~ Chapter 55: Nine months ago (Part 3) ~

While we waited for the Queen to wake up, we came up with several ways of imposing myself in the court and having the King accept me as a subject of his. Unfortunately, none could be applied at the moment because I lacked the required strength. If it was up to him, we wouldn't need to go through all of this hassle. Just by having Brekkar and Kataryna accept me was enough for him, the problem was as he said, the rest of the nobility, which had to appeased as well in order to avoid a possible rebellion or acts of betrayal.

However, once I told him about my journey to the Seculiar Forest, we took into account the possibility of me reaching a Breakthrough. With my Luck it was highly possible. I had both the strength and the abilities I needed to survive there and boost myself close to level 1000. Mentally, I was very close to it, so that wasn't a problem either.

In the end, [Itsy Bitsy BOOM!] turned out to be a very interesting and noteworthy intimidation tool I could use, something like a trump card to make everyone keep quiet and listen to me.

I told him the details of this type of attack, and he shuddered at the thought of detonating it in a populated area. It was an impressive weapon with a fearsome effect on the local area. He warned me to never use it unless circumstances absolutely demanded it and even then I had to think thrice before doing so. It wouldn't be funny if I ended up mutating the already powerful monsters of this world. The King's worse fear was that of a three-headed, fire-breathing sheep that was 60 meters tall.

Imagining that monster going 'baa baa' and thrashing the city gave me the impression that I was in some sort of badly written horror movie or maybe a joke cartoon.

“Then all that's left are the matters of the court. Who exactly should I have present here in order to convince the buffoons that you are not joking around?” the King asked as he rubbed his chin.

He truly enjoyed plotting this scheme with me. His tail was swaying up and down while he had a deep pondering expression on his face.

“Brekkar, Seryanna, Elleyzabelle, and Kataryna?” I suggested.

“Indeed, they would truly prove to be worthy witnesses. I will call Brekkar not long before you return. This will give him enough time to increase his strength and get a step closer to his Breakthrough. But should I attempt to resume my usual royal activities?” he wondered.

“No. This would give the perpetrators of this poisoning incident a reason to be wary of you and be on guard for any 'strange movements'. Hm, if this was a game, I think I would have you appear two times at completely random moments, to give the impression that nothing had changed, but that something might. Then on the third appearance make it appear as though you are about to make a grand announcement, such as retiring or something like that.” I suggested as I scratched my head.

“Retirement is no good, hm... I could use that fellow Draejan. Make it seems as though I'm about to give in and promote him to general? If I put him on my right side and Brekkar on my left, it could signal the local nobles of my presumed intent to make a change. Declaring the Brekkar Army as changing into the Draejan Army would require both of them to be present, further fueling this idea of a great promotion. It would also give reason for me to call out to all the nobles I find... suspicious. I think I can have Elovius look into it. See who Draejan spends times with and what party alliances are shifting in the following months. Hm, now that I think about it, that's a very sneaky thing to do. However, it all falls down to you being able to achieve a Breakthrough and arriving on time on that day. If you fail, I will be forced to put Draejan in the General position. I do not have to explain now what this would spell for your future with Seryanna Draketerus, do I?” he squinted his eyes at me.

“Don't worry, I won't fail. I'll bet my whole Luck on it that not only will I arrive on time, but I will also make a grand entrance suitable to shift all attention on me.” I showed him a confident smirk.

“Wish this right now, in front of me.” he said.

“Very well, your majesty.” I made a polite bow. “I wish with all of my being that when we meet again, I will be a full fledged Breakthrough-er with the might to easily show both my strength and assertiveness in front of your court. I wish that we will meet again in nine months and 14 days from now, when you will make your third public appearance, and I will arrive at the perfect time to set this last part of our plan into motion. I wish for everything to go just the way we planned it, without any unforeseen events. And while I'm at it, I wish to be able to both cure your wife and find the perpetrators who dared poisoned her.” I spoke in a determined tone of voice with no drop of hesitation in my heart.

The King smirked when he heard me and nodded in approval.

“That's the attitude you want to keep!” he said.

It was going to be a very dicey plan, with many unknown variables, but my Luck was certain to make things happen in the way I wished for them to happen. All that was left to do was to actually level up and become just as strong as I promised. Not an easy feat, certainly, but not 100% impossible either. Improbable, yes, but not impossible, and with my Luck, totally doable.

About half an hour later, the Queen woke up. Her pale skin and silver blond hair made her look like a fragile porcelain doll. With a single gaze, I could tell how weakened she was. Her breath was soft, but barely there, it was almost like she was fighting with her last bits of strength to both stay alive and awake at the same time. For all she knew, this could have been the last time she saw her family.

“Elliessara, my love, don't move too much. You are weakened... I may have found someone who can help you, but... he's a human.” the King spoke in a gentle tone of voice as he brushed her hair.

