wanted to free them, then he had a plan. Surely he had a plan for all of them.

“None actually. But I'm not letting you go here, not now at least.” he replied.

“You intend... to free all of us?” asked one of the women, the oldest one in the group.

“Yes. But as I said, not here and not now.” he nodded.

These words of his, although they weren't a promise, they offered a bit of hope to all of them. Just the fact that he thought about it meant that there was still a glimmer of a chance. If there was a chance, then certainly, one day, they would be allowed to dream again. They would be allowed to hold a bit of hope in their heart and not give up at life.

“Before I start explaining, let's be off on our way.” said Illsy with a smile as he turned around and looked at us.

“Are you expecting us to carry them?” Nanya asked.

“No! Of course not! I don't mind if you carry me to the bedroom though!” he smirked and winked at her, causing the demoness to blush.

“Did you buy a carriage?” I asked.

“Better! I made one!” he declared.

“Oh! I want to see it!” Tamara said with a smile.

“Then! Here it is!” he said and pointed at the open space to his left.

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