~ Chapter 99: Healing domino pieces (Part 2) ~

The only one left was Andrael, on which I performed a more in depth body scan and then used the now healthy children as a genetic model from which I could copy the information needed to repair his own DNA. This required me to check the genetic information carefully, but I could do this without actually keeping the scan active all the time. All I did was copy the information in my data banks and began to analyze it separately.

I was doing this while eating, but after a few spoons, I stopped and looked at the huddled up slaves in the back.

“You guys, this pot is gigantic, come here and eat!” I told them.

“B-But we aren't allowed to eat with Master? We're slaves... It would be rude.” the eldest of them said.

“That's stupid. I can't concentrate with your growling stomachs anyway, just come here and eat. Look, Tamara even prepared dishes for each of you. Eat up your fill and ask for more if you want it.” I pointed at the plates filled with delicious food on the table next to ours.

“Those are for us?” Maria asked curiously.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“We're allowed to eat such good food?” Corry asked as she sniffed the air with her eyes closed.

She had yet to get used to being able to see, but she was going to make a full recovery.

“No, the ghosts of future past. Of course it's for all of you! Go and eat your fill. Do I really need to order you?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Looking at each other, the children were the first to approach the delicious meal and sat down at the table, then came the teenagers and adults.

“See, it's good! Now eat up or you'll make Tamara cry!” I said and pointed at the cat eared lady.

They nodded and smiled back.

“Thank you for the food!” they all said at the same time.

After we ate the delicious meal Tamara prepared for us, of which the slaves had another helping, everyone gathered up around the fire. There were too many of us, so we changed the positioning from a big ol' circle to two groups. On one side, there were my wives, while on the other were the slaves, with the children being first, then came the women, the men sat together to the left side of the group because of their variable heights.

Before I explained to them what was what, I began my gene therapy on Andrael. Technically speaking, I had to introduce new genetic information in his DNA. To do this, I had to cut the strand and introduce a polarized protein that would end up attaching itself to the cut off pieces. I could do this with Magic Energy, but back on Earth, they probably used artificially created viruses capable of inserting themselves into the nucleus of the cell, find the location of the missing gene and then begin treatment. What it would do would be to absorb that part of DNA within itself, cut it and then introduce the missing genes. They would probably need to shut down the patient's immune system for a while, otherwise the white cells would just eat up the virus.

Hm, a nanobot would probably be a better option in this case. Chances were the virus could end up mutating thanks to some outside influence and result in a terrible plague.

The benefit of using Magic Energy was that I could do this operation on almost all of his cells at the same time. It would consume about half of my current pool, and I would need a lot of concentration to do this as well as the will of the patient. Having them raise their Magic Armor while I was in the middle of the operation would have ended up really really bad. I could make a mistake and accidentally worsen their condition or even kill them!

Thankfully, this child was never thought how to raise his Magic Armor. Thus, I didn't need to worry about it.

“I will begin now, just as I said, all you need to do is stand still and relax. Don't move too much and don't even think about fighting against the energy you will feel flowing inside you. Don't even think about activating your Magic Armor either. I know you have no idea how to do it, but just in case you instinctively do it, try to oppose it right now.” I told him.

“I'll try, but will this really help me?” he asked me.

“Yes.” I nodded and then patted him on the head.

With him accepting, I began the therapy. Magic Energy flowed from my body and covered his frail body, finding his magic channels and pouring into them. At first, he grimaced because it caused him a state of discomfort, but as the process continued, his whole body numbed down. I acted upon his nerves, making sure they didn't send the wrong signals to his brain, like pain and such.

While I was doing this, everyone else was watching me carefully. The slaves were amazed by the entire process, but I had a feeling that through today's display of multiple skills, we more or less broke their common sense.

The therapy continued with the second phase. I surrounded all the cells that constituted his nervous, immune, and cardiovascular system and applied the gene therapy on them. Several of his chromosomes were sectioned in 386 locations and the new genes were introduced in the empty spaces. With Magic Energy, I helped the DNA glue itself back together and after one last check, I released my control over those cells.

The genetic material was taken from nearby cells that were sacrificed in the process. One cell was enough to repair around 10000 others.

The process wasn't over here. This was the first part of three. The second one was focused on the internal organs, glands, and bones, while the third and last one focused primarily on cartilages, tendons, and muscles. The reason why it was partitioned like this wasn't without meaning.

When applying gene therapy in this manner, I basically turned a part of his body into a foreign body. Thus, the immune system would have reacted and tried to get rid of it, causing all sort of complications. The most dangerous of them all being total organ shutdown.

By acting on the nervous and cardiovascular systems at the same time as the immune system, I made sure that his body didn't attack his heart and brain. Afterwards, I worked on the rest of his organs, to keep them from being harmed by his immune system, which now saw his old organs as those of a foreigner's because they had the old DNA sequence. Lastly, I worked on the muscles and remaining tissue, on which effects of an autoimmune attack would have appeared in matter of days or weeks. When I was done, the young boy was literally another human. His body had changed from a genetic point of view for the better.

