~ Chapter 98: Modern transportation (Part 2) ~

There, at a few steps away from him... the raft appeared.

It was the plain wooden raft we sailed on after we left the Boss Island.

It was the same raft Illsy tried to make us sail when we decided to part from the Pirate Island.

“Illsy?” we all asked as we looked back at him with a stiff smile and a clenched fist.

Knuckles could be heard cracking in a harmony that gave off the sense of an impending doom for the unfortunate Dungeon.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! It's a mistake! An honest to god mistake!” he said backing away shaking his hands in the air.

“Should we trust him, girls?” I asked.

“I don't know...” Zoreya replied squinting her eyes and holding her shield with both hands.

“He sounds fishy...” Tamara said as she flicked her tail in the air.

“Should we bury him head first?” I asked.

“I suggest we send him flying.” Nanya pitched in.

“Come on now, be reasonable! It was a mistake! Shanteya, you believe me, right?” he said, trying to get at least one of us on his side.

It didn't work.

“Do you expect me to believe that a Dungeon Lord like you who can hit a target dead center from more than a kilometer away is capable of confusing a carriage with a raft?” she asked.

“Erm... yes?” he forced a smile.

“Then let us help you fix that!” I said with a cold smile.

His joke ended here. We surrounded him and then we all slapped him each at the same time. The force kept him in place, but his Magic Armor shattered in a billion pieces. He fell on the ground with his cheeks turned red.

“Ouch...” he complained.

Only Illsy could survive an attack of that magnitude, but while other wives could threaten their husbands with a no-sex day, we didn't have either the guts or will to do it. We wanted to sleep with him, and we enjoyed every second of it, so it would end up more as a punishment for both of us rather than just him. On the other hand, the slaps were painful and easy to administer to said misbehaving husband without causing us, his respectful wives, to regret or suffer from anything.

While we waited patiently for Illsy to recover, we talked among each other about the things we visited, heard, and saw inside Port Rico. Shanteya and I told them about our troubles with the tailors, while Tamara and Zoreya said that many thought the nekatar was a slave or something. Two nobles attempted to buy her and threatened the High Apostle, but such things were useless against them. Tamara was inclined towards killing them, but Zoreya stopped her in time.

Nanya told us that she visited the Guild Hall located here and wrote a message in several copies, which she then sent through the Guild's Mail system. Waiting in line took her longer than expected, and not many dared to disturb her because of her not-so-friendly demonic appearance. The spikes, claws, and sharp teeth were frightening in human eyes.

Illsy recovered long before we finished our tales, so he joined in on our talk. When we asked him about where he bought the slaves, he told us the location. Despite the fact that it was right next to a brothel didn't bother me that much, but Tamara was glaring at him. Nanya wasn't that pleased about it either, but since there was no scent on his body to be used as a sign of adultery, she didn't punch him. Zoreya, surprisingly, didn't see the idea of a man walking into a brothel as wrong, but she did confess that if he did, she would have worried if maybe he started to get bored of her.

These words of hers started to cause all of us to look down. After six years together on that island, Illsy knew everything there was to know about our bodies. Therefore, we were indeed a bit worried about whether or not we could still satisfy him.

For the next half an hour, Illsy tried to frantically cheer us up and prove us wrong. I believe we were all cheered up by his little act from the first minute, but we continued to make sad droopy eyes just to tease him. There was nothing wrong with us having a bit of fun with our cute husband. Besides, I had a feeling Illsy wasn't one to easily get swayed by another woman's charms. We joked about it, but we did trust him.

With night approaching fast, there was no more time for silliness, so Illsy summoned his contraption: a metal carriage on six wheels. It had four doors and a strange wheel in front of one of the seats. There were a lot of buttons and dials on the board just as there were in the case of the yacht. The seats appeared to be of the comfy type I saw back on the yacht, and we had a clear view of our surroundings thanks to crystal clear windows. The weird part about this carriage was the fact that it had a small cannon mounted on top of it and there was no seat for the driver on top of it. I couldn't see how a horse was going to pull it either.

“This is... What is this?” I asked as I furrowed my brow and tilted my head to the left.

“This is a land vehicle called an automobile or car.” he explained with a smug look on his face.

“Where do you put the horses?” asked Zoreya.

“It doesn't use horses.” Illsy replied.

“Does it use flying fish?” Tamara asked.

“No! How in the world did you come to that conclusion anyway?!” he retorted.

“I don't care how it moves, but does it?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow.

“It does, I already tested it back on the Boss Island. Unfortunately, there's only room for six in this one. This isn't a normal car either, it's called a Maneuver Combat Vehicle. It has a cannon mounted on top, which can fire projectiles capable of going right through the Magic Armor of an Emperor Rank Adventurer. If I enchant the projectile, it can even go past that of a Godlike's Magic Armor.” he bragged.

“That's quite powerful for a projectile weapon.” said Nanya.

“It's a cannon, of course it's powerful. I wanted to make a Gatling Gun, but I changed my mind halfway through building it. I wanted something classic.” he smirked.

“Continue the explanation, please.” I told him.

I was quite curious about what this strange carriage could do. The devices our husband built were always intriguing and interesting. Most of the time, they were fun to use too. Although he never told us what he worked on, we didn't mind the fact that he wasn't telling us. I found the way he tried to keep the mystery and surprise us with his nutty inventions to be rather cute.

