~ Chapter 99: Healing domino pieces (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

I stopped the car in what I believed was a good spot to set up camp for the night. At such a late hour, it was highly unlikely for us too meet up with other travelers. It wasn't impossible though. Ayuseya and Shanteya once told me that if needed be Nobles would travel at night, and the driver of their carriage would normally use Light Crystals or Light Spells in order to see where they were going. The numbers of their guards was also increased because this was the time when monsters were more active and bandits loved to attack.

Despite the danger, my group had nothing to worry about. This machine I built was nothing to laugh at and even if they showered us with spells and arrows, it would still be able to push through. Meeting Emperor, Godlike, or Supremes among the bandits was also highly unlikely for various reasons, including the fact that at this level of strength they could gain a lot more money through legal means than they could illegally.

“I'm going to start a fire and cook something fast.” announced Tamara after we all got out of the car.

I nodded back at her, and she went off to find some wood.

“This vehicle of yours puts to shame even the comfortable carriages of the kings.” Ayuseya praised my work.

“Isn't that right?” I replied with a bright smile.

“Where are we going to sleep tonight?” Zoreya asked.

“The usual place.” I nodded and then pulled out of my Inner Mind our usual house, which I placed right next to the cars.

I kept using this house ever since I built it back on the Sorone continent, but to say it was the same one was wrong. There were many things I had changed within it. Both on the outside and inside a numerous amount of changes had been made. The bathroom was upgraded with a bigger bath. I improved the heating system by hiding it within the walls, under the floor, and in the ceiling. I added a kitchen, enlarged it and improved it until it was on par with a modern one. There were more rooms now, each of my wives had one, which they customized by themselves. The living room was big, but it didn't have a PC or TV.

As much I would have wanted to make those two devices, they were a bit beyond my current skill. I may have built more impressive and complex stuff, but I had no idea how the TV actually worked, let alone how to make something like a processor for the PC.

Besides, what was I to watch on TV? What was I to browse on the internet? Who was going to program the PC and make me awesome games?

There was no one who could do that.

But it wasn't impossible. By raising the awareness of the people I thought at my academy, I could one day encounter those interested in such devices. All I had to do was to allow others to make them as well, thus a bit of competition would appear here and there, urging everyone to come up with better and cheaper products. Then, in about 100 years or so, I would have my very own PC. After all, that was how long it took on Earth for technology to advance from a room-sized calculator affordable only by the army to a palm-held personal computer affordable by the majority population.

“Where are the slaves going to sleep?” asked Zoreya.

“This house has no room for them, but I'm going to create a separate one right now. Meanwhile, can you and Shanteya check them for visible injuries, diseases, and whatnot? You can cure those you can, and I'll deal with the rest.” I told her.

“I will deal with the children.” the el'doraw offered.

“I will deal with the others then.” Zoreya nodded.

“While you all do that, I'm going to scout the perimeter and kill off any monster I stumble across.” Nanya said as she began to stretch her body.

“Come back before Tamara finishes cooking.” I reminded her.

“I will!” she said as she left.

With this plan set in motion, I focused on my own part, which was creating the room where the slaves were going to seep for the night. It had to have several compartments: one for men, one for women, and one for the children. They also needed beds on which they could sleep and a way to reach us if anything happened, a simple alarm activated by a button. There was also the matter of connecting the house's heat system to this one's as well as make sure it had plenty of light.

They also needed new clothes, so I made them some simple ones, which I enchanted with a restraining type magic programmed to activate when they tried to raise a hand against each other or us. These were just a simple safety precaution until they learned the rules.

Making all of these took me around 20 minutes. The clothes took longer than the added extension to the house. As for the Magic Energy spent, it reached a total of 22350 points. That was an insane amount from my pre-Darkness point of view, but this much was explained both by the speed and complexity of what I built. If I wanted to make a hole in the ground, I would have probably just spent around 100 points per square meter.

When I was finished, I went to check up on the slaves, starting off with the children.

“They are all suffering from something, be it an injury or illness. This child over here, she looks fine, but she can't feel heat, cold, or pain. Look, her toe was broken, but she didn't say anything.” Shanteya said and pointed at Luisa, the eight years old who was sold by her own parents.

“This one has it the worst, doesn't he?” I asked as I pointed at the little boy with a sickly constitution and a weak heart.

“Yes. At this rate, he has only three, maybe four days left of living.” Shanteya pointed out.

When she said this, Andrael looked up at with worry in his eyes. The young child didn't want to die yet, I could see this, but in his heart, he came to the conclusion that there was nothing we could do about it.

“What of Marina?” I asked as I pointed at the little girl who had her arm bitten off by a monster.

“She'll live, but her spine is damaged. She can't walk straight anymore. As for Corry, this child's blind. She wasn't born like this though...” she pointed out.

