~ Learning how to draw: Lesson 1 ~

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but today (actually, tonight... like 2 hours before I wrote this article) I decided it was time to start practicing my drawing skills.

Deal and done! Grab the tablet, start up ArtRage 4 and put the pen into motion... The result is what you see above... It took me half an hour to make those shapes remotely look like shapes. ๐Ÿ˜

I mean, I knew I was a bit rusty and all, but come on!

Well, every bit of progress we make in anything is by taking the first step and admitting that we do indeed need to work on some things. That's right, I grabbed hold of my own Ego and made him confess that we aren't just bad at drawing right now... we are fundamentally disastrous!

I mean, seriously! Is that thing even a CIRCLE? Let alone a sphere... And what's up with the shadows? Ugh...

Well... I can't say I can't draw other shapes somewhat decent, but the basics are a mess. Thanks to today's practice, which ended up showing me just how bad I am at drawing, I realized what I need to start working on.

So, without making a fuss or even declaring to the skies that this sort of thing is beneath me, I grabbed hold of an empty notebook and started drawing (seemingly) straight lines and (somewhat round) circles! Yup, I went back to kindergarten!

But hey, if I can't even show a decent skill in drawing the shadows on a cube and sphere, how am I supposed to draw the shadows and reflections on eyes or body parts? How am I supposed to start learning how to draw more realistically OR in manga-style if I can't even do this? There's a lot of symmetry, straight lines, and circles in there...

I guess the lesson today is that if you want to start learning how to draw, admit to yourself that you first need to start from the basics and then level up as you go. If you can't draw a perfect sphere or a cube, then go back to drawing circles and straight lines. Grind them on a notebook or something until you reach the point where you can draw them perfectly with your eyes closed.

If you want proof of this fact, then go online and look at every professional artist who recorded themselves while drawing. Look how smooth the lines they draw are. You can't reach that sort of level over night (unless you are a born genius), you need to practice and practice and practice until it feels normal and natural.

Will it be boring? By the gods, YES!

Will it be annoying if you won't show any improvement after the first few lines? By the gods, YES!

Is it worth continuing? Absolutely!

When should I stop? When you can draw an entire page of perfect circles and straight lines. :))

Are you kidding me? Nope... I'm doing just that right now because I want to start drawing better. It's troublesome, sure, but if this polishes up my skill, why not? After all, I admitted the fact that I can't draw a perfect circle and square, but I want to, that's why I will practice them until I can.

What's next after this? I don't know... maybe shadows? 3D forms? I'll see when I get there.

Will this help on the long run? Considering the fact that most complex shapes are made out of variations of the basic ones, yes... Definitely!

Can I apply this idea in other things? Yes, the lesson is the classic one: You want to do something right? Then start from the basics no matter how advanced you believe yourself to be at this point because it could just be that what you are missing is just that, the basics!

I hope you enjoyed reading this small article and even got inspired to start practicing again! Until next time, stay happy and don't conquer the world!

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new! ๐Ÿ™‚

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When were those new chapters coming out? Is it soon?


My good side would say; yes, never give up. Keep on practicing, you would do it good eventually.
But my bad side said; nooo…. Dont use up your time to draw. Let other to draw for you. You are not a drawer, but a writer. So keep on writing more. And also type and post them all, quick. Lol
And it all up to you. Just do whatever you like, be it draw,write,edit,post,etc. As long as its not illegal. ๐Ÿ˜€


If You really want a good art teaching book the “How to draw manga” series are the best. It breaks down the physics and techniques so beginners can understand the techniques artist use.


that’s a nice article on grinding your drawing skills (or any skills in general, I know) I would love to hear more of your thoughts (regarding developing skills+getting better at them) when you have the time to write them down+get them online…
And of course your thoughts regarding motivation, be it writing, drawing or making something else…

Growing Forests
Growing Forests

You’re on the right track to greatness! Don’t give up. I have a little tip for you though, as an artist who has been drawing my whole life (and am now about to become a professional animator (2D)): If you don’t enjoy it, don’t draw it. Or rather: Find pleasure in everything you draw. The artists who post how they do their art? They’re only showing the ones they are proud of. No matter how good you get, some things are going to flop. You’ll feel as if you regressed several years. ALL ARTISTS, no matter how good, nor how… Read more ยป

Avod Rashod
Avod Rashod

Personally I haven’t been keeping up on my drawing, but it seems my doodles have been allowing me to keep my art skill in shape. I was able to draw it all rather fine with 2 sources of light in about 10 minutes, but then again I took an art class 2 years ago and I have been doodling a lot.