“Do you... trust... him?” she asked in a barely audible tone of voice.

Feryumstark closed his eyes and then looked back at me. In this moment, with his words, he could send both his kingdom and his family to certain doom if by chance I was not whom I claimed to be.

From his point of view, this was a terrible risk to take, and at that time, I believed I had yet to prove myself trustworthy enough. However, I was yet unaware of the fact that throughout our conversation, he tested me time and time again. My desire to be honest with him as well as refusing to use his authority as means through which I could gain my immunity in his kingdom at the cost of unrest within the population, were two of the main reasons he could give the answer he did to his wife's question.

“Yes.” he said.

When I heard this word, I let out a sigh of relief. I was glad this was so. It meant that I could easily proceed with my next move.

“Your majesty, my name is Alkelios Yatagai, I'm a friend of Brekkar's and Seryanna Draketerus.” I introduced myself.

“A human... a friend of those two?” she blinked surprised and then looked up at Feryumstark.

He nodded in confirmation.

“In order to find out what ails you, I need to be your friend. I want to be your friend, your majesty. Will you accept?” I asked her with a soft smile.

“What? S-Something appeared... a question?” she stared in open space a bit confused.

“It's my skill. This message appears only to those with whom I have an honest desire to become friends with and they in return wish the same.” I told her.

She showed me a smile.

[You have made a new friend: Elliessara Seyendraugher]

“To see... that there are humans like you... who wish to become friends with dragons... makes me happy... It... gives me hope.” she said with her last moment of consciousness before she fell asleep again.

“Elliessara?” the King checked to see if she was still awake.

“She's asleep?” I asked.

“Yes.” he nodded and then let her rest.

[Dragon Tamer] was activated successfully. I will look at her status right now.” I told him.

[Name]: Elliessara Seyendraugher

[Species]: Superior Draconian of the High Light

[Awakened Status]: 6 of 6 Conditions met.

[Level]: 1206

[Strength]: 12 (6545)+373.2

[Speed]: 2 (7844)+401.5

[Dexterity]: 1 (9328)+359

[Magic]: 1120 (12545)+271.2

[Luck]: 55

[Magic Excellence]: 43%+4.48%

[Current Buffs]: [Dragon Tamer] <5X Life Force and Magic Energy Absorption from kills/Learning Speed. 10% of hero's overall stats gained while they are within 100 m of him.>

[Wisdom of the Old One] <Buff acquired through Awakened Breakthrough. It offers the individual a new view of the world. It raised the intuition of the individual. It grants the aura of a wise individual>

[Debuffs]: [Ryumarry poisoning]: <Causes heavy fatigue, sleepiness, weakness in the limbs, and weaknesses the immune system. Cure: [Bartak's Potion], [Adeline Tea], [Healing Potion], [Grayum Weed]>

[God's Demise Poison]: <Slow acting poison that cripples the victim's Magic Channels, slowly bringing them to crippling a death. It works especially well on those who achieved a Breakthrough. Upon death, the body is infused with magic absorbed by the poison throughout the years and turns it into a Leech with the sole purpose of eradicating all life within 600 km of its spawning location. It's the only poison known to affect Immortals with powerful regenerative abilities. It's said to be the poison used to kill the god that would later become the first Dark God. Remaining time until Leech transformation: 4 years 2 months 9 days 4 hours 20 minutes. Type of Leech based on current absorbed Magic Energy: Supreme Leech. [Bartender]: Requires Grand Godlike Alchemist to prepare. Cure: [Lumenos, Lumenya, and Nocturnia's tears Potion]: Requires Grand Godlike Alchemist to prepare. Insufficient level in [Bartender] to display ingredients and mode of processing.>

I then explained what I discovered in regard to the debuffs. To be honest, I was surprised as well, but what caught my attention were the 6 conditions she was required to attain in order to Awaken. If hers were anything close to as ridiculous as Seryanna's, then Elliessara had a tough time Awakening. According to Kataryna, every dragon of a High Element was the same. Hers being Light, it was explained why her scales were white.

Feryumstark went pale when he heard the news. He lost strength in his legs and fell on his knees. The expression on his face told me that he believed all hope was lost. However, what was probably most shocking for him was the Leech transformation. If this were to happen, not only would he lose the love of his life, but he would have to be the one to kill her. It was a fate no man had to experience.

“This is good though.” I told him with a smile.

“Good? HOW CAN THIS BE GOOD?!” he shouted and grabbed me by the collar of my clothes lifting me up with ease.

The dragon was so fast, I wasn't even able to see him coming, and his killing intent was making me unconsciously shiver in fear. This was how an enraged King of Dragons looked like. If the other royals on this continent were anything like him, then the human species never stood a chance in winning a war against them. This King alone was enough to wipe the floor with their armies.

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