“There!” I said with a smile as I released him from the Magic Energy that flowed from me through him.

If I didn't had a pool as big as I did, this whole operation might not have ended so well or might have actually lasted a lot longer than it did, maybe a few days? Almost half of my whole pool was depleted right now.

“I feel... better.” the boy said.

“Of course you do, you're cured!” I declared proudly.

“Is that true?” he asked with doubt in his voice.

“Yes! I'm not one to lie about such things.” I squinted my eyes at him.

“That was amazing... I've never seen anyone do healing like that.” one of the men said.

“I still can't believe I have my arm back.” Maria pointed out.

“And I can see... Never in my life did I dream of a day when I would be able to see...” Corry said.

“Illsy's healing methods are unusual, but they work.” Nanya nodded.

“Well, now that everyone's all better and gathered up, is it time for you to finally tell us why you bought so many slaves?” asked Ayuseya after she clapped a few times, catching everyone's attention.

“Of course!” I nodded and smirked.

“Please do.” Shanteya said.

“We're listening.” said Zoreya.

“Nya~ Nanya will beat you up if you give a no-good reason...” Tamara warned me.

“Yes. Yes.” I nodded “Ahem! Well, as you all... well, my wives know, I am planning on opening a Magic Academy somewhere between all three continents!” I pointed up at the sky.

“A Magic Academy?” one of the children tilted their head in confusion.

“What's that?” another asked.

“I heard it's a place where they used slaves as target practice... Is that the reason why you healed us? So that you know where and how we get hurt?” the youngest of the teenagers asked.

“Are we, the women, to be used as means of pleasing the male students there?” the oldest of the women asked.

Hearing these absurd remarks, I was left stuck in my ridiculous pose of pointing at the sky. There were simply too many things to retort about, so after a moment, I relaxed and took a deep breath.

“No.” I replied calmly.

The slaves began to murmur and look at each other worried.

Ah~ They are thinking of more ridiculous things, I'm certain about it... I thought.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I began to wonder if maybe the first class everyone should take should be the 'Illsyore's common sense class'.

No, they would all end up as incorrigible perverts afterwards... I shook my head.

“The reason why I bought you was to have you become the very first students of my Magic Academy. You will all be in two different classes, of course, but you will learn like everyone else there.” I nodded.

“Students? But we are slaves... Aren't Magic Academies only for the wealthy and noble?” a boy asked.

“Others maybe, but not mine.” I shrugged.

“How can slaves become students?” a woman asked.

“They don't. You'll be set free.” I replied.

“Free? You'll free us and then... teach us?” she asked as though she couldn't believe her own ears.

“Yes, pretty much. Oh! And feed, provide shelter, heal you if needed, and guarantee your freedom unless you do something illegal.” I pointed out.

“That's ridiculous! What does master stand to gain from all of this?” another boy asked.

“Erm... students? Reputation? Who knows? I'm doing what I want because I can.” I shrugged.

“Are you a noble? A genius magician?” a little girl asked.

“I'm a Dungeon Lord.” I said proudly.

“A what?” Corry asked blinking surprised.

“I'm a Godlike Dungeon Lord with capabilities far beyond any known Supremes. Oh and those five are my wives, each and one of them can wipe out Paramanium on her own.” I introduced them in calm tone of voice.

“Illsy?” Tamara called out.

“Hm?” I blinked and turned to look at her.

“They all fainted while standing.” she said and jumping next to them she poked one of the boy's cheeks.

All of them then fell down like pieces of domino.

“What the heck! This isn't a comedy show! That's not possible! No way! The chances of that happening are extremely unrealistically low! No way!” I kept denying it shaking my head.

No matter how many times I tried to say it to myself, it appeared as though they had all indeed fainted from the shock of finding out the truth of my identity. But still, was something like this even possible. Was human mind that fragile? No, it couldn't be it... was it maybe a self-induced shock?

I couldn't figure it out. I couldn't understand through what sort of godly coincidence were they able to suddenly faint like that upon hearing WHAT I was.

“This must be the fault of one of those gods... I'm sure of it. That's got to be it...” I murmured to myself while my wives carried them one by one to their beds.

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Aitor Rosell Torralba

The Common sense god fault, not yours, sure.


ahahahah that finish its really good i laughed too hard




They all experienced a windows blue screen.


They are too weak. They faint too easily.


Hehe, they are “weak of heart”

André Liu
André Liu

Oh no no Illsy-kun, they are merely suffering symptoms of extreme common sense crash. Their brain is currently attempting to restart their cognitive capabilities, unfortunately it will take a while to remove common_sense.exe from the process.

i taste bad
i taste bad

nothing Satou can’t fix!
thanks of the story ! so when will we have airships? floating island? Laputa? Gundam?


As soon as his wives make Illsy bring them out, maybe?

Abhishek Kale
Abhishek Kale

No need. The immune system found it to be a foreign object and attacked it. 🙂