“What do you mean? I was told she was born like this.” I tilted my head in surprise.

“I know a born blind person when I see one. They don't have a problem with their eyes but with their brains. This little girl had her eyes damaged by something, probably when she was far too young to remember. Look, these are marks that prove this fact.” Shanteya pointed at a few scars around her eyes.

Upon a closer look, I noticed that her eyes were damaged quite badly. Still, this was good news. If she was like this, I could heal her.

“Hm, I think I can fix this. Zoreya? Anyone in your group is in need of immediate healing? My healing that is?” I asked and turned to look at her.

The lovely blonde was currently in the middle of casting a healing spell on one of the women slaves.

After she was done, she replied “So far, there's nothing I can't handle. I do believe, however, all of them are required to be tested for parasites and unseen diseases. You can do that after we're done.” she smiled.

“Thank you!” I said and then turned to look at Andrael. “You, come here.” I ordered him.

The little boy had no right to refuse unless he wished for the collar to punish him for disobedience.

Without further ado, I used my original spell [Body Scan]. Besides showing me if the targeted individual had any internal injuries, it could also detect a wide range of parasites and diseases. All of us Over Supremes were as healthy as we could be, and this was mostly due to this handy little spell.

The boy was wrapped in a warm yellow light and in front of me appeared a window visible to everyone around me. On it, all of his physical problems were listed up in categories. In regard to his weak heart, it extended to more than that. His entire body seemed to have weak muscles, he suffered form back pains as well, but he was keeping silent about them. The thing was, the only parasites I found were lice and no virus or bacteria to point out that his suffering was a result of an infection of this sort. The lice, I exterminated by casting [Parasite Kill] on him. The initial name was de-parasitize, but it was a bit of tongue twister in our current spoken language. The other one was simpler in translation.

As for how it worked, [Parasite Kill] was a combined spell that began by first covering the whole body in a sensitive Magic Energy barrier, which detected and identified any living organism bigger than a cell. Then, it hardened and forcefully separated the parasite from the host body by slipping a VERY thin layer of Magic Energy between the two. This way, the parasite couldn't retaliate. All that was left then was to cast something to kill them off, which was done through heat, electricity, or pressure. In this case, I used pressure because I didn't want to scare the poor child by turning him into a flaming kebab. The last step of this spell was to toss off the remains of the parasites off the host body, so no eggs or anything like that remained.

“This could be genetic...” I said as I looked at the window's information.

The blood work displayed on it didn't look that abnormal from my point of view, but I had the feeling I was missing something. It couldn't be that he was healthy one day and then all of a sudden he wasn't.

“Status.” I ordered.

Immediately, a window only I could see appeared before me. His strength points were abnormally low. He had only 3 points, while normal children of his age had around 10 or 12.

I then looked at the part of the window that showed me if he was cursed or anything.

The only abnormal condition I found was: [Muscular Dystrophy].

Selecting it, I read that it was a genetic disease that caused all the muscles in his body to not function properly because the body was unable to produce certain protein called Dystrophin. Basically, his DNA lacked the genetic components he needed in order to produce it properly. This could have been a problem... if I didn't know how genetics worked. As for the weird name, I still didn't know if it was part of the Dungeon Memory or something made up on the spot in order to identify it. There was a chance it could be connected to one of my hidden past life memories, but I couldn't verify that, yet.

“Well... I'll keep you for later. Go and stay over there.” I said and pointed to the fire where Tamara was preparing our meal.

“M-Master? A-Are you going to abandon me?” he asked with worry in his eyes.

The poor child must have suffered greatly throughout his short life because of his condition. In the world of the strong, having a condition that weakened your muscles was the same as a death sentence.

“Nope! Never!” I showed him a bright smile and ruffled his hair as a father would.

He replied with a weak smile and then went to Tamara.

Looking back at the children, I let out a sigh and began to treat all of the one at a time. I didn't use [Healing Spell 1] or 2 because I didn't want them to feel the pain of when their bodies were repaired. In case of the girl with the missing limb, it would have been quite terrible. Thus, I performed precise surgery on each and every one of them.

Honestly speaking, if I didn't have a pool of Magic Energy as big as mine, I might have been in need of taking more than one break. This thing was exhausting, but I was able to finish with all of the slaves by the time Nanya returned and the food was ready.

I had to say, Corry was so overwhelmed by the fact that she was able to see again that she burst into tears and kept crying for a while. It was very touching, and I think I may have sparked a bucketful of admiration in her young heart because of this and the fact that I was the first person she saw. Maria was similarly happy once she had her hand back. She made a bow with her head glued to the ground as she thanked me for restoring her body to the way it was. All of them thanked me for relieving their pain, and now they weren't as scared as they were before. The same went for those Zoreya healed up. Among them, there were only three that needed [Parasite Kill]. Luckily, they had no pathogenic diseases I had to cure yet.

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