“Well, the MCV is a vehicle aimed more towards personnel transport rather than direct combat. It's well armed and defended by an enchanted bulletproof armor. It can travel with a speed of up to 160 km/h on flat terrain and 50 km/h on... well, most roads in this world. Oh, the big wheels are quite sturdy. We won't need to worry about blowing a tire or anything like that.” he said proudly.

“That's quite fast...” Nanya said surprised.

“You're surprised by this speed? We can run faster, you know?” he told her.

“Yes, but a carriage doesn't... At least not any I have seen before.” she shook her head.

“This thing isn't a carriage, right?” I asked.

“Technically... sort of not. I mean, it does have wheels, and you can ride it, but it doesn't need a horse to pull it. The engine does the work for the beast, you just need a driver that won't crash it into things.” he shrugged.

“This looks like a military vehicle though...” Zoreya pointed out.

“Back on Earth, it was... But if you take into consideration the possibility of running into monsters, magic attacks, ranged projectile attacks with enchanted weapons, then... a civilian vehicle would end up being extremely squishy.” he showed a wry smile.

“Isn't the luxury yacht the same?” Nanya asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, but that was only because we could easily cast our spells from on top of the deck. While we are inside a vehicle, it's a bit hard. Well, a convertible would work too, but I didn't feel like building one... It didn't feel appropriate.” he shrugged.

“But I still don't see how we are to carry the slaves if this vehicle can only carry us?” Shanteya questioned.

“We'll install this thing in the back.” Illsy replied and made a big square box appear next to him.

Unlike the MCV, this one didn't appear to have a flat front or a cannon, but it was covered by the same type of armor. It had only four wheels too.

“They can fit inside.” he nodded.

“Is this another vehicle?” Zoreya asked.

“No, this one is something that you can attach to the back of a vehicle, a transport wagon. It doesn't have an engine, so it needs to be pulled by something.” he replied.

“A carriage, basically.” Nanya said as she approached it and then opened the doors in the back.

“Yes, sort of.” he nodded.

When I took a peek inside, I noticed that there were eight chairs placed on the right side and another eight on the left side, facing each other. There were black straps tied to each of them.

“What are these things?” I pointed at them.

“Those are called seat belts. It has the purpose of securing the passenger in the seat to avoid him or her falling off during a bumpy ride.” he replied.

“It sounds useful.” I nodded in appreciation.

None of the carriages in our world had this sort of contraption. It was a good idea.

“It is. Usually, it saves lives.” he nodded.

“Carriages in your previous world are that dangerous?” Shanteya asked raising an eyebrow.

“Not carriages, cars... When they travel with 100km/h and there are several of them on the same and opposite lanes, then yes...” he replied.

“I don't understand.” I said furrowing my brow.

His words were a bit confusing. I could hardly imagine a situation where so many of these vehicles would travel at such a high speed on the same road. It sounded rather... apocalyptic.

“Let's get on and find a good place to camp for the night.” he said.

“Indeed.” Shanteya nodded.

After we helped the slaves get on the carriage and strapped in their chairs, we got on the front vehicle ourselves. Shanteya sat in the back next to Zoreya. Tamara and Nanya sat behind them, and since I was the biggest, I took the front seat next to Illsy.

The vehicle made a soft humming noise when its engine was started, and a pair of lights were turned on in front of it. The road was illuminated well, allowing the driver to guide the vehicle around holes and big boulders otherwise invisible at night.

“Let's move out!” Illsy said with a chipper and pressed one of the two pedals under his feet.

The MCV started to move and quickly gained speed until it reached 50 km/h.

I worried we would feel every single bump in the road at this speed, but surprisingly, it was a smooth ride. Unless we hit a more prominent bump or hole on the road, we would barely feel anything.

“Enchanted shock dampeners are working perfectly, I see.” Illsy said after a few minutes.

“Enchanted what?” Nanya asked.

“Shock dampeners. Simply put, they are big springs connected to the wheels with the sole purpose of making sure we don't feel in our behinds every single rock we drive over.” he replied.

“It's not as noisy as when you drive in a carriage either.” I pointed out.

“Of course, these are bulletproof windows. Their thickness dampens a lot of the noise of the ride, making it more comfortable for us.” he explained.

“Won't it alert monsters and bandits of our approach?” Zoreya asked.

“That's why we have a cannon and thick armor. Besides, I doubt they have a horse fast enough to catch up with us.” he smirked.

“He does have a point. Besides, if things get too dangerous, we can always just step out and finish them off.” I said with a smile.

“How long are we going to travel like this? It's almost night time.” Tamara asked with her ears perked up and looking at the scenery outside like a predator ready to pounce.

She was certainly enjoying this ride.

“Until we find a clearing or something. There's no problem with traveling all night either. At this speed, we'll be in Krestan in four to five hours.” he replied.

“We have no problem with it, but the slaves need to be treated and fed. Not to mention the fact that you need to explain both to them and us the reason why you got them.” Nanya pointed out.

“I know, that's why we'll stop in one hour to set up camp.” he said.

Traveling like this didn't feel bad at all. It was comfortable and relaxing. The noise and bumpiness of the road were barely felt when compared to a regular carriage. If the nobles knew of this marvelous way to travel, they would do anything they could to get their hands on it. If we were normal people, maybe we would have something to worry about, but when I reminded myself what sort of foes would be needed to cause us trouble, I couldn't help but sit back and enjoy the ride...

I'm really curious to hear what Illsy plans to do with the slaves... I thought as I gazed at the empty road ahead.

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